"What the fuck am I looking at?" Shizuo asked the underground doctor as he looked at the sleeping mass in front of him.

The creature looked like the annoying informant, except there were some major differences.

The creature looked like a younger version of Izaya. He had multiple visible freckles on his cheeks and the bridge of his nose, he had very sharp canines that nearly resembled vampire fangs, and he was much shorter. Noticeably shorter.

But the biggest difference where the charcoal cat ears that sat upon his head, flicking or twitching at random moments because of some unknown force, and the matching tail that swayed quietly underneath the thin blanket. The bodyguard couldn't stop staring at him.

He curiously reatched out and touched one of the soft, sensitive appendages, flinching away at the sound of purring. Shinra, who was too busy worrying about Shizuo attempting to attack the creature, snapped out of his daze and went over and gently patted the neko's head.

The doctor adjusted his glasses and smiled as the cat-like boy nuzzled his hand lazily. "Well, Izaya came in a few weeks ago to get his blood drawn and he wouldn't stop talking about how lonely it was in his apartment. So, I used the blod to make this little cutie pie~ But I guess Izaya had been around a cat because there was cat hair everywhere and some got in with the mixure and...this guy happened."

Shizuo barely paid attention. Shinra always had a habit of going on and on about things so the bodyguard lost interest in what he said easily. He continued to play with the other's soft ears.

The neko blinked his eyes slowly, stretching and letting out a small yawn as he sat up, looking at the blonde curiously. He lightly sniffed at him before smiling happily and suddenly hugging him.

"Nya nya~!" He softly nuzzled his cheek, loud purrs echoing from his chest. Shinra laughed heartily and patted him on the head again. "Looks like neko-chan has taken a liking to you~"

"Neko-chan? Doesn't he have a proper name?" He looked down in confusion when he heard soft snoring. The cat had fallen asleep.

"Well...I was thinking about calling him Izanyan. Since he is part cat." The blonde stood up, picking the neko up with him. "I guess that name works...it sounds better than just calling him Neko-chan..."

He set him back on the hospital bed, taking his small hands from his vest. He stopped for a moment, feeling his hands. They were amazingly soft. Realizing that he started blushing he set his hands back down.

"So...why did you make him again?" He tried to get his mind off the neko's adorableness. It was hard to believe that he was made from Izaya's DNA.

"To keep Izaya company~! He always says he's lonely~ Speaking of, you think you could take him over there? You don't have to go into the apartment, but make sure he's home so Neko-chan isn't stuck outside."

The bodyguard was reluctant to decline, but decided to do it anyway. All he had to do was drop him off.

He picked up the neko and carried him out of the apartment and headed off to Shinjuku.

"Are you a friend of Shinra-san?" The cat asked cheerfully. Shizuo looked at him with a shrug. "I guess we are. He's known me for a long time so, I suppose you could call us friends."

"Where we goin?" He asked curiously, nuzzling up under his chin. The bodyguard became slightly annoyed but answered anyway. "I'm dropping you off at the flea's apartment."

"Who's that?"

"Izaya Orihara."

"Who's that?"

"The guy you're going to live with."

"Why am I going there?"

"Because he's who you are going to live with."

"Why?" The blonde stopped, annoyed at the neko's continuous questions. He's definitely from the flea's DNA. He let out a small sigh and continued walking. Izanyan stayed quiet until they reached Izaya's apartment.

They were both silent in the elevator, not quite feeling chatty. They finally reached the apartment and Shizuo set the neko down on the floor. He sat still, looking up at the blonde. Shizuo noticed he was sitting funny, like a cat sits on a windowsil. He lightly followed the curve of his back down to his tail, which poked out just above his pant line. He felt heat rising to his cheeks when he noticed his ass and thighs as they sublty strained against his jeans.

His hips where noticeably wide for a male, while his upper body seemed more fitting for a young teenager. Shizuo snapped out of his thoughts when the door suddenly opened. The informant looked like he hadn't slept in a month. His skin had paled slightly and dark bags were forming under his eyes. He seemed a bit skinnier. He must've been over working.

"Hey flea. I'm just here to drop off this little guy." He pointed down at the smiling neko. Izaya lightly rubbed the sleep from his eyes before looking at the creature again.

"I guess you can come in." He moved over and the neko happily walked in, waving bye to Shizuo. Izaya said goodbye and closed the door before heading back to his room and falling asleep.

Leaving the neko alone in the livingroom.