It had been a year since Izanyan passed away. The family was finally getting over it, and the kids had begun living their own lives.

Psyche and Tsugaru moved out to the countryside to live a peaceful, self-rewarding lifestyle. Psyche had even started his own shop in a small village, his dear husband started his own fishing shop. He gave lessons to people on how to catch, gut, and smoke salmon along with other types of fish. They came back to Ikebukuro during the holidays to visit with everyone.

Hibiya and Delic started their own nightclub in the city and were living the good life. They kept in touch with everyone of course. Not only did they own the nightclub, but also started up a restaurant. Restaurant by day, dance club and bar by night. It was easy money.

Sakuraya and Shitzuo started their own catering company, both having earned their Master's Degrees in Culinary Arts. It mostly consisted of wedding cakes, pastries, fruit bouquets, and candy made from scratch. They stayed in Shinjuku, where they had a son, Hachico. He's about four and a half months old now.

Tsuki and Roppi were still living in Ikebukuro with Shinra and Celty. It took Roppi a bit longer than the others to get over the fact that his mom was dead, but he finally accepted the fact and moved on, keeping him in his thoughts. Tsuki received his Ph.D and they started their own business of helping uninsured citizens get glasses, contacts, and laser surgery. Roppi earned his Bachelor's degree in Visual Art and Design and earned his pay creating advertisements on benches and billboards. The two had thought of starting a family but decided to wait until everything had been settled.

Izaya and Shizuo were living comfortably in Shinjuku, Izaya still holding his job as an informant with his dear husband as his bodyguard. He had talked to Shizuo about hiring someone else to be his bodyguard to keep the blonde from sustaining injury, but he declined the idea. They adopted a stray black cat that Shizuo had found one night coming home from a job with Tom. They decided to name him Izanyan, since he reminded them of him.

Celty finally said yes to Shinra's proposal and they married seven months later. They had Sakuraya and Shitzuo cater the event, Hibiya and Delic cover music, Roppi and Tsuki decorate, and Psyche and Tsugaru help Celty pick out her dress.

Their honeymoon lasted about three weeks, Celty enjoying the Hawaii scenery for the first week and a half. The next week and a half was spent in Ireland. Shinra was curious to learn more about Celty's heritage and lifestyle before she came to Japan. They had a lovely time.

When they came back, everyone was still in Ikebukuro to welcome them home.

Tsuki was walking beside Roppi, who was carrying a bouquet of red roses. They walked quietly to the lone headstone in the shaded corner of the graveyard, Roppi's chest tightening slightly at the sight.

He set the roses down on top of the grass blanketted grave, choking back his tears as he glanced over the name etched into the head stone.

"Hey mom...I know you don't really care for flowers but...I brought you some anyway..." A few stray tears ran down his face as he gently placed his hand to the headstone.

"I miss you..."

Tsuki knelt beside him, placing his hand to his lover's shoulder. The raven neko wiped away his tears, smiling softly to the blonde before glancing back to the grave.

"Rest in peace...Izanyan."

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