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Rick still hadn't come back to the group by the time morning finally came around. It seemed like no one had slept much at all as we sat around in a group trying to eat what Maggie had managed to make for us for breakfast but no one really seemed hungry. I took the bowl from her anyway, keeping Gen in one arm as I sat next to Daryl on the steps. He took another bowl, nodded gratefully in Maggie's direction as she walked back to Glenn. The silence was almost deafening with only the sound of plastic cutlery against plastic bowls. Just the rhythmic banging as I stared down at my bowl, my stomach turning at the thought of eating. I was still seeing Lori lying on the floor of the boiler room, bleeding out, skin ripped open and muscles torn out from her. My throat began to dry heave but thankfully no one seemed to notice except Daryl.

Daryl could notice any small change in everyone so when he met my eyes, his narrowed. "Eat." He murmured simply, placing another small spoonful into his mouth. I shook my head and put the bowl down on the stair below me before rearranging Genevieve in my arms so her face was snuggled into my neck. I hummed gently for her, making the room seem less quiet than before as Beth joined in with me as she held baby Grimes in her arms. She looked so natural with her, almost as if she was her mother. I smiled at her gently as she glanced at me. Our silence was broken by a door opening. We all looked up, Daryl's hand instantly inching towards his crossbow. Rick stepped through the door, running a bloody hand through his hair as he sighed. "Everyone okay?" Everyone just seemed to nod as I avoided his gaze. I killed his wife, I couldn't look at him. I just kissed Gen's head, bouncing her slightly against me. "We're gonna go clean out the corridors today. Get rid of some of bodies." I heard Daryl say from beside me as he put his bowl down next to mine.

"Good plan." I saw Rick go over to Carl who seemed to ignore his father's presence until his hand rested on top of Carl's Sheriff Hat. "I'm going out on a run. Get some formula for the baby, anything else we need." Glenn added, getting everyone to look in his direction. "Okay," Rick stated, smiling ever so slightly. "I just wanted to check on Carl, I'll go back and go clear some of walkers out." I glanced at Beth, who was stilling feeding Lil Asskicker who Rick just seemed to ignore. It took a lot for me to bite my tongue but thankfully Daryl seemed to notice my anger rising.

"If ya wait Rick, we'll all go together." Rick shook his head and walked straight past Beth and back through to where he came from. Everyone seemed to exhale as he disappeared from view but my body didn't relax. I stood up, gaining the attention of the room as my boots banged against the metal of the stairs and finally across the floor to the cells. I stopped when I came close to Glenn. "Need a hand with your run?" His eyes widened slightly as he glanced to his left towards Maggie. "Um, you want to come?" I nodded, shifting gen slightly in my arms. "I just need to get away from here for a few hours."

"She ain't going." Daryl's drawl interrupted from behind us. Glenn and I both turned to him as he stood up, grabbing his crossbow in the process. "Daryl, I need to get out of this prison for a couple of hours." I snapped, instantly regretting my tone. "No, you ain't going. Need ya here." He put his crossbow across his back and stood in front of me, eyeing Glenn which made him shift uncomfortably away from us. "Daryl, I need to get some air and do something other than sit in a room with Gen." His hands settled on his hips firmly. "Goin' out there ain't just fer ya to get some air. It's fuckin' dangerous. You ain't goin and that's the end of it." He stormed off, his boots echoing around the room. I sighed, rubbing Gen's head as I looked around the room with everyone avidly trying to avoid my gaze. "Hey Glenn." I called, getting his attention as he rubbed the back of his neck. "I'm still coming on that run, alright?"

"You sure?" Maggie interrupted, crossing her arms across her chest. I nodded firmly before leaving the room. "Just come get me when you're ready." I yelled back quickly before bounding up to my cell. I sat on the bed, shuffling back so my back was against the wall and leaning Gen against my legs. "Mommy's going on a run alright to get some things. See if I can find ya some toys. Would you like that huh?" She smiled as I nuzzled my nose against hers. "Want that sweetheart?" She laughed and I pulled my head back up, pulling her legs slightly so they were stretched upright. "Let's get you some toys and some pretty dresses huh?" I kissed her head as she laughed again. Someone coughed from beside us and I looked up to see Daryl stood there, leaning against the door frame.

I quickly put my focus back towards Gen, whose face lit up when she turned her head to see Daryl. She seemed to smile, her arms flailing towards him. Without speaking he walked into the room, placing his crossbow on the floor and lean over us, picking her up and placing her in his arms. Her hands immediately went for his whiskered chin as he took a few steps back. Daryl kissed her head and bounced her lightly before looking back at me as I cradled my knees against my chest. "I'm gonna go clear the block with Carl." He stated, allowing me to nod to response. "Be here when I get back."

"I'm going on that run." I snapped as he began placing Gen in her crib so she could rest. "I'll be back before you know it." The words were meant to be sincere but my anger of being controlled was boiling up inside me that I needed to just explode. "You ain't going. The kids need ya here." He responded as calmly as he could I assume by the way his shoulders tensed. "I'm not always up for playing house." I argued, sliding off the bed and standing up. "I'm not your little housewife you can hide away from the world. I have a brain and to be honest, I want to use to make my own decisions okay regardless of what you think of them." He slammed the wall with his hand right above Gen's crib making me wince, hoping that it didn't stir Genevieve. "You fuckin' want to get yerself killed?" He snarled before spinning around to face me. "Yer just gonna stay here and keep yourself safe."

"I'm going to go with Glenn to get stuff for our daughter." I crossed my arms across my chest and stood firmly. "She needs toys and stuff and you're needed here with Rick MIA, I'm making things easier for you."

"Whatever Kate, do what cha want." He hissed leaving the room. "I'm just tryin ta protect ya and you're doing all this rebel crap and I'm done." I bit my lip, keeping quiet as he left even though I wanted to say something back but I knew that he needed to cool off. I needed to calm down as well so I stood still as I heard him leave the block with Carl and the prisoners. I sighed gently, my shoulders falling back as I went over to Gen's crib. Thankfully, she was asleep so I placed a kiss on my finger tips and laid it on her head. "Mommy'll be back soon precious okay? I love you."


Sitting in the back of the car with Glenn and Maggie at front was slightly awkward as you could see the romantic tension between them. I ignored their whispers as we drove to the store we were going to raid for formula and other things we could find useful such as toys, food and medication. I watched the world go by in the window, treasuring how quiet it was even for a little while. We pulled up outside a store as Maggie play punched Glenn in the shoulder. I rolled my eyes at them as we stepped outside and scouted out the area. There didn't seem to be any walkers around so we decided to head inside. "Go on big boy, open the door for us ladies." Maggie teased as she held the flashlight in her hands. "Why do I always have to go first?" He whined in response, using his axe as a leaning post. "Prove yourself to your woman boy." I stated, trying to puff out my chest and sound manly but that just resulted in the couple laughing. I sniggered too and relaxed, allowing Glenn to break the padlock across the door.

Cautiously he pulled one of the doors open as Maggie shone the light and I pointed my gun, just in case. It seemed quiet as we let the dust settle on the ground before heading inside, guns raised and flash lights on. The musty air filled my lungs as I turned my torch to look around. It seemed untouched by walkers, and more curiously scavengers like us. I opened my backpack and threw it on the ground when I got to the kids section of the store. I anything I could find; toys, clothes for both Genevieve and Lil Asskicker and some formula. There actually wasn't a lot of stuff but what I managed to grab I was proud of. It wasn't much but it would do for now until we could do a larger run into a main town for food and ammo. I could hear Glenn and Maggie talking and laughing for across the store as I took my flashlight out of my mouth and threw my bag over my shoulder. I gripped my gun tightly in my hand before walking over to them, putting my hands of Glenn's shoulders. "Find anything?" Glenn nodded as I let go to kneel down with them. "Enough formula to last a while, maybe even enough for when you want to, you know."

"Stop breast feeding? It's not awkward to say you know." I added, making Maggie chuckle from beside him as well as earning a nudge. "Also got some old energy bars, which is useful." I nodded in encouragement as I stood up and stretched my arms over my head. "I'm going to ditch my bag in the car then come help you carry the stuff." Maggie shook her head. "We'll be out in 5, no need to come back." I nodded and strolled outside, quickly checking that there were no walkers around before opening the car door and throwing my backpack inside. I put my gun on the seat and stretched slightly, my muscles enjoying the freedom of fresh air. My eyes caught sight of one of the dresses I grabbed in the store poking out the top of my bag. I smiled, picking it up and rubbing the soft cotton between my fingers.

Even though Daryl and I had fought about me doing this, when he saw what I had managed to get he'd be happy. All I could think about was how adorable Gen was going to look when I got back until a hand covered my mouth. My first instinct was that it was Glenn fooling around but as the other arm wrapped around my middle I looked down to not see an arm at all, but a plastic contraption covering most of the forearm.

"Well hello there sweetheart." A voice whispered in my ear. My eyes widened at the voice, the southern drawl familiar to me. I didn't kick as he dragged me back and that gave me the opportunity to look up. His harsh face was looking behind him until we reached another car where he handed me over to another man, allowing me space to scream. His hand covered my mouth again quickly, his arm which I could know see was a make shift bayonet dug slightly into my abdomen. "Shush now girly otherwise you'll leaving here a walker." The two men quickly swapped hands as Merle fucking Dixon walked back to our car as Glenn and Maggie exited to store. I struggled slightly against the man holding me, pulling at his hand over my mouth as Merle spoke to the others. I managed to stomp on the guy's foot, achieving my release so I could run to Glenn and Maggie.

"Get in the car chinaman, we're going for a drive or your little woman here's gonna have a pretty hole in her head." I reached down for my gun, but found myself empty. My eyes widened, my gun was in the car. "Fuck." I hissed before continuing my run to them. "Let 'em go Merle!" Merle turned around to look at me, his eyes light almost as if he found this whole thing fun. "Darlin', I didn't say for ya to come over here." I stood firmly as Merle waved his bayonet, which I discovered was to the guy coming at me to grab me again. "I never listen Merle remember?" He chuckled, pushing his gun closer to Maggie's head making her wince and cry out. "It's okay Mags." I stated for her, my eyes never leaving Merle. "What do you want?" He smiled menacingly. "We're gonna go on a nice little trip, now, since ya refused to ride with them, you can ride with us." He cocked the gun he held and placed his bayonet across Maggie's neck.

"Let her go! She didn't anything!" I yelled which almost made him howl in laughter. "Get in the car sugar tits before your little friend here," he shook Maggie causing her to squirm. "Takes home a nice injury." I gulped before taking the few steps to the car to get into the backseat. "Nuh huh, just because I like ya, you can take the front whilst me and Maggie here get to know each other in the back." I glanced at Glenn in the driver's seat, who motioned for me to run but I shook my head. My whole body was shaking as I walked around to the passenger's side of the car and sat down next to Glenn. "Face front you two." Merle ordered as he sat down behind me, but opening the door next to him, pushing my backpack on the ground. "Yer gonna love my town. Everyone will be dyin' to see ya."