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Story: Perseus Jackson and the Last Frontier

AN: This is a new idea that I came up with and I wanted to publish before I forgot it and before I came to my senses for adding a fourth story to my active list. This will not be a alternate universe story, but a story after the series. This story takes place ten years after the completion of the Hero of Olympus series. Our hero suffered unfortunate losses during his time in the pit with Annabeth. Once the battle was over, he left his old life and ran away from the life of a demigod. I won't tell all in this author's note, but more will be revealed as the story continues. I hope everyone enjoys it.

Chapter 1: The Hero and the Prophecy

Third Person's POV

A white, single engine float plane soared through the pale blue afternoon sky. The plane had two red stripes that extended down the sides and along the plane's tail. The pilot expertly flew the plane through the turbulent air patterns that surrounded the island below.

The island was a rocky place with a large mountain in the center. Steam poured up from a crater in the center of the mountain top. The plane dove down before the pilot leveled off the flight and slowed the throttle before the plane touched down softly in the sea green waves below. The plane motored toward the shore before a small wooden dock came into view. A few moments later the plane stopped at the dock before the pilot cut the engine. A young man in his early twenties stood on the dock in nervous anticipation of the pilot's arrival. The hatch to the plane opened before a tall man with a leather jacket and fedora hat stepped onto the dock. He threw an olive green duffel bag toward the young man; the weight of the bag nearly knocked the man off the dock. The young man finally righted himself before he dropped the bag on the dock. The pilot stepped out of the plane with a four foot long hard plastic case in his hand.

The young man stared at the pilot in wonder. "Doctor," he said excitedly. He extended his hand, but the pilot just placed the case on the ground near the young man's feet. The young man nearly tripped over the case. "Be careful with that kid," the pilot said. "Sorry sir," the young man said. "My name is Jeremy Williams."

The pilot stepped onto the dock before he did a few stretches, which earned a few pops of relief from the man's joints and limbs. He looked around the dock before he turned to stare up at the mountain; the steam was evident even this far from the crater. "Kid, what is the status?" the pilot said as he gestured toward the volcano.

Jeremy straightened his shirt and pulled out a paper from his pocket. He nervously tried to straighten out the paper before the pilot snatched the paper out of his hand. The pilot looked over the paper and a deep frown stretched across his face. The pilot's features were covered by a black beard and mustache, but Jeremy could tell that the man was not one to mess with. "Sir, I just wanted to say it's a great honor to haveā€¦" he began before the pilot raised his hand. "I didn't come here for the adoration kid. I'm here to check if this bad boy is going to erupt or not," the pilot said as he pointed toward the mountain.

Jeremy nodded. "Yes, doctor," he replied.

The pilot or doctor sighed. "The name is Doctor Jackson, kid," he said. Jeremy nodded. "Yes sir, Doctor Jackson."

"The earthquakes have been growing more frequent," he said as he read the paper in his hands. "Yes, Doctor Jackson, the largest was a little over a five," Jeremy replied.

"I need to get up there and take a closer look," Dr. Jackson said.

Jeremy's face paled at the idea. "It's too dangerous," he commented.

Dr. Jackson removed his hat to reveal wild black hair that was about an inch from his shoulders. He looked at Jeremy with his green eyes that made the young man's face pale even more. "I didn't ask for your assessment of safety issues," he said. Jeremy nodded. "Where is the helicopter pad?" Jeremy pointed up the small rise from the dock toward the small research building. To the right of the building was the helicopter pad and a helicopter that looked just big enough to hold two people. Dr. Jackson smiled at the sight of the aircraft before he stalked off the dock and toward the helicopter. He stopped when he reached the top of the incline. "Kid, take my bag to my bunk and place my equipment in the lab."

Jeremy nodded as he watched the doctor walk to the helicopter and enter the aircraft like he'd done this a thousand times. Jeremy smiled as he realized the man had probably done this at least that many times. He grabbed the duffel bag and slung it over his shoulder, which nearly caused him to fall backwards. He steadied himself against the rail of the dock before he walked slowly up the hill toward the research building.

Jackson sat in the pilot seat of the helicopter before he placed the head set on and began his run through of the aircraft's systems. When he was finally satisfied he ignited the engine and the familiar sound of the propeller blades spinning filled his senses. He placed his sun glasses on and powered up the engine before the helicopter motored into the air and toward the mountain. He circled the mountain at first before he hovered just over the crater. He angled the copter just enough so he could peer into the crater. A steady plume of steam wafted up from the center of the crater. He could tell that there was plenty of fuel for this volcano, but that wasn't the dangerous part; he could feel the pulse of the volcano and the mountain's heartbeat was anything but steady. He had been around enough of these mountains to understand the sometimes subtle sounds, sighs and feelings that went along with an eruption. He was connected to the geology in a way that no one else was, but he was also in tune with the ocean and in his own way the sky above. He concentrated closely on the surface of the crater. His eyes widened as he noticed the small expansion, and then the contraction of the surface of the volcano. Percy swallowed as he realized this volcano was going to erupt explosively. He maneuvered the helicopter out of the crater and flew back to the research base as quickly as the small aircraft would take him.

A few minutes later he lowered the helicopter onto the small helipad. He powered down the systems before he rushed out of the helicopter and inside the research building. Jeremy was watching a radar display when Dr. Jackson entered the building. He nearly fell out of his chair when he saw him. He stood up quickly and said, "Dr. Jackson."

Jackson looked around the room frantically. "Are you the only one on the island?"

"Yes," Jeremy replied. "The others are on leave." Jackson sighed. "Kid, we need to get off this island," he said.

"Why?" Jeremy asked. An earthquake shook the building violently. A shelf fell over nearly hitting Jeremy in the process. Jackson stood and grabbed his duffel bag and has case from the ground. "Does that answer your question?" Jackson asked. Jeremy's eyes went wide before he nodded in agreement.

"Where to?" Jeremy asked.

"We need to refuel my plane. It has a much greater range than the helicopter," Jackson replied before he bolted out the door of the research building. Jeremy ran after him. The young man marveled at the speed of the older man. The two ran for the dock before Jackson stopped at the fuel tank. "Load the stuff in the back of the plane." Jeremy nodded before he loaded the bags and case. Jackson began to fuel the plane before another earthquake rocked the island. Jackson raised his hand and the earthquake stopped just as quickly as it started. He wiped the sweat from his brow as he looked at the gauge on the fuel tank. A few minutes later and the fuel tank on the plane clicked. Jackson put away the fuel pump and looked up at the mountain one last time. He climbed aboard the plane and sat in front of the controls.

"Are we going to make it?" Jeremy asked anxiously. His eyes were large with fear.

Jackson sent him a reassuring smile. "Don't worry kid," he said as the engine started and the plane's propeller began to spin. Jackson unhooked the plane from the dock before he powered the plane away from the shore.

Another earthquake struck the island; the research building collapsed under the shockwave. Jeremy's eyes were even bigger at the sight of his ruined home. Jackson lowered the throttle as the plane moved through the water at increasing speed until the plane lifted into the air. Jackson navigated the plane toward the nearest island just as the volcano erupted sending a huge plume of ash into the sky and down the slopes of the mountain. Jackson sighed in relief before he turned to look at Jeremy. The kid was frozen in his seat as he looked at the erupting volcano.

"Jeremy Williams, I never got to introduce myself formally." Jeremy wore a surprised expression; he was sure that the man had just ignored him before. "The name is Dr. Perseus Jackson, nice to meet you," he said before he turned back to the controls with a broad smile stretched across his face.

Camp Half Blood

Annabeth Chase sat in the sand next to the ocean. Her blonde hair was pulled back into a pony tail and her grey eyes scanned the horizon. The ocean waves moved up onto the shore calmly. A familiar and peaceful feeling took over the daughter of Athena. She could remember all the good times at this beach as she and her friends watched the fireworks or had picnics next to the waves that would beat the shoreline. However, her fondest and most heart wrenching of memories were those with a certain son of the sea god. Annabeth sighed. It had been ten years since she had last seen him. Since then, she had designed New Athens, helped build an alliance with New Rome, and completed her work on Olympus. She had accomplished a great deal, but she always knew something was missing. She knew what it was, but she was too proud to admit it. She had tried to move on and meet new people. She had dated a mortal for a year, but it didn't work out. She even went on dates with other demigods, but it just wasn't the same. She really only felt comfortable with one person, and he had been missing for a decade.

"Annabeth," a familiar voice called.

Annabeth turned to see the electric blue eyes of the lieutenant of Artemis. Thalia looked the same; the forever fifteen year old with the same spiky black hair and the silver circlet that was laced through it. Thalia stared down at her friend with a mixture of sadness and pity. Thalia was still mad at her cousin for what he did to Annabeth, but now all she felt was sadness. She missed her cousin too. He was like a brother to her, even if he was annoying at times.

"What's going on?" Annabeth asked curiously.

Thalia remembered why she was here and her blue eyes darkened. "Something has happened; we need you at the Big House." Annabeth nodded before she stood up; the two demigods ran toward the Big House. They entered the recreation room and stopped at the sight of those seated before them. Leo, Piper, Jason, Frank and Hazel sat around the table. They all stood when they saw the daughter of Athena. Annabeth walked around the room as she hugged each one of her friends. It had been a while since she had seen them. Once she had greeted everyone, they took their seats.

"Chiron, what's happened?" Annabeth asked worriedly. She knew by the looks on her friend's faces that this wasn't a happy reunion.

Chiron motioned for Thalia to speak. Thalia cleared her throat before she looked at her best friend. "Apollo is missing," she said. Annabeth's grey eyes broadened. "How?" Annabeth asked. Thalia shook her head. "We don't know. Artemis and the rest of the hunters are searching. Lady Artemis sent me here to see if we could get a prophecy," Thalia explained.

"Where's Rachel?" Annabeth asked.

The door to the room opened before a red haired girl entered. She wore a dress with a floral pattern printed on it. Her red hair was tied into a pony tail. "I'm here," Rachel said. Annabeth jumped up and hugged her friend. "We're so glad you're here," Annabeth said.

Rachel smiled. "I hear you need a prophecy," Rachel said. Chiron turned toward Thalia. "My dear, please ask your question," Chrion said.

Thalia stood up from her chair and walked toward the Oracle. "Good to see you again Rache," Thalia said. Rachel smiled before she nodded. "How do we find Apollo?"

Green mist flowed into the room and Rachel's green eyes glowed with power. She stared into the blue eyes of the daughter of Zeus before she said,

The last frontier beckons

As the ancient darkness threatens

The seven plus sky and death shall unite

To save the world from endless night

If darkness wins the world shall freeze

Victory depends on the lost son of the seas

Rachel collapsed, but Thalia caught her before she could hit the floor. The daughter of Zeus placed her friend on a nearby couch. Thalia turned back to her friends to see them staring at her in shock. Annabeth was the worst; she didn't move. She just stared at Thalia like she was frozen in time.

Everyone was broken away from their daze when a young man fell out of a shadow. Thalia nearly screamed in fright before she punched the man in the shoulder.

"Damn Thals, that hurt," Nico said as he grabbed his shoulder. Thalia glared at him. Nico turned to look at the others in the room. "What did I miss?"

Annabeth rolled her eyes at Nico's childishness. "We have a quest." Annabeth recited the prophecy to the son of Hades.

Nico's face was paler than normal. Jason stood from his seat. "We need to find Percy," he said. Nico gulped visibly. Most missed the gesture, but Thalia and Annabeth didn't.

"You know something Death Breath," Thalia accused. Annabeth stepped closer to the son of Hades, her grey eyes narrowed as she tried to read his facial expression.

Nico began to sweat; he knew that he was caught. He would have to break his promise to his cousin. He would rather have Percy mad at him than Thalia and Annabeth.

"You know where he is?" Annabeth questioned.

Thalia grabbed Nico by his collar. Nico was now a few inches taller than Thalia and therefore the gesture would have seemed weird, but the electricity in the blue eyes of the demigoddess made the move anything but funny. Nico looked into his cousin's eyes; he swallowed hard. He turned back to Annabeth, but he wished he hadn't. The daughter of Athena held her celestial bronze dagger toward him. "Okay, I know where he is," Nico replied with his hands raised in surrender. Annabeth stepped closer. "He's in Alaska."

AN: This is a new idea that I had, but unfortunately, it will suffer from a lack of update for a while until I complete my other stories. I just wanted to get this out there, so I would have a reason to update and pursue this idea, plus I didn't want to forget it. So please pay patient as updates may be less than timely as I try to finish the other stories that I have.