"Wait up Rainbow Dash, you know I can't fly as fast as you can!" The poor colt had said trying to catch up to his fast counterpart. She may have only been a filly but she was already as fast and agile as a full grown pegasus. He had been following Rainbow Dash to the Wonderbolts show that was going to take place in only half an hour. They were eagerly counting the days until the event, both were filled with excitement as the days went by. "Come on Midnight Eclipse, can't you fly any faster?" The colt looked away in shame. "You know one of my wings is smaller than the other…" Rainbow Dash just sighed. "Right I forgot, sorry if I offended you." Midnight just smiled. "It's ok RD." A few minutes later they finally made it to the arena where the show was to take place. Midnight eclipse is a dark blue pegasus who was born with one medium-sized wing and one small-sized wing, he has a yellow half-circle birthmark on his right eye and he wears a gold necklace with a Ruby pendant in the middle.

"Is this great or what?! We got front row seats to only the greatest show ever on Cloudsdale!" Rainbow Dash had stated obviously very excited for the event. Midnight just nodded his head in agreement; he wasn't very sociable to begin with. "I heard that in today's show they are going to pick someone from the audience to train under them." "WHAT?!" Rainbow Dash was surprised by what Midnight said making him wince in shock from her outburst. "Then they obviously have to pick me! I have always wanted to be a Wonderbolt for as long as I can remember!" Midnight just chuckled at Rainbow Dash then stopped when he saw the show was starting.

After almost three hours of seeing tricks, loops, and races the show had finally come to an end. "Now it is time for us to pick out a pegasus from the audience to come train with us!" The leader of the group had said. "About time, I can't wait to see who they pick, it just has to be me!" A bunch of chatter was heard in the audience as the lights dimmed and the spotlight circled around the excited fillies and colts. Midnight tried shying away by sliding under the seat but to no avail since the spotlight stopped on him. "It seems we have a winner folks!" One of the other Wonderbolts had said as he flew to the confused colt.

"What is your name Wonderbolt trainee?" The pegasus smiled at the colt who crawled out from under his seat nervously. "I am Midnight Eclipse and I don't think I am cut out to be a Wonderbolt, I have a deformed wing." He showed the pony his small wing and big wing making him laugh. "That is exactly why we chose you! We are going to prove that anyone can be a Wonderbolt no matter what they may or may not have!" He had said. Midnight just nodded his head and looked at Rainbow Dash whose jaw had been dropped in shock, she was utterly speechless. He whispered sorry to her and flew off to where the Wonderbolts were.

Suddenly the lights in the arena turned off making everyone gasp in fear and confusion. One of stadium's columns broke away and slammed down on Midnight sending him plummeting to the ground. The audience and Wonderbolts gasped. "Midnight!" Rainbow Dash had gotten out of her seat and flew down, through the clouds, alongside the Wonderbolts to try to catch the unconscious colt. In the end they were too late, the colt had fallen into the Everfree forest and after many days the search parties that were sent out, gave up. Midnight Eclipse was presumed dead.