I already wrote this once, but I accidentally deleted it all, so... let's try again :D

Slight hurt!Hal. Also includes worried!Hal and worried!Matt, because I haven't seen Ben yet (I'm only half way through season one, if even that) and I don't know how he will react to things. All mistakes are mine, and sorry if characters seem a little bit off, but I promise I tried my best :)

It had been too peaceful. I mean, there had been few skitters and few mechs, but they didn't cause us any major problems. That was strange, but good. Even dad relaxed a little bit. That was good, because Matt needed him. After Mum and Ben it's no wonder.

I really feel sorry for that kid.

But like I said, it had been too peaceful. If there was no skitter trying to kill us, of course there was something else. In this case I mean humans. So when I'm standing back against a brick wall, holding shotgun in a tight grip and listening to bullets being fired, I start to think.

Is this really worth all the dead people?

Men at the end of the dark alley haven't seen us yet. And by us I mean me, dad and Dai. There are five more of us, but they are in different places, shooting and trying to avoid being shot. Me, dad or Dai are not shooting yet, because we are hiding and waiting for the right moment to jump in.

"Dad", I say when the silence between us three grows overwhelming. "You know Jimmy got shot, right? Why can't we shoot yet, give them some backup?"

Dad looks at me, and then quickly at Dai. But he shakes his head.
"Not yet."

I shrug. Alright then, if he says so. I take a glance from the broken window I'm standing next to, and see one of the men falling down dead. One of the living men starts to shout and drops down on his knees next to the dead man and drags the body out of our sight.

Somebody must see me, because one minute I'm standing there and watching, and the next moment my ears are ringing from the noise of flying bullets and I can hear dad yelling. "Hal! Get away from the window!"

Dai tackles me to the ground, and I hit the floor with a thud. Dad comes next to me, quickly asks if I am okay and then moves near the window, aiming his gun. Dai appears next to him, and they both start firing. I hear yelling, shouting and screaming.

There are seven men. Huh. I could have swore there was eight of them.. Well, I guess I counted wrong.

I hear a muffed scream. It sounds scaring familiar. I spin around, trying to hear where did the sound come from. I take a quick look at dad. He is fully focused on shooting and I don't want to bother him, so I just exit the room as quickly and silently as I just can.

I find myself from the start of the alley we are shooting at. I can just take a look around me when I feel a warm, muscular hand grabbing my body and pulling me against someone else's body. I don't even have time to cry out when a hand is brought over my mouth and someone whispers something to my ear.

"You move or make another sound, I will snap your neck and that little brat's neck as well. Just do as I say, and we'll walk away from this alive."

I nod. I have a feeling I know who is he referring to with 'little brat'..

He lets go of me, but hits me immediately to the ground and takes my shotgun. And I see who is he holding in a tight grip. Matt.

"See, I was going to kill your people from the behind when I ran into this little kid", the man says and throws Matt forward. He falls on my arms with a cry. I quickly close my arms over him, watching the man angrily. "He is a little soldier, he didn't even show signs of fear. Even when I told him I was going to kill him." Man starts to laugh evilly. "It was a joke, of course. I'm not evil. I don't kill little kids, but I can't let him walk away, either."

I can feel Matt's heart beating fast. He must be scared to death. I hold him tight, wanting him to know that I would die protecting him. "Let him go", I whisper. "You can have me. He is just a little boy. What would he do?"

Man shrugs. "He knows a lot for 'just a boy'. He even knew where your group was staying at. But don't worry, he didn't tell me where you are staying. He is a soldier, as I said. He doesn't break easily." He stops to breathe. I just keep staring at him. "I assume you two are close, when you protect him like that. Brothers, maybe?"

I spit at him. "It's none of your business. I warn you, when our team is finished killing your buddies.. well, I'll have fun time imagining what they'll do to you. After all, you've taken a little kid from us." I bite my lip. I have honestly no idea what to do. I just hope dad will notice I'm gone soon and come look for me.

Man laughs a little bit more. "Oh, yeah? Maybe I'll just kill you, take the boy and disappear. They are not my buddies, I'm with them only because I had to. When this all started, I had two kids to worry about. Well, I don't have anymore."

Gosh. What a sick, sick man.

"All I am saying is I have no reason to hang with them anymore. I'm fully capable to take care of myself in this world. With two little kids it wouldn't be possible, but alone... well, with that boy. But he's a fighter. He can take care of himself. So that doesn't count."

I look at Matt. His arms are clutching my leather jacket and face buried to my chest. I rest my hand on his head gently. "You wouldn't", I hiss. "You wouldn't, because my dad would find you and kill you for what you did."

Hal! I hear my dad's voice. Come quick, I pray. Please, come quick.

But I'm not the only one who hears dad. The man hears it too, and roughly pulls me up. "Hal!" Matt screams as my grip of him is released and he falls to the ground. "It's okay Matt, it will be alright", I say to him. The man pulls me in front of him as a human shield. He presses a gun on my head and laughs a little bit.

"Don't you go anywhere, Matt, or Hal here will have a hole in his head."

I swallow. He is holding me so tightly I can't move. I try to struggle a little bit, but he presses his hand on my throat and shakes his head. "Not a good idea, Hal."

Dad steps out of the door, gun raised up on our level. "Let him go", dad says coldly, but I can see trough his eyes. There is worry and fear in his eyes, but I don't blame him. Because under my cool acting I'm terrified. And I know Matt is, too.

"No way", the man says. "You know I got one option, right? I'm going to kill you, Hal here and that Chinese man behind you."

Dad shakes his head. "You wouldn't." Man laughs a little bit. "That is just what this bastard said. You wouldn't kill me because my dad would make you pay, or how did it go, I don't know. I guess you are the daddy, right?"

Dad nods. "Yeah, I am. And I'm going to kill you before you can even say your name, because no-one threatens my son."

The man looks at dad, releasing his grip a little bit so I can attack. I kick the man to his knee, making him fall, and quickly I jump forward, missing the bullet with just few inches. I take Matt and shove him safe in to the building in case we have to start shooting.

But I hear just one gun going off. But it's the last thing I hear before a sharp pain hits me and I fall to the ground with a cry. "Hal!" I hear someone screaming, but I can't tell if it's dad or Matt. Because pain is all I can think of, and I feel blood starting to flood from my side.

I hear another gunshot, but this time it's like I'm under water and someone is shooting above the water. I feel someone patting my cheek, and for a minute the pain goes away. But then it comes back, only harder this time, and I scream when the pain grows overwhelming.

"We have to put pressure on the wound, you'll be alright", I hear somebody muttering to me but I just can't place it. I relax when I feel darkness taking over, and I close my eyes. "Hal! Open your eyes!" is the last thing I hear before darkness takes over and nothing hurts anymore.