God only Knows

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Chapter 4: Waking up and Remembering

Awaking for the second time that day Willow's eyes opened to new settings. She held her breath as she waited for her eyes to focus, hoping that she was back home in a hospital bed with her children there and she could return to her normal life. But as her vision became less blurry she was met with a plain bedroom that had a large mahogany wardrobe with a mirror in the middle, a desk with a little wooden chair, a bedside cabinet with a beige telephone sitting on top next to a green lamp and a hook at the back of the white door. The walls were painted a light shade of blue with one window at the side of the room with a view of the garden. There was nothing personal in the room apart from a painting of a 1700's British naval ship in mid battle. Willow pulled herself up and looked down, she was wearing a pair of leggings and a large T-Shirt. Her hand quickly moved to her head that was fully bandaged and her auburn curls pulled back in to a loose pony tail. Her face turned a bright shade of scarlet as the image of Gene Hunt undressing her appeared in her mind. She wondered where she was as she stood up and walked to the door self-consciously touching her waste where her gun would usually be. She pressed her ear to the door suspiciously. Reaching our her hand she clasped the handle and she opened the door steadily as if she was expecting Samuel standing on the other side. But she was greeted with a plain landing and six other white doors. Willow stepped out and walked down the stairs and froze as she heard noises coming from the TV, it was BBC news 6:00 o'clock.

"Welcome t' the merry land of the livin Marple," boomed Gene from behind.

Willow jumped and span around before finding her voice "How long have I been out?"

"Bout two days," explained Gene.

"Where am I?" asked Willow.

"My 'ouse but don't get any funny ideas in that pretty little head of yours Marple it's only till yer get yer memory back," exclaimed Gene pouting slightly.

"My memory?" Willow pondered.

"Doctors said that yer sufferin from amnesia"

"Amnesia? How can that be I just got here? Anyway what about the case?" asked Willow curiously.

"Turns out you weren't the only one who saw 'im," explained Gene.

Willow looked at the man standing in front of her and took in his full profile, he was wearing jeans and a Manchester united football t-shirt. Willow looked at the calendar on the side and saw that the day was Wednesday 18th.

"I trust you'll be in work bright an' early tomorrow morning," said Gene moving back into the living room.

Willow moved in the room looking at the TV remembering what Sam had told her about people reaching him from the real world. Gene sat down and flicked channels as Willow looked on the mantel piece, her eyes locked on to one of photos which showed a younger Gene Hunt next to Sam in a pub. Her heart swelled as she saw the first sign of evidence that Sam was in fact hear. But the question was where? Sam was smiling and looked quite content, no signs of the desperation of fighting to get home.

"1975 good year," commented Gene.

Willow tore her gaze from the photo and focused on Gene's face as he remembered the moment the photo had been taken. Frowning she wondered what had gone on when Sam had returned after he had jumped. Willow felt tears burning in her eyes before she turned to the TV and saw Betty Keels knocking from inside the TV.