I rushed into Group Study Room F with my books and some stray papers cradled in my arms. As always, Jeff wasn't there yet. Not that I was surprised. If anything, he's

come later than usual, with his damaged ego and complete lack of motivation to be in public since that night. I guess today it could be a good thing given the coming

holiday. At least I could possibly present a sound majority of my idea with the remainder of the group before Jeff shut it down as per usual.

"Wow, Brit-ta, you're looking... looking…" Shirley searched for words; surprisingly, she seemed less wasted today. Granted, she still had a bottle at hand, but it was just

a pleasant change.

"Chipper in a pretty creepy but slightly hot way?" Troy guessed, his voice high pitched and buzzing. You would think you would get used to it, but it's hard considering

what a stupid thing he did to have it happen. I mean, swallowing the troll? Come on. It didn't help when he was saying things like this. I took the seat next to Abed, whose

natural goatee was actually getting somewhere. He doesn't use the felt one anymore, which I almost prefer to this. Goodness, what am I saying? I'm justifying a felt beard.


"I think the phrase you're looking for is conniving. Hey guys, I was going to tell you guys that I didn't think this day could get any worse, but considering Britta's here;

it's pretty safe to say that Murphy's law can and will apply."

Jeff traipsed into the room, pulling out his chair at the end of the table and collapsed coolly into it. His wardrobe has, as I have said, downgraded somewhat. It's first

year all over again, all blazers and track pants.

"Alright, let's hear it."

I ignored the one armed embodiment of negativity and started my pitch.

"Okay guys, listen. I don't mean to turn into Annie here, but I was thinking…"

"Oh, this should be good." Jeff rolled his eyes.

"Shut up, Jeff. I was thinking that we could spend Christmas night together. I mean it could be a party that could coincidentally coincide with Christmas because of Troy's

beliefs, of course. I know you won't be busy, Jeff. I mean, you spend the obligatory morning with your mom, but other than that; you don't exactly have any parties to go

to anymore. No offence," I amended and continued, "It'll be at my place, unless someone else wants to step up. If that's not enough motivation, I'll let you guys make the

food. So no excuses. All in favor?"

Jeff mocked considering the idea and 'hm'ed before replying with a smart "Thanks for that, but I don't think so. Get back to me when you actually know how to throw a decent party."

"Yeah Britta," Troy raised an eyebrow "the idea of you throwing a party is about as appealing as eating the contents of your cats' litter box…meaning poop."

"Mm mm" Shirley shook her head vigorously, "I'm siding with Troy on this one. Sorry, honey, but I have a family and I will be way too tired to deal with your godless no-

Jesus celebratory traditions. No thank you."

"Abed?" I pleaded. "Are you at least free?"

"Sorry, Britta. I actually think it would be a nice change of pace. But sadly, Troy and I are still planning to break into the prime timeline. You know that." Abed rambled

on, breaking eye contact to look at his scrambled papers and blueprints. "Maybe after the operation has come to its completion. Things will be better by then. Yeah. You'll

thank me later. Besides, Christmas will inevitably fall to crap in this timeline. But I'll fix it, don't worry about it."

"Fine," I rolled my eyes, refusing to admit hurt or defeat. The only reason I wanted to have this stupid party because we're friends who have been through so much

together, and we sure as anything should be able to hang out together on Christmas. I wonder why I even bother sometimes.

"Whatever. See you guys after break." I got up abruptly and left the table. Maybe I wasn't so great at the keeping it cool thing after all.