God Only Knows

Summary: DI Willow Tyler is called in on her day off to an emergency rescue operation to talk to the kidnapper of Hannah Murray. Given the all clear she examines the supposedly empty building only to be kidnapped by the unknown accomplice. She is ordered in to the car at gun point and a chase begins. The car swerves off the road and crashes. When Willow wakes up she finds herself in 1984 the world of Gene Hunt. Maybe her husband Sam Tyler and her sister Alex Drake were not so crazy after all. She must fight to get back to the future to see her children or will Gene Hunt prove to be a reason to stay…?

Disclaimer: I don't own Ashes to Ashes or Life on Mars.

Authors note: Hey, this is my first fanfiction! This story is set after series 2 and before series 3 where Alex has figured out she was dead. Like Sam she disappeared having accepted her death and moved on. The story is set 4 months after Alex disappeared and the year this story is set in is 1984. Sorry if there are any punctuation and spelling mistakes. Read and enjoy – Historykeeper



Willow walked quickly towards the grey building of the metropolitan police with a huge grin plastered on her face. She pulled her short black jacket tighter around her as she came closer to the building where her husband worked as DCI. Willow had just finished up on a case they were working on in her CID. She was 3 weeks pregnant and she was about to break the news to her husband, Sam Tyler. She jogged on the last few paces till she saw a figure falling from the roof. She froze in horror as the figure slammed violently to the ground. Fear consumed her mind as she took one step forward towards the two people who had run to the lifeless body. Her body wouldn't respond until a man began to dial 999. Willow ran as fast as her legs would carry her. Sam lay on the ground, blood oozing out of his head. He was lying flat on his back; arms and legs sprawled out beside him. A cry of sheer terror ripped through Willows body as she fell beside his body and shook him.

"Sam please wake up…Sam…SAM!" she screamed.

Tears were blurring her vision as they escaped down her cheeks hitting Sam's pale face. She moved his head on to her lap as her forehead went down to touch his as she rocked back and forth. She kissed his lifeless lips in the sheer hope this was a nightmare and she was going to wake up finding Sam alive. This wasn't fair she had just gotten him back from a coma now he was dead. She chanted his name over and over. The sounds of sirens could be heard nearby as a crowd of people gathered around Sam with a sobbing Willow by his side.

Willow stood by his hospital bed as the doctors were trying everything they could to revive him but it was futile.

"It's no good; he's slipping away from us. Sam?" the doctor announced.

The monitor measuring his heart beat slowed down till a monotone beeping filled the room. Willow was waiting outside praying he would be alright. She paced back and forth playing with her wedding ring on her finger. The doctor stepped out with a sombre expression on his face.

"I am so sorry there was nothing we could do," he apologised sincerely.

"Oh god," Willow cried, before collapsing in to the doctors arms.

She would have to tell the children who were at school. Her heart was already breaking as she was taken to a room with a nurse who informed her that the school had been notified and her children were on their way to the hospital. Twenty minutes passed slowly by as an awkward silence rolled in.

"I don't know how to tell them," Willow mumbled hopelessly.

The door opened slowly and a young girl emerged accompanied by a little boy and a tall man in a grey suit.

"He's really gone," she stated to no one in particular.

The younger girl stepped forward grabbing Willows attention as her head shot up. She stood up and before she could answer the girl spoke "Mum, its dad isn't it? He's dead…"


"Yeah whatever, that is so lame! Uncle Sam was making it up!" cried Molly.

Molly flung her uncle's file on the back seat of the car before her mum looked at her in disapproval.

"Yeah, return the classified document thank you! What did Evan get you for your birthday Molls?" asked Alex after scolding her daughter.

"A blackberry," she replied simply.

"Oh yeah, I'll get you some more when you're at school so we can make a blackberry crumble!" teased Alex.

Molly laughed as Alex returned her gaze to the road ahead before asking "Did your dad manage to come?"

"No, he's in Canada with Judy," Molly answered back not sounding too bothered.

Alex shied in disapproval before pulling a face as Molly turned towards the window scanning the view.

"So uncle Sam," began Molly.

Alex shied knowing where the conversation would be going. A barrel of questions were heading way about her sister's husband who had died in April last year.

"Mum answer me honestly please. Was he a schizophrenic or delusional and is he going in the book?" asked Molly making inverted commas.

"Oh Molls, Uncle Sam will be getting a whole book to himself," said Alex.

"Was he mad mum? Is that why he did it?" asked Molly biting her lip nervously.

"No Molls he wasn't he was just unhappy that's why he did it," replied Alex with a sad smile.

Alex's thoughts moved to her sister who was still as heartbroken as the day she saw her husband commit suicide from the police building. They were interrupted by the radio as Alex was informed she was needed. The car sped up and Sam Tyler's case files were thrown everywhere. Molly looked over at the front page which said 'prolonged deep coma'. Her eyes studied the photo of her uncle with a single word stamped over it. Suicide.

Later 2008

The rain poured down around the funeral attendants as the priest said his final words. The grand oak coffin was lowered into the ground. A group of people, armed with umbrellas, soon began to shuffle into the church as the rain came down harder. Willow was crying silently watching the group of children clinging on to her. Her eyes scanned the crowd meeting Evan's gaze for a moment before they travelled to Molly's grandparents who were wrapped tightly in an embrace. Then her gaze fell to Pete and his fiancée Judy. Willow's jaw clenched at the sight of her, the reason for Alex and Pete's divorce. She had nerve to show up here. Molly clung on to her aunt tighter as a new flood of tears spilled from her broken heart. Willow's son, Jack, was on her other side his hand placed firmly in hers. Willow's eldest daughter, Skye, stood next to Molly as she was hugging her from the back as she knew all too well the pain of losing a parent. Willow's youngest daughter, Karen, was in Evan's arms. Her head was on his shoulder as she was half awake half asleep unaware of what was going on around her. Willow stood there for a few moments comforting Molly before Pete came up to her.

"I'll be taking custody of Molly she will be coming to Canada with me later," he announced fatly.

The shock of what he had just said sank in and she pulled Molly to her side tightly. Her gaze held Pete's firmly before she mustered her voice.

"How dare you Pete. How bloody dare you! You don't care for Molly and you didn't care for Alex. You will never ever have custody of her," she snarled before walking towards Evan.

Molly reluctantly pulled away from her aunt and glanced towards Evan who held out a free arm for her. Skye glanced towards her mum before receiving a small nod from her to follow and she would be shortly behind her. Evan went in with Molly by his side and the two year old now asleep on his shoulder. Willow pulled her son from the ground and picked him up. She turned towards the grave. Beside Alex where her parents grave and on Alex's other side was Sam's grave. Willow shied sadly considering what Alex had confided to her months before about going back in time to 1981. Her husband had said the same and had talked of a whole different world. Willow kissed Jack's forehead and then looked back to her sister's grave.


Alex Drake

1973 - 2008

She will be remembered

by all who knew her

Mother, daughter and sister

Forever in our hearts

Willow shook her head as she thought she saw the dates change to 1946 - 1983. She then turned to go to the church before whispering "I love you Alex. Me, you always a team…always…"