The slave pens exploded all around them, shrapnel flying everywhere, as the aliens cheered. The final remnants of the old regime, gone forever.

River and the Doctor ducked and grinned. "Well," the Doctor said, dusting his hands off. "That's that. Race you back to the Tardis?"

"You're on!" River took off. He sped to catch her. They ran, faster than he could usually run with his human Companions. Glorying in the freedom to just be.

He sprinted ahead and slapped the Tardis triumphantly. "Hah!" He crowed as she arrived a second later. "I told you, I always make it first." He snapped his fingers cockily and the Tardis door swung open.

"Oh, no, Sweetie," River said in a husky voice as she stepped inside, trailing her fingers over his bowtie. "You always make it last..."

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