The Stranger

It was a bright and sunny day in Ponyville, the ponies, stallions, fillies and colts were all just going about doing their own business. Over at Fluttershy's Cottage she was happily at work taking care of the numerous animals that were around there. "I told you about jumping from tree to tree with that injured arm of yours Mr. Squirrel. Now please don't do it again ok?" The squirrel she was speaking to nodded its head and scurried off into the woods. Once all was said and done Fluttershy turned to go back to her cottage when she heard rustling from the bushes of the Everfree Forest. "Uh…h-hello?" She said nervously while slowly walking towards the sound.

Suddenly, she saw a dark blue pegasi step out of the woods and fall to the floor covered in cuts and bruises, upon deeper inspection she could see one of it's wings were broken. "Oh dear!" She stated flying over to the injured pegasi. "Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear!" She started looking left and right to see if there was anypony around to help her. She eventually, with the help of a few animals, got the pegasi into her home and onto a bed. She started tending to the cuts and bruises the visitor had while putting the broken wing into a makeshift cast.

After a few hours had passed the unconscious pegasi slowly opened its eyes and looked up at Fluttershy. "W-who are you?" Fluttershy smiled a bit and started to speak in a gentle voice. "Hi, my name is Fluttershy what's yours?" "I am Midnight Eclipse." He looked at his body and noticed he had bandages covering his body and a cast on his big wing. "Did you do this?" He said while still examining himself. Fluttershy nodded her head smiling. "Why yes I did, but we have to take you to the hospital for that wing."

"First can you tell me where I am?" The curious Midnight had asked. "You are at my cottage on the edge of the Everfree Forest. The hospital is in Ponyville." She then walked over to him and helped him out of bed. Once he got off she saw him stumble and fall face first on the floor. "Oh dear, I'm sorry…" Midnight only chuckled lightly. "It is okay, I have had worse." He responded back as he just laid there. Fluttershy called the hospital and shortly after an ambulance came and took Midnight Eclipse to the hospital.