WHAT'S UP PEPS?! Welcome to the long awaited Sequal to Alexis: Draculina Princess. Now as I stated before, this takes place after the manga. The only difference is that Seras didn't lose her arm when she became a full-fledged vampire and Alucard didn't disappear. I would also like to add that Seras didn't like Pip in a lover way. Only as a friend.

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Title: Seras:Wallachian Queen
Author: Sabby
Rating:M (for later chapters)
Pairing: AlucardxSeras
Disclaimer: I don't own Hellsing. (If I did, Seras would really be Alucard's queen :3.) It belongs to Kouta Hirano and licensed by Geneon, Madman Entertainment, Manga Entertainment, and Funimation. Please support the official realese. You protestant fuckbucket. (- Line from Hellsing Abridged episode 2. I had to say that XD)

Now onto chapter 1!

"Alexis . . ." Seras' saddened voice echoed throughout her bedroom. The stone walls bounced off the sound waves of her voice so she could hear her echoing sadness. It's been over thirty years since peace had come to future Romania and her daughter stayed home with her real parents. Her future self. The future queen of Romania didn't only seem more powerful, but more . . . strict.

In her hands, she held a small blue instrument. However looking at it only made her think about the past. She recalled sitting with the queen by the huge tree in the castle courtyard under the full moon. The queen seemed to be sorrowful about something, but what was it? Seras let out a small sigh.

"My road to becoming queen was not an easy path. Once you understand him, then the true path will open for you." Those words drifted in her mind for the last thirty years. It would always piss her off when she couldn't figure out what the queen meant.

"What the hell did you mean?!"

"Seras, are you going insane? Talking to yourself is the first sign of insanity." She brought her attention to the source of the voice. She gazed her red hues up to see her master leaning on the doorframe. His arms were crossed over his chest as his red jacket was wrinkled lightly. His red hues held mockery in them as he stared at her. The grin on his face was more evidence towards his mockery, though.

She shook her head slightly. "No I'm fine Master."

"How many times have I told you to call me Alucard?" His tone, from what she could tell, was disappointed.

"It's all I know you as, Master. Just because I'm no longer your fledgling doesn't mean that I can't still respect you."

"So you don't wish to be my equal?" That one question made her widen her eyes. He didn't see her as her equal? She had drank his blood for that reason! She looked away from his face. She needed to look at something besides his face. He sneered at her actions before turning his back towards her. "Now is not the time for an argument. We need to get ready for our departure."

"What do you mean 'Departure'?" She asked, looking back up at his back.

"We are going to Romania. Integra is finally dead so I have my name back."

"Don't remind me." Seras sourly stated as her facial expression turned into a sad one. She recalled the memory of Integra on her deathbed. The Hellsing Heiress actually looked peaceful for the first time after saying goodbye to Alexis. After the small vampire stayed home, Integra was always in a bad mood and she never smiled. Integra asked Seras if she would stay and lead the Hellsing Organization. Seras refused the request since she had decided to follow her master back to his home country.

"Take good care of him then." Those words would be her last as she uttered them from her breath. Though the atmosphere around her was sorrow, she still held a smile on her dying face. Seras closed her eyes as the memory faded from her mind and she was set back into realty.

"Yes Master." Her voice was clear as she looked back up into his red gaze. He smiled somewhat sweetly at her before pulling her into a hug. She let out a small squeak as her body came in contact with his. She felt his warmth hug her body tightly. Her reply was to hug him back, resting her head on his chest. It's been over thirty years that Alucard had shown her this kind of affection. When they returned from the future, he told her that they're relationship would wait until she became a full-fledged vampire. Even when she accomplished her goal, he still was distant from her. It made her question that if it was only lust he held when Alexis was around. The thought made blood go from her eyes. Was their future ruined?

The plane ride to Romania was tense. Here she was, sitting on the window side of the row, gazing out at the beautiful scene of the earth that the plane was passing in the moonlight. The ocarina in her hands was shining brightly from the light above her. Alucard was on her left, staring off into space. She gazed her red eyes at his face, looking uninterested about anything. Perhaps, she could ask a few questions to make the trip more bearable for him.

"Master" He looked over at her. "Can I ask you something?"

"What?" His tone had a growl in it, letting Seras know that he wasn't in a good mood.

"I was wondering if you can turn someone into a vampire if they drank your blood, instead of the other way around." She saw him his arch his eyebrow slightly. He looked away from her for a moment, thinking on how to reply to it.

"It's possible. They must at least drink a pint of your blood. If you give the human a few drops of your blood then it will take longer for the vampiric effects to kick in."

"Can it work for someone who is not a virgin?"

"Hmm . . ." He pressed his hand to his mouth, deep into thought. "I believe it could. As long you don't actually consume blood from said human, then there is a possibility for them to turn into a vampire."

"One more question . . ." Her face blushed when she thought of the question, making Alucard arch his eyebrow. "Is there anything about male vampires that makes females go crazy over them?"

Alucard started laughing so loudly that it caused the other passengers to look at them. She glared furiously at him, forgetting about the blush on her face. "Oh God Seras! Of all questions!"

"Shut up and just tell me an answer!"

Alucard wiped the blood coming from his eyes. He managed to keep it well hidden from the humans around him before clearing his throat. "From what I have been told by other females, it's usually the male's power, strength and scent that drive them to lust."

He smirked. "Naturally, but most of the time, males look at females as extra blood. What I would like in a mate is a unique kind of female."

Before Seras could ask another question, there was a loud beep in the over speaker about her. "Attention passengers. We are about twenty minutes from landing in Bungalow Balea Transfagarasan." With a loud click, the other passengers on the plane began to mutter loudly. Seras let out a sigh before gazing back out the window; it was going to be hell once they land. Why?

Twenty minutes passed quicker than she had imagined, and already she was outside with her master. However, it took them FOREVER to get outside! With all the flight attends and the other passengers pushing and shoving, she was shocked that Alucard didn't get out his Jackal and start shooting everyone! She felt the cool night air tickle her skin as she looked at the scene behind the airport. Mountains surrounded the small area, defending the small area from any known danger. She was so far deep into nature's trance that she didn't notice a young woman come up to her master.

The young woman curtsied to Alucard before looking up at his red hues with her own. Her red hair blew softly when the wind came in contact with her. Alucard looked at her as he gave a curt nod to her. "Cum este ţara mea de origine, Marie?" How is my home country, Marie? He spoke in his native language after so many years. The woman named Marie smiled proudly.

"Ea este bine, regele meu. Cu toate acestea... Ea va reveni la măreţia după ce reveniţi la tronul tau." She is fine, my King. However ... She will return to greatness after you return to the throne. Her reply was sincere to Alucard. He let out a small chuckle before turning his head to Seras, who was still gazing at nature.

"Seras" She turned her head before running over to her master. "I want you to meet Marie. She is a servant of mine who has been with me for many years. She is the only one to survive as my other servants were killed by Van Hellsing."

Marie curtsied to Seras. "Bine ati venit la România. Cum te simţi astăzi?" Welcome to Romania. How do you feel today?

Seras nodded her head at the girl. "Sunt bine. Vă mulţumesc. Numele meu este Seras" I'm fine. Thank you. My name is Seras. She spoke easily in Romanian, shocking Alucard and Marie. Their eyes were wide as a proof to the shock.

"Where in god's name did you learn to speak Romanian, Seras?" Alucard asked, confusion present in his tone. Seras looked at him with a surprised look.

"I think it came to me when we left the future thirty years ago. My future self-poked me on the head and she said it would come in handy. I didn't realize this is what she's talking about." She pressed her fingers to her forehead as she recalled the memory. She looked at Marie's face to see she was looking at her with a confused look. Marie probably doesn't know English. She took her wrist before biting into it. She felt her blood flow out of the wrist and she held it out to Marie.

"Bea sângele meu. Veţi putea să înveţe limba engleză." Drink my blood. You will be able to learn English. She told Marie as she held it closer to Marie's mouth. The young maid did as she was told, grabbing the wrist and consuming the blood offered to her. She only took a couple gulps before pulling away from Seras, not wanting to go into blood lust. Her red eyes closed as she allowed the new knowledge begin to take place in her mind.

"Marie . . ." Her name was being called out by Seras. "Can you understand me?"

The maid blinked a few times before she realized that Seras wasn't speaking in Romanian. She was speaking in English. She opened her mouth to reply. "Yes." Her accent was very thick, but she could pronounce the word clearly. She giggled happily at the fact she knew another language. "Thank you so much, Lady Seras."

"You're welcome."

"Can we just get to the castle?!" The gruff voice behind the girls made them jolt slightly. They turned to see a pissed Alucard. Marie turned towards the building that was standing behind the elder vampire. Standing outside of it was a BLUE Mercedes.

"Our ride is this way." She pointed towards the car. Seras thought it was cute, but Alucard was displeased. His displeasure didn't go unnoticed by Marie. "Forgive me my king. We were going to use a limo, but it broke down a week ago so we had to arrange this blue Mercedes for transportation. I'm deeply sorry." She finished with a curtsey.

"I allow it this time. However, if this mistake happens again, then you'll find yourself in front of my castle on a stake" His tone was menacing, sending chills down Marie's and Seras' spines. He walked ahead of them, wanting to get to his castle quickly. He spent long enough away from it and he was not going wait another damn minute.

Seras rolled her eyes when she followed behind Alucard. Even after so many centuries, he still liked to impale others. Marie was by her side with a scared look on her face.

Once arriving at the car, Marie had opened the trunk before putting in the luggage. Alucard and Seras had already slipped themselves in the back seat. Alucard was on the driver's side (the left side) while Seras was on the other. Marie got in the driver's seat as she started up the car.

"Marie" The maid looked back at Alucard. "Make sure you send someone to retrieve my coffin."

"Yes, my king" She replied, driving away from the airport and starting the journey to Alucard's castle.

"So why are you still alive while the other servants are dead?" Seras' voice ceased the silence that was created in the cab. Marie looked at Seras' reflection out of the rear view mirror.

"Well at the time when the Count was /interested/ in Mina Harker, he and the other servants moved to London so his persuasion would be more successful. I stayed behind to tend to the castle until his return. However, it took him a very long time to return." Marie's tone actually sounded sad.

Seras growled lightly, going unnoticed by her companions, at the thought of Mina Harker. She couldn't imagine her master being . . . polite to another woman he didn't know well. Hell! There have been times she actually got jealous of Integra! She adored the former Hellsing master, but she felt . . . alone when they had a close relationship moment. She was confused. She wanted her master to be happy, but at the same time, she wanted to be by his side. However; she didn't think it was going to happen anytime soon. She knew that they end up together but she didn't want to make the wrong choice to jeopardize their future.

After Alexis stayed home, he's never been the same. He had grown more strict and distant towards Seras, making her confused about his feelings for her. The grin he used to keep on his face was replaced by a serious frown, the grin never to be shown again in her presence.

She moved her head to the left, looking out the window to gaze the starry sky. She would admit that Romania was beautiful country during the summer blinked her red eyes to activate her 'third eye', allowing her advanced collect the little detail of the scene from the small grass to the tallest tree. Before she could think, however, they were already in front of a familiar pathway. 'Wow, good thing we left at 11. My bottom hurts from the four hour plane ride, but it was worth it. Seeing Romania under the moonlight is actually more breathtaking than if she saw it under the sunlight.

She opened the door and slid out of the car once it stopped. Her gaze followed the path until it led to a gigantic white castle. She continued to stare in awe, ignoring the other car door slam and footsteps come closer behind her.

"Beautiful, isn't it?" Marie's voice came from behind, walking to Seras' left.

"Yes. It's hard to believe that it survived all these years." Seras commented lightly. She heard a snort coming from her right. Pouting, she looked over at Alucard. "Master, don't be so mean! I was just admiring the beauty of the castle!"

"Tsk. There's nothing special about it. It looks the same from even when I was alive." His comment made her heart ache slightly. Even if she was admiring the Dracula's Castle, he was still rude to her.

"Um . . . let's go inside!" Marie suggested, trying to break up the tension in the atmosphere. "I'll have the bags sent up once you two get settled."

"Don't be late with my luggage" Alucard grumbled before disappearing from sight, leaving the two females behind. Seras just blinked at the spot he was standing and lightly sighed.

"Don't mind him so much. He's always been like this in his home country." Marie lightly commented as she put her hand on Seras' left shoulder. Seras let out a small sigh, looking back up at the castle.

"I've spent thirty years with him. I would honestly think that I would understand him at little, but lately, it's like I don't know him at all." Seras started to make her way up the path to the castle. Marie stood there and watched the young woman walk ahead of her. She felt pity for Seras on how she was treated by him.

"Excuse me, my lady!" Seras stopped in her tracks and turned back to the maid. Marie ran up to catch with Seras. 'Damn! She can walk fast.'

"What is it Marie?"

"Oh! Um . . . "She blushed lightly. "I'm sorry but I had forgotten your name. I'm not really good at remembering names."

"Seras." Marie nodded at the mention of the name, drilling it into her mind.

"Shall we go?" The maid's reply was Seras continuing to walk the path.

The path went on for a good while, taking the vampires in circles. Again, the atmosphere around them was silent. Marie was not normally a silent person, but there was something about Seras that made her somewhat afraid. In a way, Seras reminded her of the king. She did want to know much about the stranger though.

"If you want to know then ask." Seras' voice made the young maid jolt in shock. Did Seras just read her mind? "Yes." Seras replied.

"How can you read my mind?"

"You drank my blood. So in a small way we are connected." The Draculina smiled at her companion, who in turn, smiled back. "So Marie, how long have you been a vampire?"

"For about 4 centuries. My native country is Romania so I have never traveled out of the country."

"That's amazing." She looked up to see they were very close to the entrance. "You know that we could have flown up to the entrance, right?"

"Excuse me for say this, but I honestly don't see the point of flying. There's nothing wrong with taking a small walk, getting to know one another" Marie replied with a grin. Seras rolled her eyes playfully.

Once arriving at the entrance, the doors were already opened for them. Seras scanned the castle's interior and realized it looked exactly the same as it did in the future. The grand staircase was in middle of the huge lobby that was packed with nobles. There were identical two doors at each side of the lower level of the staircase. On the top level, right in front of the staircase, were two huge closed doors. That undoubtedly lead to the throne room. The wall design however was much different than what she remembered. Instead of red and gold, it was silver and white.

"It looks like we're late for the welcome party." Marie's voice made Seras jolt slightly.

"It appears so. Is it alright if I go see Master?"

Marie came forward to examine Seras' comfortable summer dress. The color of the dress matched her eyes, traveling down to her knees. Her shoes were simple red heels, matching perfectly with the dress. She did look presentable. "I don't see why not. " She replied, shrugging her shoulders.

Seras made her way up the staircase, by passing the nobles that stood in her way. Marie was behind her, accompanying Seras as much as she could. With each step up the stairs, Seras' mind wondered on how she could possibly help her master rule. Her first task was to find out why he is acting the way he is.

She slightly opened the huge silver double doors (once getting to them) and was greeted by the sound of a meeting.

"What's going on Lady Seras?" Marie whispered as she caught up.

"I think he's in a meeting. I shouldn't disturb him now." She replied, getting ready to close the door, but was stopped by a hand.

"You're the king's fledging. You have more power than most DESERVE to be close to him and know what's going on." Marie's words put courage into her heart. She nodded lightly before letting her body image go invisible. She stepped literally through the door and stayed in the back to eaves drop, mainly because she couldn't see anything in front of her.

"Este minunat să ai spate, Majestate." It's wonderful to have you back, your majesty. Seras heard a deep gruff voice say. The voice sounded old but not too old.

"Este minunat să fie înapoi." It's nice to be back. Alucard replied. "Mi sa spus de Marie că ţara a făcut bine în timpul absenţei mele." I was told by Marie that the country did well during my absence.

"Da, domnule." Yes sir. The same voice replied. "Înainte de a discuta statutul de ţară, descriem starea dvs." Before we discuss the country's status, we must discuss your status.

"Ce dracu vrei sa spui?" What the hell do you mean? Alucard loudly growled out at the council.

"Ai fi fost plecat peste un secol. Cele mai multe dintre boierii nu veţi serios deoarece vederi s-au schimbat în secol. Cea mai bună soluţie pentru această problemă ar fi să ia o regină, domnule." You have been gone for over a century. Most of the wealthy won't seriously won't support you as they did in the past. The best solution to this problem would be to take a Queen, Sir. Another male voice interjected into the conversation. His voice was a tenor young voice. He sounded around the age of 18.

Seras heard Alucard sigh slowly, but loudly. "Am... a se vedea punctul dumneavoastră." I . . . see your point.

"Am auzit că ai ajuns cu o femeie. Ea este colega, domnule?" I heard you arrived with a female. Is she your mate, sir? The older voice asked politely.

"Nu" No. Alucard paused for a second. "Ea este mea fledging." She is my fledging.

"înţeleg. În ciuda de a sta de partea ta, face ea înţelege poziţia dumneavoastră, acum, că le-aţi returnat." I understand. In spite of staying by your side, make SURE that she understands your position, now that you have returned. The younger voice asked this time.

There was a long pause after the question was giving. What was taking Alucard so long to answer? Seras was dying of excitement.

"Ea înţelege poziţia mea ca rege." She understands my position as king. His voice echo throughout the huge room. "Cu toate acestea... Ea nu înţelege-mă ca o persoana, sau mai degrabă un monstru. Ei consideră inapt pentru a conduce. Nu aş chiar lua ei ca Regina mea. Pentru cât timp am petrecut timp cu ea, ea a fost nimic, dar dezamăgire" However ... She does not understand me as a king though. For all of you to think that she is my mate is the most ridiculous thing I've heard in decades. For how long I spent time with her, she has been nothing but disappointment. His words rang throughout her mind. Is this what he really thinks of her?!

Not wanting to hear anymore, she ran out of the room, or rather, the wall. She felt the blood escape from her eyes. Marie stood outside waiting for Seras patiently. She was dying of excitement to find out the news. She saw Seras appear out of the wall a few meters from the left door. She opened her mouth to speak, but her eyes widened when she watched Seras turn her back towards her and run in the hallway. The maid began to panic, this isn't good.

The pounding of her running feet echoed through the hallway. Small blood spatters followed behind her, nearly missing her dress as it escaped from her face. Goddamn Alucard! She should have known that he was just disappointed in her.

To her right, she opened a random wooden door and slammed it shut. She turned and pressed her warm skin on the cold surface, panting lightly. Her hand went to her mouth, laboring her breath for sobs to come out. Her bent arm felt the ocarina press against it. She looked down at it. Her sorrowful eyes turned to ones of rage. Ripping the rope from around her neck, she clutched the ocarina in her hand tightly.

"You fucking bitch! It's your fault that my life is now hell! How am I supposed to understand him if I'm a disappointment to him?!" She screamed loudly at the instrument, but in her mind, it was her future self. She threw the ocarina hard, watching it smash into small pieces. She panted lightly, releasing her anger slowly.

The small pieces of the ocarina began to levitate off the ground, glowing brightly as they flew. They slowly came together in the middle, morphing into a giant sphere. The blue light didn't last as the sphere began to morph into a shape. The shape started out grotesque, but as seconds went on, it morphed into a familiar figure. The figure turned out to be Alucard's true self, Vlad. He had a mist like cloud around him. He looked more like a ghost than an image. A blue, mist ghost.

She looked into his eyes as she stepped closer to him, step by step. She watched the figure hold out his hands towards her. She mimicked his actions, holding her own hand towards his. The more closer she got towards him, the more she felt her stomach panic more. There was something odd about this, but she didn't care.

The door opened to reveal Alucard. He stood there shocked as he watched the scene. Originally, he had come into the room to talk to her about eavesdropping. He was only looking at her, not even glancing who the image was of. "Seras!"

Her master's voice caused Seras to come back to reality and look at him. In that spit second, she felt her hand be grabbed. The figure had disappeared, leaving a blue light in her hand. She looked down and watched the sphere move across her body, landing on her chest. Even before she could blink, her chest began to dissolve, the disseverment slowly moving across her body.

She was panicking at the sight of her body disappearing. "Master, what's happening?" She looked over to him. Her upper torso was already gone, leaving her head and legs still left to be dissolved. Alucard stood there in shock. Never in a thousand years did he even think that this would happen.

"I . . . I don't know." His answer was heartfelt. He felt his own being well up at the sight of his former fledging disappearing right before his eyes. She looked at him with sad eyes, no longer feeling her body there. Her legs were gone and the left side of her face began to dissolve.

"I'm sorry Master. This is goodbye" Her last words to him as she dissolved into air, leaving a stunned Alucard behind.

Alucard looked at the spot where Seras disappeared. She was . . . gone? He growled lowly before punching the wall to his left. "SERAS!" The great No-Life King had watched everything he loved disappear right before his eyes again.


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