The fourth and final chapter! I'm kinda sad it's over, which may be why it took me so long to finish such a short chapter ... yeah, i'm a horrible person, plus i got preoccupied... but anyway, thanks for waiting and enjoy the ending!

Recap: Nine, Ten, Eleven, Rose, Donna, and the Ponds all went to the pyramids to find River! Eleven and River flirt, talk about the end of the world and Madame Kovarian has some bad news! The end is coming! The end of this story anyway. A mildly happy ending, with room for a possible (but not probable) sequel!


"How many silence have you got trapped here?" Eleven asked of Amy.

The woman tied to the chair answered for her, "None."

"Oh yeah? If they're not trapped then what are they doing in those tanks upstairs? Swimming?" Nine asked sarcastically.

"Having a pool party?" Rose grinned, continuing the joke.

Nine smiled at her. At least someone here had a sense of humor. "Anyway," Eleven said, turning to the woman in the chair.

"They've been waiting, Doctor. For this. For you." She smirked. "And you're all wearing eye drives based on mine, I think."

"And what is that supposed to mean?" Donna scoffed. Suddenly, a woman who had been working at one of the computers in the room screamed as electricity surged from her eye drive.

Ten, who was closest, tried to help her, but was too late. "She's dead," he said as Eleven's eye drive went off. As Ten stood up he said, "Eye drives off, now."

Amy took Eleven's eye drive off for him, since he was still handcuffed, and everybody else removed their own.

The woman tied to the chair laughed. "The silence would never allow an advantage without taking one of their own. The effects vary from person to person. Either death, or debilitating agony." At that point her own eye drive had started to spark. "What are you doing? It's me. Stop it!" But her eye drive continued.

And then Captain Williams came through the door. "They're out, all of them."


Eleven looked at River. "We could stop this right now, You and I! Tell her, Amy."

Amy responded with, "We've been working on something, just let us show you."

"It won't work. You can't do anything, my time is up!"

Amy was getting tired of this. "We're doing this for you!"

He wasn't having it, "Then people are dying for me, I won't thank you for that Amelia Pond!"

"Just let us show you," River interjected. He didn't respond. "Captain Williams, how much time do we have?"

"A few minutes."

"That's enough. We're going to the receptor room at the top of the pyramid. Hope you're ready for a climb."

Captain Williams was pointing his gun at the door. "I'll wait here, buy you some more time."

Everyone began to climb the stairs to the top of the pyramid. Ten was staring at the door, lost in thought. "Let's go, pretty boy!" River shouted at him. The use of the nickname snapped him out of it, and he followed them up the stairs.

Amy and Captain Williams were the last to reach the top of the pyramid. By the time they got there, River had explained the distress beacon and was arguing with Eleven. She looked as if she were about to cry. "I can't let you die-"

Eleven interrupted her, "I have to die!"

"Shut up!" River shouted, and he did. "I can't let you die, without knowing that you are loved by so many, and so much. And by no one more than me."

Eleven was just shaking his head. "River, River, why do you have to be this? Melody Pond, your daughter," he looked at Amy and Captain Williams, "I hope you're both proud."

Eleven had turned away from the rest of them. "Amy, uncuff me now." She did. He stood for a few seconds before turning around and saying, "Ok, I need a strip of cloth about a foot long, anything will do. Nevermind." He said as he undid his bow tie. "River, take one end of this and wrap it around your hand." Nine and Ten raised their eyebrows as they realized what he was doing. Everyone else just looked confused.

"What am I doing?" River asked.

"As you're told," the now bow-tie-less Doctor answered. "We're in the middle of a combat zone, so we'll have to do the quick version. Captain Williams, say 'I consent and gladly give.'"

"'I consent and gladly give,'" he repeated.

Eleven looked to Amy. "Need you to say it too. Mother of the bride."

Everyone else raised their eyebrows in shocked realization as Amy repeated the phrase.

"Okay, River, I'm about to whisper something in your ear that you have to remember very very carefully, and tell no one what i said." He then whispered something to her. "I just told you my name," he said.

"And now, River Song, Melody Pond, you're the woman who married me. And wife, I have a request. This world is dying and it's my fault, and I can't bear it another day. Please, help me. There isn't another way."

"Then you may kiss the bride," River answered.

And as they kissed there was another flash of white light and they were back at Lake Silencio. Eleven was standing in the water with an astronaut. River, Amy, and Rory were watching from what looked like a picnic. Nine, Ten, Rose, and Donna were all standing far enough away for no one else to see them. As the Doctors turned around, they saw their TARDISes were waiting for them somehow. By the time Ten turned back around to say something, Nine was already gone, as was his TARDIS.


The Doctor turned to Rose and Donna. "Well, that's over. I suggest we leave before I figure out too much about what's going on over there in my future." And with that he turned to enter his TARDIS. Donna and Rose followed him.

"So where are we going?" Rose asked.

"You'll see," The Doctor answered.

And with his usual 'skill' at flying the TARDIS, an explosion or two later, they arrived. Rose went outside first, and The Doctor told Donna to stay in the TARDIS before following her.

Rose turned to face him. "Why are we at Bad Wolf Bay?" she knew the answer but asked anyway.

"Because it appears to be the only place to land a TARDIS here." he answered, avoiding what they both knew was happening. She just raised her eyebrows at him, unamused. "Because your family and your life is here now, and you're staying."

"Why is that your decision?"

"Because I know what you'll decide and you can't."

"Says you."

"Yes, says me. If you come with me there is every chance you'll get yourself killed. Nevermind the fact that no one will be able to tell your family, I won't watch you die!" As he said this, he looked up at the sky and ran a hand through his hair in frustration.

Rose bit her lip and looked at the ground. When she looked back up at him she said, "Fine. But don't think I won't find a way back again. And this time, we're going to say good-bye properly."

He sighed, "Fair enough. Go-" He was interrupted by Rose grabbing him by his tie and kissing him.

Just then Donna poked her head out of the TARDIS and coughed to get their attention. "Sorry to interrupt, but the TARDIS has gone dark."

The Doctor rushed back inside to see what had happened. When he came back out, he said, "That little hole between our universes? Just closed itself off. Looks like I'm stuck here until there's another one." He grinned at Rose.

Rose smiled back mischieviosly, "So I've got some time to change your mind then?" He just stuck his tongue out at her as he took her hand and walked with her back to the jeep where her family was waiting.

Donna chased after them, yelling, "Oi! Where do you think you're going, Spaceman?"

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