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It was a Monday morning and Gwen was in school.

Her maths teacher, Miss Adams was showing the class a new theory in maths when the principal, knocking on the open door, walked in.

With him were two identical, smirking boys.

"These are the new students I was telling you about ; Jamie and Keith," he said to Miss Adams, nodding to each of them in turn.

"Oh, well hi, " said Miss Adams, smiling at the newcomers.

They didn't return her smile , though the boy nearest to the door gave her an awkward nod.

"They just moved here from Brooklyn, so I'm sure they'll be given a warm welcome,"he continued directing the last part at the curious class.

"Well of course," said Miss Adams, motioning for them to come forward.

"Good," the principal smiled before turning to leave,"staff meeting at lunch by the way."

"Okay," Miss Adams said, though he was already gone, shutting the door behind him.

One of them, Gwen noticed, was muttering something under his breath, causing his brothers to chuckle quietly.

"Well boys, it's a pleasure to have you here with us, find yourself a seat and we'll continue with the class," said Miss Adams, already turning back to the whiteboard.

Gwen eyed the boys curiously.

They were completely identical, with their short blonde hair and as far as she could see, blue eyes.

They were tall too, both of them, but not lanky and not nearly as tall as Kevin.

They were more like Ben in regards to build - slim in shape, with no bulging muscles like Kevin's.

All in all they were good looking, she had to admit that, and the gazes that most of her female classmates were giving them confirmed that.

Good looking, but no Kevin that was for sure.

They looked around for an empty seat, of which there were five and started making their way towards them.

One of the boys sat down beside Gwen.

She gave him a friendly smile and moved her stuff off his side of the desk.

He nodded at her and pulled a shiny new copybook out of his schoolbag, as well as a pencil.

"Keith right?" Gwen asked, taking a wild guess as she had absolutely no idea who was who.

He shook his head, and smiled briefly.

"Jamie actually."

"Sorry," she said, scrunching her nose up a bit,"you all just look -"

"Identical.I know," he said cutting her off.

"Right.I'm Gwen by the way," she smiled.


Their conversation was cut short by Miss Adams calling for silence.

She gave him one last friendly smile before turning back to her work.

After maths came science and Gwen was a bit surprised that Jamie sat beside her even though there were plenty of empty seats.

It was probably because he doesn't know anyone else, she thought, forgetting for a moment that his brother were in the class too.

Catcalling at them as it happened.

"So what do you think of Bellwood so far?" she asked, while their teacher collected the homework.

"Seems cool," Jamie shrugged.

"It's small but nice," she said, handing her essay to the middle aged science teacher with a smile.

"I guess," he nodded."I don't really know because we haven't really gone anywhere yet - we only moved a week ago, Mum wanted us to start school as soon as possible."

"Well education is pretty important, so I see why she'd want that," Gwen smiled.

"Right," he snorted softly, ending the conversation.

They were given some questions to do and after a couple of minutes of working in silence Gwen noticed Jamie discretely copying down her answers.

She frowned at him and pulled her copy away from his view, continuing with the questions.

When he realised what she had done he scowled darkly but didn't say anything.

At the end of the class she turned and smiled at him, to show that there were no hard feelings but he ignored her and followed his brother out of the class quickly.

Gwen raised an eyebrow and rolled her eyes at the boy but didn't take offence.

He was just being childish and childish was something she was used to.

English passed quickly enough, and without incident though Jamie's brother continued to catcall.

Gwen paid no attention to them, and concentrated instead on finishing her English essay in class as she'd probably have no time later, between chasing DNAliens and just hanging out with Kevin and her immature cousin.

Lunch rolled around pretty quickly and Gwen met up with Emily at the cafeteria entrance, giving her a quick hug before going to get food.

Since her school was quite large Gwen didn't have Emily in all her classes and so she hadn't heard about the triplets that just moved to Bellwood.

Just as Gwen had thought, Emily instantly bombarded her with questions, half of which she had no answer to.

As they made their way towards a free table at the end of cafeteria, someone bashed into Gwen causing her to drop her history notes and lunch, which she had been carrying.

She turned around instantly and was surprised to see Jamie's brother - or maybe Jamie himself standing behind her and smirking.

"Oh my gosh," Emily cried, as she stared at Gwen's ruined lunch and homework.

"Its okay I'm sure it was an accident," Gwen mumbled, while piling the remains of her lunch onto the tray.

"Aren't you going to help her ?" Emily asked pointedly.

"Well it was an accident wasn't it, besides I'm sure she can manage," he said shrugging, not looking apologetic at all.

"It was your fault though - so you have to help her tidy up!" Emily insisted.

"I'll tell Jamie you said hi," he smirked at Gwen before turning and walking in the opposite direction.

"That was so rude!" Emily fumed.

"He was probably just embarrassed," said Gwen, getting up and carrying her the tray towards the bin.

"That's not a good enough excuse Gwen, and you know it."

"Well it doesn't matter now, come on."

Emily pursed her lips unhappily, but followed Gwen.

"You can have some of my lunch," she said as they sat down."I wouldn't eat it all anyway."