So this is just a little one shot with Shizuo and Izaya not really an ongoing story and more of just a test to see how well I can write something like this. (Can you still call a three chapter story a one shot?) Still I hope all you ShizuoxIzaya fans like it.

Shizuo was pissed. It seemed like he always was but most of the time the reason was because he saw that punk Izaya's smirking face. He hated that face, he hated Izaya ever since he met him and that hadn't changed he just wish he wasn't on the job at the time so he could throw the nearby vending machine at his head. He was off duty for now while Tanaka was on a date as he put it and Shizuo was just waiting for Izaya to show up he even had a light post ready. But like always whenever he wanted the punk to show up he didn't and Shizuo soon got bored so he wandered eventually seeing Celty.

"Oi Celty you seen Izaya I got a bone to pick with him," said Shizuo.

She cuts the engine on her bike and pulls out her cell phone quickly typing a reply, "I actually just finished an errand for him I talked to him a few minutes ago by the bus station."

"EHHH?!" with that Shizuo takes off towards the station Celty quickly following wishing she hadn't said anything but Shizuo didn't get very far. He suddenly felt really dizzy and the fatigue he had felt all day came back 10 times worse he stumbled and nearly fell the ground swooped acting more like the ocean then solid ground. Confused and worried Celty runs up to him quickly typing the simple question of "What's wrong?"

"I don't know I suddenly felt dizzy," Shizuo mutters his head had started to hurt it pounded like someone was for once whacking him on the head with a street sign and he had to wonder if this is what it felt like for Izaya every time Shizuo hit him. Again he stumbled unable to catch himself this time he relied more on Celty to keep him upright. This however resulted in Celty feeling Shizuo's forehead which burned even through her glove. Before she could say anything darkness swallowed Shizuo as he fainted becoming dead weight in Celty's grip, "Shizuo! Shizuo! Shizuo!" Celty frantically typed but to no answer Shizuo was out, luckily though Simon was nearby and had watched it happen.

"He's sick I need to take him to Shinra," Celty typed to the Russian. Simon merely nodded and picked up the unconscious blond with ease and strode over to Celty's bike. With effort Shizuo was placed behind Celty after she had gotten on and using her shadows she bound him to her so he wouldn't fall off and drove away hurrying to her home.

Simon watched them go and returned to his post outside the sushi shop and but five minutes later who should show up but Izaya prancing down the side walk with that odd walk of his.

"Oh hey Simon!" he said with that trade mark smirk of his.

"Shizuo is looking for you or he was," Simon replies looking at him.

"Oh he is, is he? Wait was? What do you mean was? Did he get bored or something?" the dark haired man asked hands in his pockets.

Simon points to the other side of the street, "He fainted right there he was really sick, Celty took him to her place." Izaya turns to look imagining the scene that had happened saying nothing he grimaces, to Simon he looked angry but he couldn't ask him anything for Izaya had run off but in reality hidden deep inside Izaya was worried.

After calling Shinra down and working together Celty managed to get the unconscious Shizuo inside and on the couch, which was quickly followed by a recount of what happened.

"Hmmm," was Shinra's response as he examined the blond and gave him some medicine. "He's stable for now but until his fever breaks he needs to stay in bed."

Celty let out her equivalent of a relieved sigh as she collapsed in a chair, "I'm glad I was so worried when he collapsed like that I didn't know what to do," she typed.

"It was a good thing you brought him here," Shinra replies as loud banging is heard at the door. Shinra looked at Celty who shrugged; Shinra got up and went to the door and opened it to find Izaya of all people there. Breathing hard with a single drop of sweat running down his face his coat half falling off suggesting he had ran all the way here; Shinra was surprised to see him and forgot to speak.

"Is Shizuo still here?" Izaya asked between huffs of breath.

"Oh uh yeah he is did you want to talk to him or something?" Shinra replied adjusting his glasses. Without an explanation Izaya shoved past the confused doctor into the house rather rudely. As he walked into the main room he surprised Celty who very nearly dropped the tea she had been bringing to Shinra.

"Izaya?! What are you doing here?" Celty furiously typed. Again Izaya refused to answer moving past her to the couch where Shizuo lay for a moment he just stood over him watching Shizuo's rapid shallow breaths as he slept.

Then he fell to his knees next to the couch still watching him, "What happened?"

Caught off guard by the sudden notion to finally speak Celty took a minute to answer, "He started to feel dizzy then collapsed which was when I noticed his fever," she typed back. Izaya said nothing, merely watching the sleeping blond; Shinra finally returned and stood next to Celty.

"He's stable now and should recover," Shinra offers tentatively taking the tea from Celty who looked as if she wished to glare at him.

Izaya sighs dropping his head onto the blanket, "That's good." Silence follows two of them unsure what to say the other having nothing to say until the sun begins to set and the city lights begin to blink into existence.

Izaya finally lifted his head and looked at both Celty and Shinra with a look they've never seen on his usually smirking face a look some might actually realize is, pleading. "Do you, mind if I stay here tonight? You know to keep an eye on him?" his question is murmured as if he's embarrassed and halfway through asking it he drops his gaze.

Celty doesn't hesitate to respond picking up on the feelings buried beneath, "Of course! We're totally fine with that!"

Shinra pulls a look of surprise, "Cel…Celty! We can't just…!" his retort is cut short as Celty clamps a gloved hand over his mouth and pulls him into the kitchen.

"We have to let him stay can't you see it?" she types quickly.

"See what? Two dangerous idiots in my apartment yeah," Shinra replies Celty replying with a quick smack to his head. "Ow ow ok ok what do you see?"

"Doesn't matter, but just trust me on this ok?"

"Oh fine but seriously not everyone has your super fairy sense ya know, OW!" With that both retreat to the bedroom leaving the two dangerous idiots as Shinra put it alone. With the sudden emptiness of the room Izaya partially relaxes he wasn't sure why he came here he could say his body acted on it's own that he wasn't really thinking but he knew that wasn't true, there was something else.

He looked at Shizuo's peaceful face and smiled a bit, "You know when you're not trying to kill me you're actually rather nice looking." He sighed and changed the cool rag on the blonde's forehead going back to sitting by the couch. He wished he understood these feelings or why he was even here he still couldn't believe he asked to stay here or that they even let him it might have been the way Celty looked at him just then. Didn't matter now he was here and as much as it might be better for him to leave he didn't feel like moving. Once again he realized he moved without thinking to find his own hand holding Shizuo's but he didn't pull back, it actually felt, nice. Shizuo closed his hand a bit around Izaya's and Izaya couldn't help but be surprised as he looked at Shizuo's face expecting to see him glaring back at him in full wakefulness but he wasn't he was still sleeping. It was if as an instinct he's been waiting to close his hand around Izaya's, Izaya chuckled at the thought not possible, Shizuo hated him he would never do such he probably just thinks it's someone else. Izaya leaned back against the couch watching the half moon outside enjoying the feeling of his hand in Shizuo's if just for this moment.

Again he looks at Shizuo wondering and stands leaning over the blond, "Why do you have to hurt yourself so much? You make me worry about you, you know. I don't like seeing you bed ridden, I like it better when you're chasing me even if that chase ends with a light post in my face."

At the door frame to the bedroom Shinra watches curiously, "Hmmm," a gloved hand falls over his eyes pulling him back. He turns around to see Celty, "Privacy Shinra, be nice!" Shinra merely nods his cheek stinging with the most recent connection with Celty's hand.

Izaya finds himself closer to Shizuo then he's ever been close enough to snuggle or even…kiss. He could do it and he realized this is what he wanted, but he hesitates his lips just centimeters from Shizuo's he could do it, it's just…

As if on sudden impulse he does, their lips connect in a beautiful kiss and Izaya has to wonder if this makes him the prince in the story of Sleeping Beauty he'd be ok with that as long as Shizuo's the sleeping beauty. And then it's over Izaya pulling away feeling light headed and rather giddy he laughs quietly, "Thank you Shizuo…"