This takes place in season four and they met Paige in season two during the awakening episode because the elders thought Piper was going to die. So they let the secret out so the power of three would remain intact. Piper did survive and Paige has not moved in yet as there is not room but she stays the night a lot as she is working on her witch duties and connecting to the sisters. This has nothing to do with any other story I have out there and is completely a new one. I have wanted to do this for a while as I was inspired by my sins remembered series.



Piper is acting strange and at first they all believe that demons or behind it, but when that turns out not to be true, the family will be stretched to the limit of patience and understanding as Piper goes through a life altering event. Includes all four sisters.

Ambiguous loss

Chapter 1

The day it began.

Phoebe was making a sandwich in the kitchen on a bright Sunday afternoon. She was off from school and demon activity has been light for the last few months. She was enjoying the day off and the fact that they were able to spend time together. Paige was out getting some movies with Prue as Piper was upstairs cleaning her bedroom. Cole was at work and getting used to his new life with her and working hard on not using his demon powers. She was just about to take a bite when she heard commotion coming from upstairs. She frustrated put the sandwich down as she believed once again a demon was interfering with their normal life's.

"Piper!" she yelled while ascending the staircase and was heading for her older sister's room, when she stopped and saw Piper tossing clothing and assorted things around the room mumbling to herself. "Piper what the hell?" she asks as she walked over to her.

"I can't find it," Piper said as she had a look of panic on her face while rummaging through one of the nightstands.

Phoebe knew that sometimes she can become obsessive but never to the point of making a mess or destroying someone's room. "Find what honey?" she asks while trying to put some of the things away before her older sister got home, but Piper just took it all back out. "Piper what are you looking for?"

"I can't find it," Piper replied and just as quickly as the excessive searching started, it stopped and Piper looked around the room like she was seeing the mess for the first time.

"What?" Piper asks.

"Um sweetie are you ok?" Phoebe asks as she has never seen her sister like this before.

Piper looked around the room and with her mouth agape slightly she looked back at her sister," Oh no, did a demon demolish Prue's room?" she asks.

"No you did, wait you don't remember?" Phoebe asks while helping Piper put Prue's stuff back.

"No I don't, why would I do this?"Piper asks as the front door opened downstairs, "distract her," she said as she began to frantically try to put everything back the way it was. She picked up the figuring that Prue had since she was little and tried to put the head back on as it was cleanly broken off.

"Piper its not your fault, your probably under a spell or something, maybe PMS?" Phoebe asks as she took the small figuring out of Piper's hands.

Piper looked up at her and tilted her head sideways to signify it was not. "Ok then we need to check the book for -, I have no idea," Phoebe said and headed for the attic.

"Wait what if she comes up?" Piper asks as she followed her.

"Piper its ok, its not like you did it on purpose," Phoebe replied and continued her path as her concern sister played with her hands in front of her.

Downstairs Prue put the grocery bag of snacks on the table while Paige put the movies next to them.

"I don't get it, its the 21st century and guys still think that how ripe our your melons is a good pick up line," Prue said while putting some food away.

"He was pretty good with his hands you know how he squeezed those melons," Paige said with a seductive look and holding imaginary melons. Prue just laughed a little as Piper stepped into the kitchen.

"Hay chicken little you ready for some good snacks and movies?" Prue asks and noticed Piper's face was not one of excitement but worry. "What's wrong?"

"Um did you really like that figuring on your nightstand?" Piper asks as she continued to play with her hands.

"Grams got it for me at a Carnival when I was seven, why?"

Piper closed her eyes tightly as she hoped there was not emotional attachment to it. "I kind of broke it," she replied and awaited impatiently for Prue's response.

"Piper how many times do I have to tell you not to clean my room, I will get it," Prue said and Piper's face fell slightly as she always believed she was doing it as a favor to help her out as Prue was extremely busy these days at the magazine.

"I'm glad I still have my apartment because you would go crazy in there," Paige said as Phoebe walked in carrying the book.

"Ok I think I found the culprit," Phoebe said as she put it on the table.

"Corporate for what breaking my figuring?" Prue asks.

"Piper did you tell them what happened?" Phoebe asks.

"Um no not yet," Piper replied as she went to the refrigerator and pulled out some cooking ingredients. She was not particularly hungry but she had to keep her hands busy and cooking calmed her.

"What happened?" Prue asks.

"The opposite of cleaning, she kind of destroyed your room," Phoebe replied.

"Why?" Paige asks as she walked around the table to take a look at the book.

"I don't know," Piper replied and began to cut some vegetables.

"She said she was looking for something and according to this entry this demon infects people with obsessiveness of finding something that cannot be found," Phoebe replied.

"That makes sense because I had no idea what I was looking for and I don't even remember doing it," Piper said as she began to feel slightly at ease at the fact it was not truly her fault.

"Okay so how do we get rid of him and keep her from destroying the entire house," Paige said and Phoebe widened her eyes at her baby sister at the lack of sympathy. "What its not her fault its a spell," she said as she noticed the looks she was getting.

"A spell, so we summon him and say the spell. Then we can continue with our movie night I can finish my dam sandwich," Phoebe said and wrote down the spell on a small piece of paper.

Prue could tell Piper was upset as she always would fidget with cooking even though they did not need anything to eat when she was nervous. "Piper its ok, I needed to go through my clothing anyway and as for the figuring, it was $.50 we will just glue it back together," she said and put her arm around her younger sister.

"Thanks," Piper said as she felt a sense of relief that Prue was not angry with her and that it was a spell that they could get read of.

"Can Leo join us tonight?" Paige asks.

"No he has work," Piper replied.

"Does he get vacation?" Paige asks.

"I have no idea Paige," Piper replied.

After they all finished putting the food away they went up to the attic and summon the demon. He was completely surprised to be in an attic with four women and before he could even ask why, they vanquished him.

The next day after their movie marathon Piper worked on Prue's room to get it back to what it was as Prue headed out to work. Even though it was a spell she still felt responsible and since she did not have to go to the club until late, she could at least get it somewhat cleaned up. Phoebe used superglue to fix the figuring and Piper put it back on the table. You could see where it broke and although it was only a $.50 item it did have sentimental value to Prue, but she would never admit it.

"Whoa what happened here, was there a demon attack?" Leo asks after orbing into the room.

"No just me," Piper replied and walked over to him.


"It's nothing we took care of it, I was under a spell," Piper replied as she put her arms around him.

"Anti-cleaning one?" he asks and put his hand on her face.

"Not exactly, Leo you have been gone for days and I don't want to talk about magic," Piper replied.

"What do you want to talk about?" he asks while raising his eyebrows a little.

Piper giggled and they went to their bedroom to make up for him being gone.

Phoebe was in her psychology class and it was one of the mandatory curriculums she enjoyed. They were discussing mental illness and how it affects parts of the brain. Along with symptoms that are the first indicator of something being wrong. Phoebe began to think of the day before when Piper was destroying Prue's bedroom, but it was a spell and they took care of it. If they were not what they were she may have thought differently. One of the students ask if there was any cure for any of the illnesses they discussed. He replied with a no but the improvements in medication have dramatically improved lifestyle of people affected. Class was over and she was heading out to the car she borrowed from Paige. In a couple of weeks she starts to work for the bay mirror and hopefully she can buy a car of her own.

"Hay Phoebe wait up," one of her classmates said and came up behind her.

"Hay Tess," Phoebe said and stopped.

"Do you have the chapters we were supposed to read for next week's test?"

"Oh yeah, its 20 to 32," Phoebe replied as she looked at her notes.

"Thanks, you know I have a uncle who has schizophrenia and trust me it sucks," Tess said as she wrote down the chapters.

"I am so sorry," Phoebe said and felt for both of them. She always hated that they could not interfere with human events and heal the sick, but she understood the reason to keep their secret.

"He is in a halfway house now but they don't think he will last long out there," Tess said.

"What is a halfway house?"

"It's when they are released from a mental institute. It helps them get back on their feet," she replied.

"I hope it all works out for him," Phoebe said as she pulled out her keys. It's not that she did not want to be there for her friend, but her sister was getting off work shortly and she needed to pick her up.

"Me too its been hard, he was so much fun before he got sick," she said and then said goodbye to Phoebe as she went to her car.

Back at the manner Piper was making Leo something to eat but in the middle of preparing his lunch, she just stared at a piece of bread.

"Piper," Leo said noticing her blank look. "Piper," he said again when she did not reply. He got up from his seat and walked over to her. He then put his hand on her shoulder and gave it a little nudge," Piper you ok?"

She shook her head slightly and then looked at him surprised," What?"

"You were staring at the bread, did you see Jesus?" he asks and smiled a bit.

"What I'm not allowed to stare," Piper replied as she was unclear of what he was talking about.

"Hay after I eat we could - ," he stopped as he heard the familiar annoying jingle.

"Be interrupted," she said because she knew the look well. He pressed his lips together in a visual apology and then took the bread she was staring at and put it on top of the other half of the sandwich.

"Love you," he said and gave her a kiss before orbing away.

She was now alone in the house so she decided to get dressed and make her way to the club. Later that night her other sisters arrived to relax and talk. They were all sitting at a table that Piper put back for them in the VIP area. It was somewhat private in that way they could discuss things without worrying about prying ears. Piper was getting their drinks as the others sisters were talking.

"Your crazy," Paige said as Prue was discussing on how Paige could move in.

"Paige could we not use that word," Phoebe said.

"Why we use it all the time?" Prue asks.

"It's just one of my classmates has an uncle that has schizophrenia, I just feel bad for them," Phoebe replied.

"Well it's not like she's here," Paige said and got the disapproving looks from her other sisters that she has grown used to.

"Paige a little sympathy," Phoebe said as Piper came in holding a tray that had their drinks.

"You know for a social worker you kind of lack it," Phoebe said and laughed a little.

"Hay I ooze with sympathy, but when I'm not at work I can let go a little," Paige said.

"What do you ooze with?" Piper asks as she was not present during the beginning of the conversation.

"Are you sure there is not a demon that makes people more smart-ass?" Prue asks while looking at Paige.

"Then we all would be infected," Piper said as she took a drink and then looked out through the curtains. "Did someone call my name?" she asks.

"Nope, are you hearing things sis?" Paige asks.

"Paige I am the boss here and occasionally my employees may say my name trying to find me, smart-ass," Piper replied and got up to check if someone wanted her. After a few moments she returned and sat down.

"Well what did they want?" Phoebe asks as Paige was trying to get quarters into a glass. Although she did not drink alcohol any longer she still enjoyed the games. Prue on the other hand did drink and was losing badly.

"Good Lord woman what are you?" Prue asks as she drank down the second glass of beer.

"The best quarter player in the world, you may be the strongest witch but I kick ass on drinking games," Paige said and made another shot and this time with her eyes closed.

"Nothing I guess I was just hearing things," Piper replied as she grabbed a quarter and try to make a shot but it landed in between Prue's cleavage. "That counts right?" Piper said as she tried to hold in laughter.

"Oh you're a trick shooter," Paige said and they all began to giggle and enjoy the evening together.

The next day Phoebe was doing her homework and Piper made lunch for them both. Phoebe was squinting at the computers screen as she was doing research for the paper she had to write.

"Phoebe put your glasses on," Piper said as she put the pasta in front of her.

"That noticeable?" Phoebe asks.

"Yap," Piper replied and sat down across from her.

"Thanks," Phoebe said and took a bite. "God this is good," she said but Piper's face just wrinkled a bit and she got up and tossed hers in the trash," Piper why did you do that?"

"It tastes awful," she replied and went to the sink to clean off her plate.

"Okay I know you're a little more picky but it tastes perfect," Phoebe said and put some on her fork to let her try it. Piper pushed it away like it was going to bite her and then began to clean the kitchen. "More for me," she said and started eating what she had on her plate.

"Demon!" Piper yelled and pushed Phoebe to the ground causing her food to topple over and onto the floor as Piper started blasting.

"Dammit I really like that," Phoebe said and got up quickly only to see nothing in the hallway were Piper was aiming. "Piper what demon?"

"I got him," Piper replied and then looked at the mess on the floor," Oh Phoebe," she said and went to get some cleaning supplies.

"It's not my fault, you pushed me over," Phoebe said and picked up her plate that was broken into little pieces. She stopped for a moment as she did not remember hearing any kind of screaming from the demon or did not see a scorch mark were it was standing. Instead just the wall was burnt slightly from Piper's exploding power. She picked up the pieces carefully as Piper came in with a trash bag and dustpan.

"What did he look like?" Phoebe asks.

"A demon," Piper replied.

"I didn't hear him scream," Phoebe said while helping her.

"Of coarse he did," Piper said as she remembered him doing so.

"Um Piper no he didn't," Phoebe said and then she looked at her computer screen. The research she was doing was about the symptoms for mental illness. She snorted a bit at the thought and then shook her head slightly.

"Are you saying I am lying?" Piper asks getting defensive.

"No honey, I was concentrating on the computer at the time and probably did not hear him," Phoebe replied as Piper finished up and took the broken plate to the kitchen. Phoebe stood and watched her leave but could not shake the feeling that something was off.

"Ok I need to go to the club and put your glasses on because apparently you're going to need a hearing aid too," Piper said and walked past her.

"Hay I am not that old yet," Phoebe said as Piper left the house.

That night Phoebe walked into Prue's room.

"Hay sis what's up?" Prue asks as she was putting her clothes away.

"Can we talk?"

"Sure only if you help," Prue said and handed her some clothes that need to be folded.

"I knew there's a catch," Phoebe said and took them out of her hand.

"What do you want to talk about?"

"Piper," Phoebe replied.

"Oh isn't Leo's and Piper's anniversary coming up, we need to give them something," Prue said.

"Shit I forgot but that is not what I'm here to talk about," Phoebe said and put the T-shirt she was folding on the bed.

"Is everything okay?"

"That's the thing I don't know, she has been acting weird for the last couple of days," Phoebe replied.

"Well she was under a spell Phoebe," Prue said while folding her socks.

"I know but we removed that spell but she is still acting weird," Phoebe said and was a little puzzled on how Prue was doing her socks," why don't you just fold them into each other?"

"Phoebe are we talking about Piper or how I do laundry," Prue replied and sat down on the bed.

"Its just I think something is off," Phoebe said and sat next to her.

"Have you checked the book?"

"I don't think there's a demon that makes food taste bad Prue."

"listen we will just keep an I on her and see if it continues, but with the source trying to kill us on a weekly basis, I don't think we should jump to conclusions," Prue said and got up to put her stuff away. Phoebe nodded and left the room but she could not shake the feeling that something non-magical was happening.

The days would move on and Piper's and Leo's anniversary was coming up. Phoebe was on her laptop while Piper was reading the newspaper as it was her morning routine while drinking coffee. Phoebe would occasionally look up and look at Piper trying to see if anything was going on or if she was acting strange.

"Phoebe you have been looking at me weird the last couple of days, what?" Piper asks as she could feel her sister's eyes almost judging her.

"I am not," Phoebe replied and forced her attention back onto her laptop.

"Oh um its my anniversary and Prue is going to stay at Paige's apartment for the night, so I thought you could find something to do," Piper said while putting her coffee cup back on the table.

"Want do you have planned?" Phoebe asks with a curious smile and Piper smiled back.

"Victoria's secret and mine," Piper replied.

"Romance," Phoebe said and closed her eyes thinking of the last time her and Cole had any of it. "I could study at the library or stay with Cole," she replied.

"Just don't tell Prue about staying with Cole, you know how she feels about him," Piper said and got up to put her coffee cup in the sink. She turned on the water faucet and put it under the warm flow.

"You know I don't understand why she still hates him so much, I mean yeah he did try to kill us at one point, but he is good now," Phoebe said and noticed Piper's blank stare into the sink and the once warm water was now hot as it ran over the cup and onto Piper's hand. "Piper," she said and turned it off while grabbing a towel. Piper snapped out of her daze and looked back at her younger sister slightly confused.

"What?" Piper asks like she did not hear the earlier conversation.

"You almost burnt your hand," Phoebe replied and then looked into Piper's deep brown eyes while taking both her hands into hers. "sweetie is everything ok?"

"Yeah its fine I just dazed for a second, I guess I was thinking about tonight," Piper replied but could see worry in Phoebe's eyes.

"Okay I know I was not supposed to bring this up but I think there something wrong," Phoebe said.

"What are you talking about?" Piper asks and took her hands out of Phoebe's while heading into the living room to get her purse.

"You've been acting strange," Phoebe replied while following her.

"Phoebe it is my anniversary tonight and I will be dammed if anything is going to ruin it, including a paranoid sister. I am fine don't go digging up demons," Piper said and left as Cole shimmered in.

"Hay," he said with a smile but instead of receiving one back he got a look of worry. "Is everything okay?"

"I don't know yet, oh can I stay with you tonight, its Piper's and Leo's anniversary and I want to give them some private time?"

"Like you need to ask," he replied and held her.

Later that evening Prue was at Paige's apartment and was examining the small space.

"I know it's not the manner but it works for me," Paige said as she could see that her oldest sister was not impressed with her accommodations.

"Paige its fine I just wish you could stay with us," Prue said.

"Sure we can kick out Phoebe or Leo and Piper, that should go well."

"No, what about the attic?"

"Considering that is where most demons show up, I don't think I would be able to sleep."

"Well we would find a way to protect it, Grams was working on a protection spell and I thought I would give it a try," Prue said as Paige sat a crossed from her.

"I just like my privacy," Paige said.

"On a different note, have you noticed anything different with Piper?" Prue asks.

"Nope except for the one incident, why?"

"Nothing just Phoebe being paranoid," Prue said but now she was beginning to wonder herself.

Piper was putting laundry away as she waited for Leo to get home. She was wearing his favorite dress that he'd like to see her in. It was black and had a low cleavage line as she also made sure to put on a front clasping bra. Her hair and makeup were done to perfection as she lit some candles and after putting her sister's clothes in their rooms. She sat down and began to fidget while waiting for her husband of one year to arrive. She felt like a teenager again going on a first date which for her back then was something her Grams set up her with a friends son. She always believed it was a pity date but it was something. She began to wonder why he was running late as she did not know much about what he did up there. "he is having an affair," a thought came into her head but it felt foreign and she tried to shake it off. "Why wouldn't he, your not very interesting," the voice said again and she took in a deep breath while the thoughts continue to race. She began to think of all the times he has been late or gone for weeks and now the thoughts became more like truth to her. Leo orbed in and was wearing his best suit as Piper was sitting on the couch in front of him. He could see the dress he liked so much and was already getting quite excited for the evening's events as he walked around to see her. Piper was not smiling at him but instead was breathing heavily with tears coming down her face.

"Piper what happened ?" he asks and went to her.

"How could you!" she yelled and slapped him across the face. The shock of it made him stumble backwards while rubbing his now red cheek.

"What are you talking about, I said I might be late," he said while Piper's entire body was shaking.

"How long, how long?" she asks as her dark eyes were narrowed and she was clenching her fists.

"Honey what are you talking about?" Leo asks.

"You know the affair, who is it one of them up there?" Piper asks and went to the kitchen where she had dinner ready. She began to pick up plates and toss them in the sink.

"What Piper that is ridiculous, I love you and would never do that," Leo replied as just the accusation made him a little angry.

"I can't believe I fell for it, why would anyone love me," Piper cried out with a mixture of heart brokenness and anger as she continued to toss the entire dinner into the disposal. Leo could tell something was way off and he approached cautiously.

"Piper something's wrong this is not like you and everyone loves you," he said and tried to touch her but she just pushed him away.

"Get out!" she demanded by pointing to the front door.

"I'm getting your sisters, ok," he said and orbed away. Piper ran her hands through her hair is her mascara was beginning to run while shaking her head. Her heart was racing and her mind was trying to make sense of the idea. A part of her knew it was not right but for some reason she kept trying to find a way to make it true. She went upstairs and began to pull out all of his clothing from the closet and then went over to the window and opened it. She was mumbling for the most part as she tossed out all of his plaid shirts.

Leo returned with Prue and Paige as Phoebe was with Cole and he did not want to accidentally interrupt something.

"She accused you of having an affair?" Prue asks while they stood outside as Leo was not sure if it was a good idea for him to be in the house at the moment considering her exploding power. It's not that he can't survive it, it just hurts like hell.

"Yeah and I have no idea why," he replied as his shirts landed in front of him.

"Oh boy," Paige said while looking up at her sisters window.

"Okay you stay out here while we figure out what's going on," Prue said and went into the house with Paige, as Leo's golf clubs were the next to feel the wrath.

"Dammit I liked those," he said as a neighbor came out to see what the commotion was. He smiled at the man awkwardly while the other gave him a sympathetic gesture and went back into his house.

To be continued...