A Weasley at a Muggle Amusement Park… God Help us all.

By Breetanya

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Section 1.

Who knows what possessed Harry and Hermione to bring their best friend Ron and his girlfriend Lavender to a Muggle amusement park. But they did. Now since all, Harry, Hermione, and Lavender grew up in the Muggle world they knew how to act… But poor Ron… He's a pureblooded wizard with practically no connections to the Muggle world. Not a very good thing when you are going to a place FULL of Muggles.

The gang brought Ron over to the roller coaster… "Oh so this is a Coller Roaster!" Ron exclaimed.

"Shut up Ron!" Hermione hissed as people started to stare at the Hogwarts 5th years. "People are starting to stare!"

"Okay, okay," Ron replied. "I'll be quiet…"

Ron watched the Roller Coaster go up the hill, then start to go down and he gasped, "OH MY GOD! THOSE MUGGLES ARE GOING TO BE KILLED!!! WINDGARDIUM LEVIOSA!!!" He pulled out his wand. (AN: sorry if I spelled that wrong.) Suddenly the cars started to float above the tracks and all of the Muggles looked at it in amazement.

"RONALD WEASLEY!" yelled Harry, Hermione, and Lavender. "PUT THAT ROLLER COASTER DOWN RIGHT NOW!"

Ron did as he was told, rather sheepishly. They were suddenly aware of everyone looking at them… "Uh, oh…" Ron said.

"Hermione, remember that book you sent me for my birthday? You read it didn't you?" Harry asked.

"Yes," Hermione replied.

"You know how to use a memory charm right?" Harry asked.

"Yes… do you?"

"Yes, come on… we have a lot of memories to modify…" Harry said tiredly. "Ron… you and Lavender stun everyone in sight except us. Merlin's beard…"

After they woke up everyone after modifying their memories… Harry had a little talk with Ron… "Ron, the Muggles were not going to die. The roller coaster is SUPPOSED TO DO THAT YOU NITWIT!"

"Sorry!" Ron replied. "It looked like they were going to crash!"

Hermione broke up the fight by saying, "You guys, lets go to the Carousel… Ron can't get in much trouble there can he?"

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