I liked Fridays.

They are peaceful. There are no disturbances on Fridays. I can go to the library. I can sleep till eight in the morning and after 21:00; I get to work at the Stevenson's Café.

Aro Stevenson and Jane Stevenson were my family friends. Their business was at great loss. They opened a small part – time café and asked me and my best friends Alice and Rosalie to volunteer for money. We agreed happily.

So, here I was now, in the café, taking orders from the people.

"Bella!", Rosalie said as soon as I entered the kitchen.

"Yes, Rose?" I asked.

Will you come over to Alice's tomorrow?"

"Uh, why?" I was confused.

"Slumber party Bella…." She rolled her eyes in exasperation.

"Okie…Uh, can you take the orders today?" I asked, "I don't want to take the orders today."

"Sure, Bells!"

"2 hotdogs for table number 21." I told her.

She nodded and walked out.

I sighed, looking at her retreating figure. Rosalie was a blonde, with trimmed figure, 5'7 height and legs to die for. Her angel face was perfect. Perfect angular nose, plum lips with lavender colored eyeballs. She wore same colored eye shadow and black mascara today.

Sure…she looks stunning – an aspiring model. She had both good looks and money.

People like her had all gates open for them. Surely, no man would want to leave her….

Oh no ! I was going there again. No need to be envious of my best friend. She will always be there for me whenever I would need her.

With these musings, I walked behind the counter.

With no work to do, I put my hoodie up and started making the list of required items needed for the coming week. Today was a profitable day – surely, Jane and Aro will be happy…

I didn't notice that someone was tapping the counter. Then, suddenly, someone knocked its fist on my forehead.

I blinked and looked up – disoriented and shocked.

I practically had a HEART – ATTACKED when I noticed WHO it was!

It was HIM! EDWARD! Standing right in front of me!

My hand flew over to my heart!

"Isabella." He greeted, smirking. His piercing green eyes boring right into my head.

I could see nothing behind him because he was way too tall.

"C…Cullen." I stuttered, nodding. I was way too shocked!

He chuckled. Probably thinking I was some kind of weirdo.

"Are you deaf as well as stupid?" He asked rhetorically, with a striking half smile. He looked amused.

Although my heart was still pounding, I narrowed my eyes at the insult…How DARE he?!

He laughed, his expression growing more and more amused. He drew his gaze away from my eyes to my hand.

His hand gripped my wrist, which was still resting on my heart.

He again locked me with his gaze and pulled ny hand towards him. I kept my hand firmly in place, glaring at him.

His smirk grew more pronounced when he realized I was up for a challenge.

Of course, he was much stronger than me, he simply tugged at my wrist…..hard. I was dragged forward by the strong velocity. My pelvis hit the counter….very hard.

"Ow!" I squeaked from the assault.

My fingers were still folded into a tight fist.

He was gripping my fist too hard.. I saw his pupils dilate. I gulped. His eyes grew darker as he saw me gulp. He tightened his hold on me. It was almost painful.

I flinched and a whimper escaped my mouth – but I didn't cared to be embarrassed. I tugged at my hand….but in vain.

He brought my fist close to his perfectly sculptured mouth – still smirking – and kissed it tenderly.

My eyes widened in shock. I felt the sensation directly in my groin and my skin tingled…..everywhere.

It was exquisite. The way his hands gripped my wrist in steel hold and the way he kissed my fist very softly and tenderly….like a feather – the feeling was exquisite.

I was unable to look away from his scorching gaze. I tugged at my hand, again…very hard.

He snapped his fingers open suddenly. I staggered back on the chair behind me, from my own force. I didn't realized I was so much force on my hand. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I noticed that my wrist was throbbing. But I didn't quite concentrated on that. I was concentrating on his expression. I was locked in his gaze.

He was smiling down his crooked smile at me., his eyes gleaming wickedly. He was waiting for my next move – probably with the intention of subduing me further.

I was still looking at him – wide – eyed and shocked. Still not able to comprehend what has happened.

He's never talked to me, right? He wasn't interested in me. Not that I was interesting.

Then why he is all cocky and flirtatious today? Perhaps, he enjoys seeing me angry and annoyed. I scowled.

OR maybe…all the women are reserved on this planet?

I scrambled awkwardly on my feet.

"What do you want?" I asked, irritation and confusion clear in my voice.

He dipped his head low to come on the same eye – level as mine and said huskily, "What can a man want from his sexy wife?"