HI EVERYBODY! GUESS WHO IS BACK! I present the WHOLE chapter 3 for Seras: Wallachian Queen.

"Is she going to be okay?" Voices. She heard voices whispering near her.

"I believe so. Her wounds have healed well enough. She should be in good health." Another voice whispered. Both voices sound very close and familiar to her. Her voice let out a small groan as she opened her eyes.

Her sight was greeted by the stone ceiling that was above her bed in the servant's quarters. The visibility of it was dim because of the darkness. The only light source that was in the room was coming from a small candle on a small table that was on her right.

"Look Luna! She awakens!" One of the older voices shouted in excitement. Seras looked at the source of the voice. She recognized the elderly woman as Lena. She and her twin sister Luna were both elderly maids that served Vlad's father. Both were identical twins you couldn't be able to tell them apart if it wasn't for their hair style. Lena's hair was past her waist while Luna's hair was tied up in a neat braid. For the short time that she was there, they had taught everything she knew about surviving in the 15 Century.

"Lena . . . . Luna . . . "Seras whispered out meekly. She felt weak for the first time in a while. Well . . . being stabbed in the stomach and not being able to consume the blood that wasn't far from her reach was taking its toll on her health. The maids walked forward to her bedside. Lena was on her right while Luna was on her left.

"We are happy that you have awakened dear. Everyone has been so worried." Lena whispered lightly, putting her wrinkled hand on the young blonde's face. Seras smiled lightly at the affection from the elder maid.

"My dear, do you recall the last time you were conscious?" Luna asked in a sweet, hushed tone. Seras looked at the twin, resting her cheek on the pillow. Just bringing the memory up is extremely painful. The look on Vlad's face, the laughter from the guards surrounding them . . . all of it was too painful to re-watch.

"Yes" Seras meekly replied.

"Do you recall how you got severely injured?" Lena asked.

"I was stabbed in my stomach by a Turk when I went looking for Master Vlad." She replied as she closed her eyes. She could try to sit up, but the pain emulating from her stomach made her think otherwise. "How long was I asleep?"

Both maids looked at each other before answering in unison. "A week"

Seras' eyes opened slowly, not really shocked that she was asleep for that long. However, she thought for sure that they would have buried her.

"Under normal circumstances, when you were found the way you were, we would have pronounced you dead and then would have to bury you. However, you were still breathing. While you were resting, your wound was healing fast. We praised the lord that he had helped you survive. It's a true miracle." Luna explained as Lena giggled. Seras smiled at the both of them. They always know how to cheer her up.

"Now you get some more rest dear. You wound will heal more with the more rest you obtain." Seras nodded and rolled her eyes in relief. The two maids left Seras side and left her alone while chatting amongst themselves.

It was awhile later before Seras reopened her eyes. Instead of noise, there was a burning pain in her throat. Her small hand encircled her throat. The burn was much more intense than in the past month she had been here. The only thing on her mind was feeling of warm blood coursing down her mouth. However, thanks to her injury, she can't go anywhere. She really didn't want to send Argos. The poor hellhound needed some rest, but she had no choice in the matter. The candle was still burning so she could see some light.

She closed her eyes and allowed her shadow to span out of its normal shape and into a fire-like shape. She looked to her left, only to be greeted with the sight of another pair of red eyes. She grinned lightly as Argos stepped into the light. He gave out a small growl to his master as he appeared before her.

"Go and collect blood. I apologize for using you like this but it seems that I have no choice for as long as we're here. Forgive me."

"It's alright my master. I am nothing but a tool for you to use." The deep voice held a growling tone in it. The dog then circled around the bed before heading for the door.

"You are a companion. I trust no one more than you, Argos."

"It pleases me to hear that, my lady. I shall have us feeling replenished in little time" With that said, he ran out of the room, right through the door. Seras smiled lightly. All she had to do is wait for him.

It was not even five minutes that she began to feel the burn to diminish. She preferred to consume blood through the mouth, but she did what she had to do to keep her sanity. With the burning gone, she slowly sat up, sighing in relief that there was no longer pain. It felt nice not being in pain.

Argos teleported back into the room and walked over by his master's side. She smiled at him before petting him lightly on the head. "You did well as usual Argos. I will most likely call you again in the future. Thank you." She whispered lightly at him.

"I shall wait for the call, my lady." Argos said before he was engulfed in her shadows. Seras let out a small chuckle before laying her head back on the pillow, hoping of getting more peaceful sleep.

A loud knock on the door interrupted Seras' sleep once again. She opened her eyes with a groan before sitting up slowly. "Come in." Her voice was groggy as she made herself more presentable. The door opened slowly to reveal her master's father, causing her to panic slightly. "My Prince! I-"She shut her mouth when he held his right palm up to stop her.

"How do you ail, Serena?" His voice was sincere. She looked into his eyes to see that he indeed was concerned, causing her to smile at him.

"My health is normal but tired, your highness." She replied, watching the prince let out a small sigh of relief.

"Very good to hear." The prince chuckled at the girl. Seras watched him carefully. The prince's face may have a smile on him, but his voice sounded . . . sad.

"Are you-"

"Serena . . ." Seras shut her mouth as he looked at her, his smile wiped off his face. He came over and sat down on the side of the bed, looking at the ground. "You went so far . . . just to save him. Why?"

Seras stayed silent for a moment. "He is . . . my master. He means everything to me." Memories of young Vlad and Alucard ran through her mind. The prince looked up at her.

"Do you feel lost now that he is gone?"

" . . . "

"I see." He inhaled sharply as he straightened his back, ready to confess the truth. "You may blame me, if you wish." Seras blinked at him, confused. "You see . . . Vlad and Radu were taken by the Turk Sultan for the reason of me not paying tribute towards him. I knew that he was planning something against me, but I never thought he would take my own sons."

"Turk? Do you mean the Ottoman Empire?"

"Yes. He supported me to reclaim my throne a few years ago. If he supported me, then I must pay tribute to him once a year. However, he demanded more tribute than normal. This angered me so I refused to pay. Serena, now that you know the truth, do you blame me?"

Seras gazed her eyes down at her blanket covered legs. She was silent for a good while before she whispered. "No."


She looked back up at the prince. "No. My anger and sadness is not towards you. What saddens me though is that my master is not here with me. I promised to stay by his side and I can't fulfill it if he is not here. Also. . . I hope that I will get to see him again." Her eyes narrowed. "However; my anger is taken towards the prince since he has taken my master away from me."

The prince looked at the girl, shocked. This young girl was nearly killed just to try and save his son and the only thing on her mind is a childish promise? The realization of the situation made the prince smile. "I understand now."


"Vlad told me that he promised to marry you someday. I thought it was childish that he would promise that to a girl that he had only known for about a month." Seras looked down sadly, ashamed that the prince was saying this to her. "However, I finally understand why he did it though. You put others before yourself. You do others' wills before your own, even if you are against their will. That one single trait is most likely why Vlad trusts you more than anyone."

Seras looked up at the prince with a blush. She heard him chuckle at her lightly. He reached into his shirt before pulling out the small locket Vlad had given her. She gasped lightly as she took it from him. How could she not this whole time had she noticed that she wearing the locket? Seras stared down at it, watching it glimmer in the small candle light.

"It was I who found you on the ground; the green grass had turned to blood red. You were breathing heavily, but it was a miracle that you were still alive."

'You don't know the half of it' Seras' thought to herself. However, the second that the thought vanished, memories of Vlad came rushing into her mind. His cold, gentle gaze looked right straight at her while she smiled around him. Vlad wasn't the only one going through her mind, but Alucard as well. The usual grin on his face, his piercing red eyes, and his egoistic laugh, Seras couldn't deny anymore that she missed Alucard greatly. Her breath labored as though she would begin to cry.

The prince put his hand on her head gently and soothes her lightly by petting her head. She looked up at him innocently. She gasped lightly. Instead of seeing Vlad's father, she saw Alucard himself in his true form, holding proud smile on his face. He smiled at her for becoming a full-fledged vampire. She whimpered sadly before she scoots over and gives the prince a hug, resting her head on his chest. The prince is indeed shocked by this action, but he grants her a small hug nonetheless.

Seras squeezed him tightly but not too tightly. The prince's scent is close to Vlad's but only slightly different.

"Thank you for all that you have done for Vlad. You arrived only so many moons ago, but you already have put light into his heart." The prince spoke softly. Seras' eyes saddened.

'He won't be the same next time I see him.'

"I must do what I can to make sure that you are safe, and for that reason, you must leave Wallachia." Seras looked back up at the prince. Her eyes held shock, confusion, and pain. "Please do not think I'll of me Serena. The Turks could attack any day now and I cannot risk your life. I am sending you to hungry in the custody of John Hunyadi. You shall serve as a vessel for him." The prince's tone sounded sorrowful, but it somehow was forced.

"If that is what you wish my prince."

A week went by quickly for Seras. The prince believed that she was still recovering from her injuries so she was excused from any chores that the other maids had. She basically lay in bed all week, which bored the hell out of her.

Lena and Luna would visit her early in the morning, and late evening. They would always bring a small gift for the young vampire, which normally brightened her mood. However, they have to leave her alone to attend to their own work, thus leaving her alone to become bored to death. Well . . . that was a bad pun since she was already dead.

That fateful Saturday morning arrived when the prince ordered his eldest son, Mircea, to escort Seras to Hungry. Mircea accepted the task without hesitation. Seras was relieved that Mircea was going to be with her. She had become close with Mircea in the time she had spent in Wallachia. She looked up to him as an older brother. Ironic since he was Vlad's older brother.

Where she stood now is the town's entrance, watching the wheat dance with the wind. A bag that contained all the dresses she had made overtime. Her long braided blond hair shined brightly in the sun along with her gold locket. Her blue eyes observed the view, taking in the detail of the beautiful scene before she departs.

She heard patters of footsteps behind her. "Are you ready?" A deep, baritone voice asked. She turned to see the prince and Mircea standing behind her. She nodded; however, she wasn't looking directly at him.

The prince stepped forward towards the young girl, but Mircea quickly stepped in front of his father. Seras looked up at the both of them. She gave a skeptic look to Mircea. She was sure that the prince was going to reassure her so why did he stop him?

The prince inhaled a sharp breath to control his anger from this disrespect Mircea had given him. "Mircea, I leave it to you to escort her safely to Hunyadi."

"I shall not fail father." Mircea's tenor voice sounded . . . monotone? That's odd. Whenever Mircea spoke to her or any other person, there was so much emotion in his voice. Why is he like that to his father?

A loud neigh interrupted Seras from her thoughts. She turned to see a chestnut colored horse was being guided towards them by a servant. As soon as the horse caught sight of Seras, he began to neigh more loudly while trying to pull away from the rope. The horse that Seras was not human and she had darkness inside of her.

Mircea came forward quickly. He grabbed the rope while whispering soothing words to him, calming him down. "Easy boy." He turned towards Seras. "My apologies. He never usually does that towards other people. I've never seen him so scared."

'It's because I'm not human!' Seras thought, sweat dropping. "Perhaps the reason he got scared is because he has never seen my face. Honestly, I have never seen this horse in the many days I have been here."

"Perhaps you are correct." Mircea looked back at the /now/ calm horse. He pets the horse's hairy cheeks lightly. "Serena . . . get on him quickly so he will not see you." Seras nodded. She slowly started walking towards Mircea, however; she kept a safe distance from the horse. She continued to take small steps, getting of the horse's sight. Quickly and swiftly, she jumped onto the horses back with ease. Both the prince's and Mircea's eyes widen. She got onto the horse like it was nature to her.

The horse immediately began to move its back around, trying to get away from Mircea's hold and getting Seras off at the same time. Seras held onto the reigns tightly. After so many attempts, the horse panted heavily and slowed his actions down, signaling surrender. Seras let out a relieved sigh.

Mircea let go of the hold quickly before climbing onto the back as well. The saddle couldn't fit both so Seras swinged her legs to the left as Mircea got more comfortable. Seras' position was comfortable enough. She could rest her head on Mircea's chest if she wished to rest.

The prince walked up to the pair. "Now, it will take you awhile before both of you arrive in Hungry. In the direction you will travel, there will be enough food in the forest to consume. I pray that your trip will be a safe one."

Before Seras could reply, Mircea beat her to it. "Duly noted. I shall return quickly as I can." With that said, he nicked the horses side and they started to trot away. Seras looked behind the heir to see the Prince's shocked face one last time.

"Ignore him Serena." Mircea's tenor voice made her jolt slightly. She looked back up at him. His own gaze was straight ahead on the wheat field, showing signs of anger and frustration in his face.

"Are you alright, Master Mircea?"

"Don't call me 'Master Mircea'. Call me Mircea."

Seras' eyes widened. "Of course Ma- Mircea. May I ask why you have given me the honor of calling you just by your name?"

He looked down at her with a smile. "You risked your life to try and save my brother. That to me makes you honorable to be my equal. You failed to save him…" She looked away. "… but you have learned something from your failure, am I right?"

Seras thought about this question. Did she learn a lesson from that night? As she thought it through, Mircea was waiting patiently for her answer. "One thing I noticed about them is that they fight very well, despite having short attention spans. Also, they tend to taunt their enemy before torturing them to death."

"In my eyes, they are nothing but barbarians. However, as you stated before, they are quite victorious in battle. I believe that the reason for their victories is their large number size."

Seras looked back up at Mircea. "I understand that their tactics Mircea, but what does that have to do with me?"

"It is destined that you shall encounter them in the future; however, you will know how to deal with him."

"I lack the education of swordsmanship though!"

"I shall teach you."


Over the next few days, things have been rough and tiring for Seras. When Mircea told her he would teach her, he meant it. However, he only taught her orally. It was exciting at first, but now, it's just down right annoying and tiring to hear

Another thing Seras didn't like to do was travel on the back of a horse. The constant running or trotting vibration made the muscles of her bottom ache terribly before they eventually go numb. She groaned inwardly at the situation she was in. it was going to be a LONG trip for her.

The time of day is twilight and Seras is gathering firewood. As she was picking up the small twigs, Mircea was testing her knowledge to see if she had been listening to his lecture.

"When is the best time to strike an opponent when he is about to attack you?"

"Um . . . I can't remember Mircea." She looked up at him with a large pile of twigs in her hand. He let out a small sigh.

"It's different when you learn something from lectures. Perhaps a demonstration would be suited for you." Seras nodded at him. Mircea let out a small smile. He pointed where she could set down the firewood. She blinked a few times before setting down the firewood. He waved his hand, motioning her to follow him, which of course she obeyed.

Mircea and Seras walked from the campsite and into the forest. There was some light left in the sky. Seras looked around the area. The sky was a light grey with the sun going beneath the mountain. The tree's leaves danced along with the winds push and pull on nature. Seras, as observant as ever, focused her attention on the move of nature. She didn't understand why she was so drawn to nature, even as a vampire. Perhaps it was all the times that she spent time alone in her building in the orphanage she grew up in.

"Serena" Mircea's voice startled her slightly, but she didn't jolt at all.


"I'm going to show you how to spot your opponents' weakness that THEY can't even spot!" She arched her eyebrow at the statement. Is it possible to do such a thing? "Let me demonstrate. Mircea reached down a picked up a large stick. It was long enough to represent a sword, which only furthered his demonstration more accurate for Seras. He began to walk away from her until he was a good few meters from her. "Now, not every opponent is going to have the same hand style."

"Hand style?"

"Yes. For example; Vlad, Radu, and myself hold the sword with our right hand while our father holds the sword with his left hand." Seras nodded, but something told her there's more to that than being left or right handed. "There is more though." She had the urge to roll her eyes at the ironic situation she created for herself.

Mircea held up the stick high. "When an opponent charges at you, they will most likely put both hands on their sword to give their attack extra strength. However; there are few who will charge at you with only one hand on their sword. This is a very poor strategy if they are trying to knock you down, but it is very useful to hide their weak spot. Now, I'm going to come at you with both hands on my /sword/ and I want you to observe and act if you see a chance to counter attack."

Seras nodded and prepared herself. She watched Mircea put both hands on the stick, beginning to charge right at her. She watched carefully. From the position of the stick Mircea was holding, it looks like he was going to swing at her diagonally on the right. The stick would start at the top right side of her body and descend to her lower left. With each step he took, she formed the situation in her mind. She smirked lightly.

Mircea let out a large grunt as he came closer to her. As Seras predicted, he moved his stick onto the top right of Seras' shoulder, but before it could even touch her, Seras moved to the right before she punched him in the stomach with her own right hand. With Mircea's arms above his lower torso, it was easier for her to get to his stomach. She understood where 'weak spots' can be located in combat.

Mircea let out a low grunt. He clutched his stomach with both hands, dropping the stick on the ground. He crouched lowly, pressuring the pain pulsating stomach. Seras immediately kneeled down next to him.

"Forgive me. Did I hurt you?" She questioned. She didn't receive a verbal response. Instead, she received a fist in her face, sending her back to the grass. She yelped as she landed on the ground. Seras couldn't believe that Mircea had punched her in cheek. "What the hell was that for?!"

He groaned as he stood up. "Never let your guard down." He held out a hand for her, which she gladly took with a smile. "Even if you cause injuries towards your allies, never let your guard down to help them. It will be the downfall for both of you. You understand?"

"Yes." She replied as she stood up. Seras looked down at her white dress and saw grass stains on the skirt. "Aw! This will never come out."

Mircea arched an eyebrow. "Why do you care about your dress?"

Seras looked back up at him. "Appearance is one of the treasures women have. Men have strength and fighting skills. Women have beauty and grace, but I know we can do so much more."

"What do you mean?"

"Well . . . forgive me if I sound . . . too judgmental, but I believe that women can do anything men can. From what I have experienced in the last month, women are treated more like property rather than humans."

"That's correct. '

She looks away. "Women possess more knowledge than men."

"Serena . . ." Seras begins to walk away.

Things have been extremely quiet between the heir and blonde. Mircea was asleep by the horse while Seras was sitting by herself. Her back was against the harsh bark of a giant tree. Her head was resting on top of her knees. She started her blue eyes into flames. Her mind was elseware.

Seras looked at the crackling fire. The light was dimming down. In an hour or two, it will be gone. She let out a sigh. Ever since that /small/ argument with Mircea, she can't even look at him.

Why does he think women are inferior to men? Did her master think the same thing? She knew Alucard didn't think in the present. For god sake, he allowed a woman to be his human master. She was the only one he held his respect and loyalty to at the time. Integra was the only person in her opinion to deserve Alucard's loyalty.

"Serena . . ." Seras looked up, seeing Mircea standing right in front of her. "I wish to apologize for the disagreement. I can see it hurt your pride."

"No. I should apologize for what I said. It wasn't my place to say that." She replied with an apologetic look on her face. Mircea chuckled lightly as he sat down beside her.

"You are not like most girls. You have a strong spirit that cannot seem to break, even in the direst situations."

"May I ask you something?" She asked, earning a nod from the heir. "If you think women are inferior, then why are you teaching me to defend myself?"

Mircea inhaled a sharp breath. "Most women I have met seem . . . dependent on their husbands for support. I am not ALL women are dependent, but from what I have witnessed, I came to that conclusion rather quickly. "He paused. "However, when I saw you, I saw an independent young lady that wouldn't let anyone bring her down. When I saw the sacrifice you've made for Vlad, I knew that you would be a very important person in his life."

"Is that why-"

"Yes. I volunteered myself to escort you to Hungry." He looked down at the fire. "I will ensure your safety so one day; you will be able to see him again."

" . . ." Seras stayed silent.

"What's wrong? I thought of reuniting with Vlad would make you enjoyed."

"That's not the problem. I believe . . . he won't be the same."

"I see." *He put his hand on his chin, thinking on how to explain the situation. "This world is not kind. It can change the most innocent men into the coldest of killers. One thing you have to keep in mind is that you have touched his heart Serena. He vowed to wed you someday. I am sure that you are on his mind."

"Mircea . . . "She watched as he stood up.

"Get some rest. We must continue our journey in the morning." Mircea stated as he returned to his original spot by the horse. Seras grasped her throat, feeling the burning sensation. She needed blood but the only human nearby was Mircea. Perhaps if she got some sleep, she could distract her mind from the burning. And so, she closed her eyes, letting her mind slip into the blissful dormant state.

A familiar red cloak whipped with the wind as it blew against him. He looked around the small campsite. The fire in the middle was nearly out, but it gave a very dim light. The moonlight from the full mood was more than enough for him. He looked at the sleeping figures. He let out a small grin as he spotted the young girl sleeping against the tree.

The man across from her was a familiar figure from his past. He didn't want a confrontation with him though. He was only here for the blonde.

"Seras . . ." a familiar baritone voice echoed through her mind. She opened her eyes quickly. The first sight was a shadow flame right in front of her, causing her eyes to widen. It couldn't be . . .

'No way. He can't be here.' She thought as she watched the flame figure come closer to her.

"I'm here Seras." The distorted baritone voice yelled rather loud. Seras panicked. She didn't Mircea to wake with this hellish being. "Don't worry about him. He's under an illusion."

"How did you even get here?!" She let out a growl.

"I've everywhere and nowhere." He replied in a mocking tone. Seras narrowed her eyes. She had forgotten about the teleportation power that Alucard inherited from Millennium's cat boy. This particular power allowed him to transport himself anywhere in the world. She never imagined that it had worked for time travel.

She rose to her feet. "I know why you're here. I'm not going with you."

"You don't have a choice!" Alucard's flame began to take shape. Seras got into a defensive position. She could only watch and wait for a chance to attack should she get that opportunity. However, her eyes widened as she watched Alucard transformed into a thirteen year old Vlad. He wore the same grey shawl, grey pants and shoes. The only thing missing was the cross that Vlad always wore, but she thought he didn't WANT to wear it. Alucard opened his eyes, revealing his normal red hues instead of the blue ones that Seras was used to.

"Seras . . ." His baritone voice stayed the same. The long on Alucard's face was enough for Seras look at him more differently than she had did in the past. Alucard growled lowly as he walked over to her. "Why are you looking at me like that?!"

She blinked. "O-Oh, sorry." She looked away. Seras' heart began to race. Then tension in the air was thickening.

"You've never looked at me like that before, why now?!" His body was inches away from hers. Seras took small steps back as he came closer. In a matter of seconds, her back brushed against the harsh bark of the tree. "Is it because that I have the same face that you have been around for a while or is it…" He smacked her right cheek roughly, causing her to fall the ground from his strength. "… that you love him more than me?!"

She looked up at him, bewildered. "Are you seriously asking me that question?! You're the same person!"

"Wrong!" He tackled Seras, hovering over her. "I am completely different than my past. Do you honestly think that my past self is in love with you?"

"Of course he, or you, are! Why would you say that?"

"If you think I'm a monster now, wait till you see me on the throne. I killed many innocent people when I didn't get my way. I guarantee that wouldn't want anything to do with me!"

"No!" She looked right into his eyes. "I will always be your side, even if you push me away. Past or present, I'll always be by your side, Master." Her sweet tone pierced through his ears.

"Why would you stay by my side, even when I cause you so much pain?"

"Because I love you Vlad."

Seras woke up with a start. She began to pant lightly, looking around her surroundings hazily. She was still tired so her actions were sluggish. In her mind, she recalled everything that had transpired in the dream. She clutched her forehead with her hand, wiping away any moisture that collected there over the night. She shook her head as she looked straight at the fire place.

The flames were slowly dying away. It wasn't no surprise either. It was very early morning so the dew would have put out the flames long before she awoke. What she didn't expect is that Mircea would be up, packing away any supplies back onto the horse. She pressed her hand against the back to help her stand up. She looked at the older. "Mircea, may I ask why we are leaving so early? I presumed that you have liked more rest." She asked in a timid voice.

Mircea turned around, looking at Seras. "That was my original idea, but I realized our location was much closer to our destination than I thought. If we leave now, we could make it there by the afternoon." He motioned her to come forward, which of course she complied.

Seras walked through the wet dirt, which clung to her shoes and dress that annoyed her to no end. It was a pain to get dirt out of her other dresses that she got dirty doing chores around the castle. She approached the horse carefully, which made no attempt to keep her away from it. It shocked that the horse was no longer scared of her, but she didn't pay anymore mind to it. Seras got on the horse with ease and turned sideways, just as she had been doing for the last three days.

Mircea was the next to climb on behind her. He kicked the horse's side gently, sending her to a trot. Seras looked up at Mircea. "Where exactly are we going? You never did tell me."

"My apologies. Do you remember Leonard and Lydia?" His reply from the girl was a nod. "You are going to reside in their mansion until you are summoned back to Wallachia."

Seras looked from his face and faced to the right side, watching the trees going by them. She rested her head on Mircea's chest, and closed her eyes, letting memories from a few weeks ago replay in her mind.

"Master, who is coming to the castle tomorrow?" Seras asked as she sat beside the bathtub. It was a wooden barrel located in a deep room in the castle. She guessed that it was a bathtub since her master was taking a small bath in in. Vlad looked at her as he rubbed the hot water against his face, washing away sweat and dirt from training.

"One of the Hungarian counts. He and his family are coming on business with father."

"Is he an ally?" Vlad nodded. He continued his bath as Seras sat there, keeping him company.

"I have met them once before. It was one of the most miserable times of my life." Seras gave him a skeptical look. Surely, he was exaggerating. "The count has twins. A son named Leonard and a daughter named Lydia. I personally have no correlations with Leonard, but Lydia is another story. She has a deep infatuation with me." That last sentence came out in a low growl.

Seras pressed her hand against her mouth, trying to hold back a laugh. He was freaking out over a small crush. Her master, in turn, glared at her. She quickly brought her hand down and made a serious face.

Vlad rolled his eyes. "Women." He mumbled to himself, but Seras heard it loud and clear. Before she would try to rebuttal, he looked back at her with a serious look on his face. "Under normal circumstances, a master wouldn't tell his friend anything that doesn't concern them." Seras made a small sadden face. "However in this case, the reason I told you is because you are going to be there when they arrive."

She looked at him, shocked. "What?!"

"Lydia wouldn't leave me alone during her last visit so it might keep her away if she saw me with you." Vlad explained as he held out his hands for the towel on Seras' lap. She had forgotten that it was there. However, she stood up and handed it to him. She turned around and closed her eyes, giving him privacy. She could hear splashes of water that minimized into droplets as he stepped out of the tub. She also heard the sound of wet skin hitting against the pavement floor.

"Can I turn around?" She asked in a hushed tone, blushing from her own question.


She turned around to see he was sitting in the wooden chair that she previously sat on. "Why do you want me to be by your side at all times?" Vlad then gave her a skeptical look. Did she serious ask that question? "I am just your servant."

He sighed. "You must think of the situation. You are the servant that I allow by my side at all times." He looked up at her. "Most adults who has seen us together believe that you are my betrothed."

Her eyes widened at the confession. Oh dear god. This plan was not going to end well.

"The count has arrived, My Prince" A soldier announced as he bowed to the leader. The shining armor glistened as he stood back up.

"Very good. Send him in" The prince watched the soldier nod and turned to leave the room. He then looked down at his three sons and the young maiden. "Now when they arrive, mind your manners. They are guests."

"Yes Father." The three sons said in unison, but Seras nodded her reply.

"Radu" The youngest looked in his father in the eyes. "Be on your best behavior. No childish antics." Radu bit his tongue. He couldn't retort to his father unless he wanted a sword up his ass. That was something that Seras wouldn't mind seeing. He just nodded, understanding his father's demand.

The double wooden doors that lead to the entrance of the throne opened slowly and entered a middle age man with two children following close behind him. The count wore a long silk grey tunic, which matched the color of his eyes and hair. The belt that was strapped against his tunic was black leather, matching the color of his boots. The Count bowed lightly, right hand over his chest and a smile on his face. "My Prince...I thank you for inviting us to your palace."

The two children behind him bowed, well . . . Lydia curtseyed her red dress. Her black hair was pulled back in a braid and her hazel eyes looked up at Vlad, making him look away from her.

The boy named Leonard had bright blonde hair, just as Seras did. His blue eyes looked up at the Wallachian royal family. He looked carefully at all the members. Mircea, Radu, the princes, Vlad, and the young maiden next to him. Wait . . . maiden? The maiden next to Vlad looked. . Like him, but she had a natural beauty to her. She truly was a beautiful maiden. He did his best to hide the blush on his face.

Vlad had caught aware of it and pulled Seras closer to him. He looked up at his father, watching him walk closer to the older man. "I welcome you Lucius. I am pleased you journey was a safe one. I see you have brought Leonard and Lydia with you. "The princes looked down at the children. "Welcome back to Wallachia. I hope you enjoy your visit."

The twins stood up and looked up at the prince. "Thank you, your highness." They replied in unison.

Lucius looked up at the royal family. When his eyes spotted the young blonde maiden standing next to Vlad, he asked. "My prince, who is the charming young lady maiden next to Sir Vlad?"

The prince looked back at her. "This is Serena. She is a very loyal servant that Vlad had taken a liking to awhile back. She stays by his side at all times, proving her strong loyalty." Seras blushed at the explanation from the Prince.

"But she is only a servant? She should have chores instead of watching her master all day like a lazy mule." The ice tone of Lydia echoed throughout the throne room.

Her hazel eyes sent a cold glare towards Seras. Seras saw it and she sent her own glare. Oh! If only she knew what she could do, that Hungarian brat wouldn't be saying that for long.

"She stays by my side because I will it!" Vlad yelled back at her. His own blue eyes narrowed at the girl across from him. Seras looked at him with wide eyes. He was . . . defending her?

"She doesn't have to watch you all day Vlad! She is just distracting you!" Lydia argued back.

Vlad slowly started to walk from his spot and walking towards her. However, he walked passed her but roughly bumped her shoulder, not caring about the pain that spread throughout his own limb. He carefully whispered near her ear. "You know nothing, wench." He left the throne room immediately after.

"I apologize for my daughter's behavior." Lucius' voice came to Seras' ears, but her eyes stayed on the opened doors. The prince cleared his voice, making the maiden lookup at him. He motioned his head towards the door. Seras curtseyed before running out of the room.

Seras had searched the entire castle ground. She couldn't find any evidence of her master. During her search near the gate, she caught his scent near the creek outside the castle. It was the only water source behind the town walls. He was sitting by the creek's banks, looking down at the water.

She hesitated to approach him, not sure of the reason why. Perhaps he was thinking over what Lydia said. That thought scared her more than anything. Well . . . not more than anything. She won't forget the time that Alucard didn't get his wine. She shuddered.

She knew that he viewed her as a friend rather than a servant, but if he had to change their relationship for whatever reason, she would accept it not matter what. She took a deep breath and slowly approached him. "Master, are you well?"

He looked up from the water, gazing at her beautiful innocent face. He let out a small node, slowly lowering his gaze back to the water. "It was not Lydia's place to say that."

She looked into the water as well. "She did have a point Master." She paused for a moment. "I feel that I do distract you."

"Hardly." He looked at her. "If you truly did distract me, you do you think that I would want you by my side?" He let out a small smile. "You are the very reason I push myself farther in my training."

Seras couldn't help but blush. Despite her embarrassment, she smiled as well. Vlad stood up from his spot and walked closer to her. Seras looked up at him, confused. "Master?" Even her confusion didn't stop him. He slowly brought up his arms and wrapped them around her waist. He leaned his face closer towards her. Seras widened her eyes. He was going to kiss her!

"VLAD! FATHER WANTS YOU BACK IN THE THRONE ROOM!" A high pitched voice echoed throughout the yard. Vlad stopped what he was doing and let out a growl. Seras entire face was beet red. Vlad pulled back, having a pissed look on his face.

"He is dead!" He growled out, turning away from Seras and heading back towards the castle with the intention of killing his little brother.

Seras only watched him as he walked away. "Master . . . do you love me?"

Those words echoed throughout her mind. She opened her eyes, examining the scene around her. She and Mircea were located in a small village. The houses stood strong with the stone walls and stayed dry from the straw roofs. The citizens were giving them strange looks. The mixed colors of brown, blue, and hazel hues were embedded deep in Sera's mind. She felt her heart swell up slightly at the angry glares.

"Ignore them Serena." Seras looked up at Mircea. "They are not kind towards Wallachia. They view our existence as a worm. A small existence that only get in other's ways to survive." Mircea's voice sounded cold and emotionless, a stone that she didn't hear often from him. She looked straight ahead of their path, listening to the trotting of the ginger horses' hooves. Even with her sight range, she could see many of the glares didn't receded at all.

In only a matter of minutes, they had arrived at the biggest houses in the village. The mansion was about half the height of the castle. As the pair approached the gate, a guard stopped them. "Who trespasses on private ground?"

Mircea held up his right hand from the rein, and showed a ring on his index finger. The guard's rough face nodded, casting his eyes towards the top of the gate. "Open the gate!"

The sudden sound of the gate squeaking erupted throughout the small area. It made Seras sensitive ears ring loudly, making her cover them. The horse slowly started to walk forward.

On the other side of the gate, Count Lucius and Leonard were at different sides of the yard, holding wooden swords in their hands. Lucius opened his mouth to speak towards his son, but he quickly closed it when he turned to see someone approaching him. The eldest son of the Wallachian prince and the maiden he met not too long ago. He approached them as they got off the horse. "Mircea! Boy, what brings you to Hungry?" His voice held pride in it.

Mircea gave a small bow. "I apologize for my unannounced visit, but I need a favor."

Lucius nodded. "Of course. I owe a great gratitude towards you for aiding us in our latest battle. What is this favor you ask of?"

"I need you to look after this young maiden." He motioned his sight towards Seras, who in turn was watching Leonard approach her. The young twin held a blush on his face.

Lucius blinked his grey eyes. "Very odd. Why would your father would want her alive?"

Mircea looked back at him. "Tis not my father that wants her alive; I want her alive."


"She has been on the biggest influence for Vlad. We have tried for years to get close to him, but she had done it within a short time. I don't wish for her to have the same fate that my father planned for her, just as he done with Vlad and Radu."

Lucius blinked. "What do you mean?"

Mircea looked at the two children behind him, watching them interact with each other. "I shall tell you when we are private." Lucius nodded. He motioned his son to come inside, signaling the lesson was over for the day. Leonard followed him without a word.

Seras looked up at Mircea. "Are you going to stay for a little awhile?"

Mircea kneeled beside her. "Only for the night. I must depart tomorrow morning. "He stood up. "Come. Let us rest from the journey." She followed him without word.

Seras was in the main lobby of the mansion. Lucius and Mircea were having a short meeting, no doubt discussing what to do with her. Leonard was resting from his training. Seras couldn't help but notice the way he looked at her. It was easy to see that he had a small crush on her.

She was sitting in a small chair near the staircase. She moved her hand from her lap and held the locket in her hand. Flashes of Alucard and Vlad flashed through her mind. She bit her lip with her sharp teeth to hold her emotions back. She was so distracted, she didn't hear footsteps approach closer to her.

"There you are. I was looking for you." A small voice made Seras blink. She turned her head completely around. She saw a familiar figure standing there. Her blue dress matched the small flower in her black hair, which was down for once. Also, there was an emotionless expression on her face.

Seras stood up from her seat. "Lydia…" She whispered to herself. The atmosphere immediately got tenseful. Their first meeting had been a bad one. She insulted Seras right in front of Vlad and his family. "Yes. I arrived in the evening." She answered gracefully.

Lydia nodded her head as she came down the stairs. With each step coming closer, Seras couldn't help but sweat her nervousness. She wasn't worried that she was going to hurt her. Seras could kill her in a second. She was nervous about what she was going to do. As Lydia closed the space between them by a few meters, she gave a small curtsey. "I wish to apologize to you for what I said during our first meeting."

Seras blinked. "What?"

Lydia stood straight back up, looking the other in the eyes. "I heard what you did for Vlad from Lord Mircea. He said that you nearly gave your life trying to save him." She put her hand on her chest for emphasis. "I couldn't do such a thing. I am such a coward." Lydia moved both of her hands and grabbed Seras' right hand. "I was wrong about I said about you. I wish to send my apologies" She repeated. "But I also would like to extend my friendship. It would be an honor to have you a friend."

Seras didn't know what to say at her confession. All she could do was smile. "Of course."

Lydia let out a bright smile before bringing Seras in a hug. "Thank you Serena!" She pulled back. "When it's just us, you can address me without formalities. However, I heard father mention that you will work as a servant until you are summoned back to Wallachia. Does this bother you?" She asked timidly.

"No. I'm used to it after my time in Wallachia."

"Well I can assure you that you will be fine here. You won't be alone. You have got me." Lydia smiled. Seras looked at her and giggled.

"Thanks you."

The gentle breeze blew against the docks. She looked out into the large lake, gazing at the sunset. Her purple dress swayed with the wind. She heard footsteps coming from behind her. She turned to see seventeen year old Lydia and Leonard standing next to each other. It's hard to believe that it has been over four years since she arrived in Hungary. Her body had developed at a human's pace, despite the fact she could change her appearance at will.

She took a few steps towards them. She let out a small sad smile. "I wish you both a safe journey."

Lydia went towards Seras and gave her a big hug. Seras wrapped her arms around the other. "I apologize that we have to leave. Father insist that we visit our mother in Erd. It is halfway across the country so we will be gone for a while. We should be back by the time the cold comes."

Seras pulled back from the hug. "I will be fine Lydia. You need to focus on a nice visit with your mother." You need to stop worrying about me." Her tone was convincing her that she wasn't upset, but the hard truth was. . She was.

Lydia nodded as she smiled at the wise words. She turned towards Leonard. "I will go on ahead. Please don't take too long, brother."

Leonard nodded. Lydia hugged Seras one more time before running away from them and headed towards the boat. Leonard's eyes never left Seras' face. "Serena. . . ." He caught her attention. He opened her mouth to say something, but nothing came out. Instead, he quickly stepped forward and pulled her in his grasp. He didn't waste any time to press his lips against hers.

Seras went with her first instinct and pushed him away. She covered her mouth in shock. Her hand was hiding her blush. "W-Why did you do that?" She stuttered.

Leonard looked at her, guilt present in his face. "I apologize Serena . . . I couldn't hold my feelings back anymore."

Seras widened her eyes. He waited four years to confess his love?!

"I love you Serena. I have felt this way since I first saw you on that fateful days four years ago"

Seras couldn't help but feel sadden by his confession. "Leonard. I cannot return your feelings. I'm sorry" Her face held her sad reply towards his confessions.

He stood up straight. "I understand." She could hear the disappointment in his voice but she also her pride. "I cannot come first. Vlad is still in your heart. I had thought that over the years, you would have given up hope, but your feelings never changed. You are extremely loyal to him. He will be lucky to have you as a wife." He stated with a smile. He looked at her once more before turning his back.

Seras felt slightly guilty about his confession was handled. Though he had kissed her, she wasn't angry about it. She had her first with Alucard years ago. She just watched him get on the boat and they started to their journey.

Lydia looked over at her friend. "Goodbye Serena! I hope to see you soon again!" She called out her farewell.

All Seras could do is wave and watch her friends move across the lake.

Seras wiped along the shelves of the china. It had been a few hours since Lydia and Leonard had begun their trip. Though she had the permission to bid them farewell, that didn't give her the day off. She still had work to do around the manor.

She could feel the eyes of Lucius, father to Lydia and Leonard and Lord over the small portion of Hungry, have his eyes on her body. The small locket around her neck shined in the change in the lighting as a shadow appeared beside Seras.

"You are doing a fine job, Serena" A gruff baritone voice sounded from her side. She didn't show any reaction towards this surprise. She just continued to work.

"Thank you, milord" Her reply was cold and she made sure of it. Lucius chuckled as he continued to examine her body. Seras was watching him from the corner of her eyes. She turned to look at him. He was leaning closer to her. She pulled away but a grasp on her left arm paused her actions. She didn't bother faking her shock. She knew that he was going to try something to her when her body began to develop once again. He didn't try anything since she was always around Leonard or Lydia. She lightly tugged her arms, trying not to use her strength to rip his arm off. "Milord, would you mind letting me go?"

"Why would I do that?" He tried to pull her closer, but she refused to move. His face began to twist in anger.

Seras moved her right hand to behind her back. She sent some of her energy to the bones in her fingers, transforming them into claws. "Why are you doing this?" Seras' cold voice asked. Her expression still remained cold.

"Why are you not scared?" The calm baritone voice started to rise in madness. The grin on the older man's face disgusted Seras. Alucard's grin puts his to shame. "I see. You are still loyal to that brat Vlad, are you not?" Seras didn't show any sign of replying. "I thought sou. I hate to inform you, but your Vlad is dead. So why don't-" He moved one of his hands towards her necklace.

Seras slashed her right hand against his arm, slashing it off. She then proceeded to slash his chest too. Lucius screamed at the top of his lungs and fell to the ground. Seras watched the blood spray across her dress and the room. "YOU'RE A MONSTER!"

She held up her clawed hand. "You don't say." She looked down at the dying man. "You are not worth my time." She stated before turning her back towards him, intending to leave him to bleed to death.

"You were betrayed!" That one sentence caught her attention. She turned back around, looking at him.

"What did you say?"

Lucius took a small breath. "The prince . . . . Had sent his own two sons to the Turks to gain the Sultan's support." He gasped. "H-He sent you here . . . to have you killed. Mircea was aware of his plan . . . and brought you here to me"

That one sentence had slapped her in the face. Her cold expression had turned into one of complete dread. Flashes of the princes raced through her mind. She clutched her head. "No! But he said-"

"Nothing but lies. I have known for many years. He had always been this way." The spoken words were slowly turning into whispers.

Seras shook her body. "How could his own father use him like that?!"

"This world is full of betrayal. You cannot stop it. You, yourself, shall commit this sin some point in your life." The vampire didn't want to admit it but his words had stung her badly. Her body began to shake.

"No . . . "The one word was barely audible, but even the drying man could hear what she had just said. "I will never betray him." She felt her body relax as she looking down at him. "Even if he should push me away, I will never betray him."

"How can you be sure?" She heard his question, deciding she had enough of him. She slashed her clawed hand horizontal, watching more blood escape from his detached head.

"I'm sure because I'm in love with him more than anything else." She replied in a soft tone, turning her body towards the exit.

A few miles from the manor, Seras was walking west. She had a black shawl over her body. Her new blue dress swayed with her steps. Her long blonde was hidden by her hood. The snaps of dead plants under her steps is what she heard for a long while. What she didn't expect to hear was horses galloping towards her.

Shortly after she predicted it, three horses were galloping in her direction. The men riding them were wearing armor in different spots on their bodies. The leader of the trio stopped his horse a few meters from Seras. The other two quickly followed him.

The leader looked at the solder on his left side. The soldier nodded. He picked up his leg and swung it over the saddle. As he landed on the ground, he turned towards Seras. To gain her trust, he removed his helmet, revealing a young man. "Forgive my intrusion milady, but we are looking for someone. Do you know the location of Count Lucius' manor?" His voice was soft toned.

Seras removed her hood since the man had done the same. "The manor is due east" She turned her body around, pointing where she was walking from.

"That won't be necessary. We found her" A deep familiar baritone voice spoke up. Her eyes widened. It can't be! She turned to see the leader get off his horse. He turned to her and began to walk. With each step, he slowly brought his hands up to his head and took off his helmet. His black hair had flown down from his helmet. He had a smile on his face. His new grown mustache curved upwards. "Hello Serena"

Seras looked at the face that she waited over four years for. "Vlad!" She pressed her hand to her face. She immediately ran towards him, wrapping his arms around his neck. He had grown taller, much taller. He stood over 6 foot while Seras will still 5 foot 6 inches. He wrapped his arms around her. He was happy to see her as well.

The one thing they were not aware of was a pair of crimson eyes looking at them from a distance.

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