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My eyes snapped open at the sound of her crying.

I hadn't slept long. Maybe two, three hours but I rushed over to her, picking her up from the nest of blankets I created. "Hush now baby girl, it'll be alright. Stop your crying now." I whispered gently rocking her backwards and forwards in my arms. She seemed to quieten down but still made small cries, grabbing the air in front of her. I sat down on the floor, undoing my shirt, well his I guess, and letting her suckle just in case she was hungry.

She had been only born a week ago so I was still pretty weak. I hadn't been able to make runs and check perimeters but I guess that's the price you pay for solitude. She seemed to finish up so I burped her like I had seen people do in movie's which seemed to work as she relaxed in my arms. I settled her back down into the nest I made, making sure she was warm. I gave her everything I could, she was more important than I was.

I buttoned up my shirt which was now getting too big for me but it smelt of him which was comforting to me. I looked out the window of the shed I found a few weeks back, at the moment it was home. It was early morning, around 6 so I could see outside just. It was clear still from what I could see so I shut my eyes so I could hopefully get some more sleep until Genevieve woke me up again for more feeding. Then I heard the snap of a branch from outside. I jumped up, my abdomen screaming in pain. I was still extremely sore. I grabbed my side, biting my lip and leaning my other hand on the small workbench. I looked outside again and saw a walker just wondering around absent mindedly. It hadn't heard me yet so I decided to let it pass for now, unless it got closer. I sat back down, my hand on Genevieve's stomach feeling her breath. I prayed the walker would just pass us, biting my lip hard. "Dear god, please." I whispered silently to myself.

There was no such luck in this world.

The walker slammed into the cabin wall stirring Gen. "Hush baby, please stay asleep." I murmured to her kissing her head. Her nose scrunched up and eyes started twitching. Oh no. Her mouth opened in a wail, kicking her small legs out of the blanket I put on her. The walker defiantly heard as it started scratching at the door, groaning loudly for blood. I grabbed Genevieve, wrapping her up in several blankets holding her against my chest. I shuffled across the floor to reach for my gun, but I didn't know how much ammo I had left. I stretched my arm up to get it from the table but I couldn't get it and my body couldn't even lift me up. I was stranded, with my baby screaming in my arms to save her when I couldn't do anything.

I turned my back to the door holding Genevieve tightly against me, singing to her a lullaby to try to drown out some of the groans and bangs. There must have been at least 3 walkers outside now, I could tell with them all smashing against the door and it was only a matter of time before they got in. I shut my eyes tightly, knowing I had to protect my daughter in any way I could. If that meant giving myself over as bait, I would do it. The door opened with a crash as the walkers piled in. I was right, there were three of them. They shuffled towards me as I turned my head. I made up a plan to run, leave Genevieve here so hopefully they would ignore her and come after me. If not I would just let them have me and hoped they would leave her alone as they would have had their fill. I looked back at the small infant in my arms, kissing her head as I was about to leave her when I heard something fall. I turned my head back around and saw two of the walkers were on the floor, arrows sticking out of their skulls. The third suddenly went down right next me, causing me to shuffle into the corner holding Gen as tightly as I could.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw two men stepped into the cabin, one holding his gun up to me as he approached. "You bit?" He asked. I was still looking down at my baby, crying on her in the joy she hadn't been hurt. I shook my head inhaling deeply. I saw the guy kneel in front of me, putting the gun put in his holster. "I'm Rick, and this Glenn." He whispered putting his arm over one knee. "Are you alright?" My eyebrows furrowed. Rick? Glenn? I glanced up at his face and my eyes widened. I wrapped my arm not supporting Genevieve around his neck, thanking god it was them. When I retreated he looked confused but then analysed my face. "Katheryn? Is that you?" I nodded and he hugged me this time, Glenn now wondering over to me. "Katie?" Glenn asked, also kneeling down. He saw my face and grabbed me tightly in his arms. "Watch it Glenn you have to mind her." I whispered.

That's when they actually looked down into the pile of blankets I was holding. Rick was the first one to move, inching away the material until seeing a small bald head that turned to look at him as he touched. Rick was in utter shock, standing up leaving Glenn to kneel beside me in silence. "You have a baby Katheryn?" I nodded, letting one of the blankets fall so Genevieve's head was fully exposed. Rick ran his hands through his hair before coming back over to me. "Who's the father Katheryn? " He asked. I didn't respond rubbing her cheek with my finger.

"How old is she?" Glenn asked before Rick made me answer him. "About a week old." I said as Glenn started copying my movements. "You gave birth a week ago?" Rick interrogated as I nodded. "Alone?" Again, I nodded. He sighed, sounding frustrated. "We can't leave her Rick, she's one of us." Glenn stated as if it couldn't be argued. "Do ya guys wanna hurry up in there? I got huntin' to be doin'." Someone outside murmured in a southern drawl. I recognised it immediately. I hugged Gen tighter as Glenn tried to help me stand. I was still pretty weak as Glenn found out as I started to fall making Rick run to my other side. "You're coming back with us." Rick said supporting me.