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Chapter 12

Out of ones hands

The sisters sat silent in the waiting room after Paige told them what happened at the police station. They were all thinking of how this could have happened as Prue stood up and began to walk the small room. Luckily they were the only ones in there at the moment.

"It has to be something else, we must have missed a demon," Prue said and was answered in a heavy sigh from Phoebe. "What how could you think she is ill Phoebe, with the underworld after us on a daily bases," she said with red eyes and wet cheeks as the information that Paige told them earlier was still fresh in their minds.

"Prue I don't want to believe that, I want it to be something we can fix, but I have a bad feeling about this for awhile now," Phoebe said and stood up.

"Then why didn't they heal her when she was up there, why the hell would they let her be sick?" Prue asks while looking at Leo.

"I don't know, I don't know," Phoebe replied and started rubbing her temples.

"Leo why?" Prue asks her brother in law who was still in shock that this happened.

"Because they can't, if they could they would have done it by now Prue. The elders told me it wasn't a spell and I didn't want to believe them and now Piper got arrested and I couldn't even imagine how scared she was in that police station," Leo replied as he was getting restless as he wanted to be with her.

"Guys this is not going to help Piper, we need to stop fighting and maybe come to the realization that she needs help, I agree with Phoebe on this," Paige jumped in as the room was getting heavy with tension.

The door opens and two men came in, one was Dr. MacLean and the other was the attending emergency doctor.

"How is she?" Leo asks.

"Can we talk in my office?" the other Dr. replied. They all followed him to his office so they could talk privately.

"She woke up a few minutes ago and seemed to be still in a episode, we gave her some medication to calm her and she is resting right now," Dr. MacLean said.

"When can she come home?" Leo asks and he hesitated to reply.

"Are you the husband?" he asks.

"Yes, Leo."

"Leo she will need to be hospitalized to get a proper care and get a correct diagnosis of what is wrong," he replied.

"No she comes home," Prue said while tears started again.

"Its not a choice, she was arrested and was a little violent with the officer. I understand your scared but it will be the best thing for her. she will be supervised and have group support. She will also be put on much better meds then the ones I gave you before. Those were meant to be only for emergency situations. I thought she was going to get care and not ignore it," he said.

"So we have no say in this?" Prue asks.

"I am sure you want Piper to get better and this is the only way right now. Once the we start treatment and it may not take the full six months to complete, she can come home. She will also be eligible to come home on weekends. Paige I know you have been apprenticing at a Hospital to get trained on being a case worker, so I will go ahead and assign you to that, ok," he replied and Paige nodded.

"We can see her anytime right?" Leo asks.

"There are visiting hours that I will give you and we try to have a open door policy with that. The first few weeks are hard on patients," he replied.

"Can we see her now?" Phoebe asks.

"Absolutely, she is sedated and we will be moving her in the morning," he replied.

"What time?" Paige asks.

"Around 8, Paige you will be able to be with her during the move, but the rest will need to wait until visiting hours at the Hospital.

"Ok," Paige said as she looked at her family feeling guilt at being the only one who can be with her.

"After you see her, go home and get a lot of rest you will need your strength," he said and got up and they followed him to her room. She looked like she was asleep as they came in. "I will give you guys some time," Dr. MacLean said and left the room. Leo was first to get to her and he immediately tried to heal her, but nothing happened and he tried to hold her hand but she was still restrained and he put his hand on top of hers. "Its going to be ok baby, we will always be here for you," he whimpered and kissed her on the forehead. Prue was on the other side and tucked some hair behind Piper's ear and then gently stroked her cheek with the back of her fingers. Phoebe and Paige were at the end of the bed and Phoebe put her hand on Piper's leg.

"Leo we need to find a way to fix this," Phoebe said as she looked at her older sister. Piper's normally straight and beautiful hair was tangled and she could tell she was crying heavily as her pillow was wet where her eyes ran with the salty liquid. Leo wanted to just orb her home and find a way, but if she was truly ill then that would cause more damage then help.

"She is strong and will get through this," Paige said as they all stayed as long as they could until Dr. MacLean came in and told them to go home and get some rest.

The ride was mostly quiet as all of them were lost in thought and it was already almost 3 AM. They knew a hard day was ahead of them as they would be seeing Piper after she wakes up. Paige went back to her apartment as she needed to be there at 8 to be with her while she was moved. She had no idea what to expect and no matter how tired she was, sleep was truly impossible as she tossed and turned in her bed. What would she say, how would Piper be, how the hell are we going to handle this with demons on the loose? Were just a few of the questions that ran through her head. No one else found sleep easy as well as Prue spent over an hour looking through the book for anything that might help. She finally fell asleep on the couch with the book on her lap. Phoebe was searching the Internet for support groups for the family and any information that would help Piper. Mixed with good information was also bad and frightening and she finally slammed the lid of her laptop down and rested her head on her forearms as tears cascaded from her eyes to the skin of her arms.

Paige was awoken by her alarm clock and felt like she did not sleep at all. She got dressed as quickly as she could as she wanted to get there early and make sure she was awake enough to take on this challenge. She would call the others once she arrived to the other hospital with Piper.

"Paige your early," Dr. MacLean said as she came running in with the largest coffee she could buy.

"Sorry I just wanted to make sure I was ready," she said as he was walking to Piper's room." Is she awake?"

"Yes but we gave her some relaxers so she may not be very coherent, just talk to her softly and be patient as she may not reply to you," he said as they stepped into her room. Piper was in a wheelchair and was blinking slowly as the nurses got her ready to be moved. Fortunately she was no longer restrained and her arms rested on her lap.

"Piper this is Paige your sister, she is going with you today ok," he said as they began to wheel her out and to the front door where a van was waiting. Paige walked alongside her and had her hand on Piper's shoulder.

"Hi sweetie its going to be ok, I'm here," Paige said as Piper looked up at her with dazed eyes. She could tell that Piper had no idea what was truly going on and was just going with the flow. They wheeled her into the van that was made for transporting patients and after locking the wheelchair in place to make sure did not move while traveling, Paige sat down on one of the benches as Dr. MacLean sat on the other side.

"Piper are you thirsty?" he asks and gave her some bottled water. She looked at it but made no effort to grab it. He put it on her lap and she moved her hands and finally took hold of it, but that was the extent of her actions.

"Do you want me to open it for you?" Paige asks and Piper looked at her again.

"Paige," Piper said softly and Paige choked a bit and smiled.

"Yes honey its me," Paige said and she took the bottle and opened it for her. Piper took a slow drink as she was trying to understand what was happening. She saw Dr. MacLean and then set her eyes on the wheelchair she was in.

"Piper we are taking you to another hospital so we can start treatment ok," he said as he could tell the drug was wearing off and she was becoming more aware of her surroundings.

"What?" Piper asks as her mind was beginning to put the pieces together.

"Do you remember what happened yesterday?" he asks.

"What, I – I don't know," she replied and closed her eyes tight as the memories came flashing back. "Oh god the bookstore," she said.

"That's right you broke into a bookstore," he said as she began to rock.

"I didn't mean too, I want to go home," Piper said.

"You will after you get treated sweetie," Paige said and put her hand on Piper's.

"There is nothing wrong with me dammit, we been over this, why don't you believe me," Piper pleaded and she began to flicker wrist in attempts to freeze anything. Paige was now very concerned that Piper would try to get out of the wheelchair or start saying things about demons in front of him.

"Please Piper calm down, I will not let anything happen to you," Paige said in attempts to keep things from escalating and she squeezed Piper's hand.

"Where am I going?" Piper asks the Dr.

"To a mental health facility," he replied.

"No – no Paige please get me out of here now," Piper said as her breathing was beginning to quicken.

"Piper its going to be fine I promise," Paige said as her heart was breaking, she wanted nothing more then to do what she asks but that would expose them and it would not help Piper.

"Try to take a few deep breaths I know you're overwhelmed right now but it will get better," he said as they pulled up to the other hospital and the back doors open. The moment Piper saw daylight she jumped out of the chair and attempted to make a run for it, but the drug made her weak and clumsy. She had to sit on the bench to keep from passing out as the male orderlies stepped in.

"Are you Piper?" one asks and crouched down to not stand over her.

"Paige," Piper said again and Paige was next to her quickly.

"I'm here, Piper you need to do what they tell you ok," Paige said as she did not want to see her get restrained again. "Hold my hand, we will go in together," she said and Piper put her shaking hand into hers. The orderlies backed away to give her room to get out and let Paige handle it if she could. Piper stepped out and kept a tight grasp on her baby sister's hand.

"Orb," Piper whispered as they began to walk towards the main door.

"I can't Piper we need to do this so you get better," Paige said but Piper stopped as she saw the two doors open. Piper was in a full blown panic attack and began to back up. Paige held her hand tighter and try to get her to walk forward but Piper just wanted to run or fight her way out. "Please Piper don't," Paige said to herself.

"Your family will be here to see you soon, so let's get you settled they really want to see you," Dr. MacLean said as she got in front of her and the orderlies got behind her.

Piper could feel the larger mens presence behind her and began to look for an alternate route but there were chain-link fences all around and Paige was holding her arm.

"Come on Piper I will be with you the whole time," Paige said and Piper knew if she thought back, they would just knock her out again. Her entire body slumped as she let Paige lead her into the hospital. They took Piper to her room and Paige sat down next to her as Dr. MacLean pulled up a chair and sat across from her.

"Paige is going to be your caseworker, so she will have access to you at all times and help with support for you and your family," he said as a nurse brought in some clothing that Paige got together earlier. It was mostly sweatpants and comfortable clothing as she preferred to ware that over anything else. There was also personal items, toothbrushes and a hair brush and other hygienic items in the bag.

"I will bring some pictures if you want?" Paige asks but Piper was feeling her freedom slip away with every minute.

"Would you like to take a shower?" he asks and Piper shook her head no.

"How long do I need to be here?" Piper asks.

"Treatment usually takes six months but if we can get you on the right medication early, it my take less time," he said and her eyes widened at the thought of six months.

"What I can't do that, I have a business, I can't be here that long, you can't do this, you can't take people and just lock them up," Piper said as she was now getting very angry at the situation.

"If you would have admitted yourself you could have left any time but unfortunately because of last night's events by law you have to get treatment," he said.

"I did not hurt anyone," Piper said through her teeth.

"You fought against the police officer and resisted arrest. I'm sorry Piper but this will help you. People after treatment with strong family support as well as finding good groups to help you, live full and normal lives. So this part is going to be hard and your business can be handled by your sisters while your absent. First you need to understand and accept that your are ill, once you realize that and come to terms the treatment will go much faster," he said.

"That medication made it impossible for me to think or even talked straight, how the hell I"m going to live a normal life?' Piper asks.

"That medication was not fine tuned that was only to be used until you started treatment. There are several medications in different dosages that we will try to find the right mix. We will also help you in knowing you are about to have an episode so that you can take appropriate measures," he replied.

"This is ridiculous, oh god," Piper said as she began to cry and looked up.

"Piper would I take you someplace that would hurt you?" Paige asks.

"No," Piper replied back as she ran her hands through her hair.

"Then trust me and them ok, they only want to help and I will be with you a lot ok," Paige said.

"Your family will be here soon to see you so I will give you and Paige some time alone and come and get you when they are here," he said and left the room. He shut the door behind them and she could hear it lock in the recurring dream was now a reality.

To be continued.