Hello! This is my first ever fanfiction, which i'm pretty happy with. I've written one other story before, but *cough* only one chapter *cough*. This one will be updated more because i'm excited about it :D so thanks for reading and enjoy!


The door of a blue police box creaked open at the sound of snapping fingers. A pair of red converse hit the floor of the TARDIS. Attached to these shoes was a man in a blue suit with a red tie and sticky-uppy hair. He walked past his red-haired companion and started pressing buttons on the TARDIS console.

"Are you alright?" They were leaving the library and Donna knew what had happened to the archaeologists, particularly River Song, who seemed important to the man before her.

He looked up from the console, "Of course I'm alright. I'm always alright. Where to now, then?" He smiled to show just how 'alright' he was.

Donna knew very well that he was not alright, but she also knew he wasn't going to talk about it. "Oh, I don't know, you're the spaceman. What's there to do in the universe?"

"How about Midnight? Planet made of diamonds, it's even got sapphire waterfalls!" He resumed pressing buttons, flipping levers, and occasionally hitting things with a hammer. "Oh, it's also got a spa," he added, obviously less enthusiastic about the spa.

Donna, however, thought a spa was a great idea. "Well then what are we waiting for?"

The man piloting the TARDIS stopped to look at a screen. "Hang on, something's wrong here."

Donna sighed, "When does anything you do ever go right?"

"It's not me this time. Seems someone's been rewriting time. I'm using the TARDIS to locate the source now."

"I thought you said time could be rewritten?" Donna inquired, wondering why a bit of rewritten time would cause such a problem.

"Not all of time, there are certain fixed points that have to stay the same. Mess with one of those and all of time could fall apart."

"And lemme guess, that's what's happening right now?"

"Yup! Guess we'll have to go save the universe again!" He was grinning as he landed the TARDIS with a familiar vworping sound. The prospect of the end of time was somehow exciting to him, rather than terrifying as it would be to most people.

"So where are we now, spaceman?" Donna asked as the man opened the door of the TARDIS.

They stepped out into an office with two men inside. One looked like he hadn't moved in weeks, with long hair and a scraggly beard. The other looked like a famous prime minister that Donna thought she recognized as Winston Churchill. The man in the blue suit answered her question as to where they were, "Judging by the fact that we're in a room with Winston Churchill and by the look on that man's face, I'd wager we're somewhere we're not supposed to be."

He then addressed the two men now staring at them in shock. "Hello, I'm The Doctor." He grinned cheerfully.

Then the sound of another vworp vworp vworp filled the room, and The Doctor's smile vanished as he spun around to see who it was.


Far away from this strange encounter, there was another man in another TARDIS. This man wore a black leather jacket over a dark green shirt. Rather than the first man's "sticky-uppy" hair, this man's head was shaved. His ears were unusually large, and stuck out even more combined with his lack of hair.

This man had just returned from a devastating war. A war which ended in the extermination of his people (pun intended). Obviously this was a complete downer for him. And so the man had decided to take a trip back to modern-day London*, where he admittedly ended up quite a bit. But it was always a good place to find trouble and companions, both of which would help distract him from his recent loss. So he "expertly" piloted the TARDIS and, of course, crashed. Surprise surprise, another explosion in the control room. Ah well, time to go see what chaos he could stir up this time. He stepped out of the TARDIS, after the customary vworping noise, to find...not modern-day London.

Well it could have been modern-day London, except Winston Churchill was there. He also noticed 3 other people who were staring at him as if he was an alien. Well, he was, but they wouldn't know that. The woman, who had red hair and didn't look like she was taking any shit from anyone, was staring mostly at the TARDIS. Oh right, just materialised into whatever the hell was going on in here. However a man with "sticky-uppy" hair, a blue suit, and converse, was staring right at him as if his mere existence meant the end of the world, which it very well might. And the last man, who was wearing a toga, and looked like he hadn't shaved or done much of anything for quite a while, was flicking his eyes between him and the blue suit man.

Since everyone was staring at him, he decided to use his usual sarcastic attitude. "It's the ears, isn't it?" and then muttered under his breath, "Can't wait til i regenerate again."

The man in the suit, who had apparently heard him, chuckled and said, "You don't know the half of it." Then the woman gave him a look that said, 'really?'


And in the office of the holy roman emperor, Winston Churchill, was yet another man. This man was not, however, in a TARDIS, or going to be in one anytime soon. In fact, he was handcuffed. And as usual, handcuffs meant a particular woman had tricked him again. Currently this man was wearing a toga and had grown quite a scruffy beard. He was also explaining to Churchill how all of time was happening at once.

As one might imagine, that was quite a strange thing to be happening. But seeing as he was speaking to the holy roman emperor Winston Churchill, there wasn't much about the situation that wasn't strange. And so he told the story of how he was killed by River Song. Except then he wasn't.

But in the middle of his explanation, he heard a sound. A familiar sound. A sound he shouldn't have been hearing. Because that sound was the vworp vworp vworp of the TARDIS. The same TARDIS that he wasn't flying. The one that only he and River could pilot. And when River flew it, it didn't vworp. Which meant he was in that TARDIS. Which was very bad, because it meant he was about to see himself. Which 0 out of 11 doctors recommend. Paradoxes like that are supposed to be avoided and just generally a bad idea.

But the door opened anyway, and out stepped a tall, thin man in a blue suit with "sticky-uppy" hair. Following him was a red-haired woman who was asking, "So where are we now, spaceman?" The man looked around the room and answered her, "Judging by the fact that we're in a room with Winston Churchill and by the look on that man's face," he said as he pointed at the man with the beard, "I'd wager we're somewhere we're not supposed to be."

He then turned back to the two men in the room and grinned as he said, "Hello, I'm The Doctor."

But before the man in the toga could come up with a clever lie to hide his identity, there was yet another vworp vworp vworp. And yet another TARDIS appeared, accompanied by a man in a black leather jacket with large ears. Now it was the newly introduced Doctor's turn to be worried about paradoxes. The man in the leather jacket noticed everyone staring and sarcastically said, "It's the ears, isn't it?" he then muttered, "Can't wait til I regenerate."

This made the Doctor in the suit chuckle as he said, "You don't know the half of it." Donna then gave him a look that said both 'Did you really just say that?' and 'What is even going on here you stupid alien?'

The man in the leather jacket also introduced himself as The Doctor, and before the man in the suit could say anything, he spotted the second TARDIS. "Well shit."

*By modern day London, i mean this happens right before he meets Rose, so modern day London in relation to her. if that made you more confused then just ignore it.

Hope you enjoyed chapter 1! After this, i will be referring to each Doctor by their number (9,10,11) for simplicity's sake.

Also important; this story exists because of my awesome friend, who inspired me to write this by writing her own fanfiction, which is really awesome. So yeah, she reads my stuff to make sure it's not complete crap, yay! i will (hopefully) have new chapters every Tennant Tuesday, which is obviously Tuesday.