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The first time Cole and Raina met, he couldn't keep his eyes off of her. Even in a loose, powder blue t-shirt and her hair up she looked amazing- he knew immediately she'd be signed to Covet and he was happy about that. No, she wasn't his type- too blonde and innocent looking. Plus, she looked a couple of years younger than him. No, he wouldn't want to mess around with that- virgins freak him out. They connect emotions with sex, and he just didn't. Not that he wanted to be a 'player' or whatever, he just wasn't the touchy-feely type; never had been, never will be.

Anyway, she basically looked terrified, so I decided to help her out a bit.

"Hi," I said, "I'm Cole."

"Raina," she responded, reaching out to shake my hand.

"You must be new-" I started before she cut me off.

"Is it that obvious?" she asked, embarrassed- she actually blushed. I couldn't remember the last time I had seen a girl her age blush.

"Nah," I said, although it totally was, "don't worry about, I just know all the pretty girls around here, and you don't look familiar."

"Oh," she blushed again, before joking, "I bet you say that to all the models around here."

I nodded, "And there are many."

"So, do you model too?" she asked, and I looked at her with a hurt expression.

"What, you couldn't tell?" I joked, "Hey, listen, can I give you some pointers? One model to another?"

"Sure," she said, somewhere between eager and unsure of whether or not she should trust me- smart girl.

"Lose the hair tie," I said, "You've got great hair."

"Oh, okay," she nodded, taking down her hair and shaking it out. By this time we were out of the elevator and I was taking her straight to Claudia's office.

"And that shirts not doing much for your shape," I started, "and it makes you look like a high schooler."

"I am a high schooler," she interjected, but I brushed it off.

"Not anymore, you aren't, I said, wrapping my studded belt around her tiny waist, "Now you're a model."