Don't own it...struggling to write the accent, but its fun to try! Sorry if I offend anyone with my horrible interpretation...

The first time Cole and Raina kissed she was mortified. He just though it was funny.

"Hey Rainah, come 'ere a minute," said Marissa, holding out a bottle of vodka to the younger girl.

"What's up guys?" she asked, tentatively poring herself, like, a half of a shot.

"We ah' playing truth or dare," said Marissa pointing to herself and a some of the other models.

"Then why are we drinking?" she asked.

"Because everything is better when we're drinking," offered Cole, wrapping an arm around the young blonde's shoulder and pouring them both full shots. They clicked glasses and tossed them back- he had no problem, but she made a face, crinkling up her nose adorably.

"Okay Cole, truth or dare?" asked Sonja, who stopped by every once in a while to see her friends, even though she's made it big. Cole is one of her closest friends, and she was trying to set him up with the girl everyone thought was the "younger her", because he deserved someone nice. Well, he actually didn't deserve someone at all, but someone nice would certainly improve his demeanor.

"Dare Sonja, always a dare," he replied with a wink.

"Kiss the new girl," Sonja said. Raina gulped audibly, and Cole smiled like a schoolboy; he was always more romantic when he was drunk.

"Come here, baby," he said, grabbing Raina and crashing into her. Their teeth hit and Raina jumped back in embarrassment.

"That was incredibly awkward, do it again" demand Sonja.

"I mean, he did it once, that's the deal, isn't it?" asked Raina, but Sonja didn't like being questioned.

"No. That's not the deal. The deal is, do it right."

They kissed again and this time it was magic.