Tokyo, Hikawa Shrine.

Three girls are gathered on the porch of the shrine; one had short, shining blue hair and was sitting one the steps reading a book. Another was leaning against the porch railing looking down at her friends; she had long brown hair tied back in a big pony tail and seemed to be considerably taller than her friends. The last girl had long black hair and was dressed in miko robes and was pacing back and forth, clearly frustrated over something.

"Where is Usagi?" Rei asked with an angry tone "She's always late; tell me why she's the leader again".

"Calm down Rei it's not like we're having an important meeting or anything" Ami said to her pacing friend as she continued reading a book she was holding.

Rei stopped pacing and sighed, "I guess you're right".

"That reminds me" Makoto said, "Minako had a doctor's appointment so she couldn't make it today".

"Another one?" Rei asked "That's the third one this week, you don't think something's wrong do you?"

Ami looked up from her book, "Now that you mention it she did seem pretty tired last time we were all here, I wonder if she has the flu or something".

Makoto had an unconcerned smile on her face, "Well Minako is a lot like Usagi, she stays up so late and is always late for school, maybe the lack of sleep finally caught up with her".

"I guess that's a possibility, but I'm still worried" Ami said, "I mean three visits to the hospital in a week isn't exactly normal".

"Well there's no hurry really" Makoto said to her, "We were just going to hang out today, it's been really quiet since we defeated the Black Moon Clan".

Ami smiled "It really has, there hasn't been any signs of the Negaverse in so long".

"Hey!" a voice called over to them.

The three girls looked over to the shrine steps to see their friend Usagi running over to them.

"Hey guys what's up?" she asked stopping in front of them.

"You're late!" Rei barked.

Usagi gave her an awkward smile and looked away, "Oh yeah sorry about that, Ms. H caught me before I could leave".

Rei sighed, "Oh well its not like there's anything I can do about I mean you're going to be late that's just who you are".

"Hey!" Usagi whined "Are you saying I'll always be late? I can be on time you know".

"Oh really?" Rei asked before leaning toward her with her fists against her hips "Then let's see you do it. Show up tomorrow on time, bonus points if you show up before the rest of us".

The two girls began arguing, leaving Makoto and Ami to look on with embarrassment.

Makoto looked down at Ami, "Maybe we should go on ahead, knowing these two they'll be at it for a while".

Ami nodded, "Good idea, I'm sure they'll calm down once they notice we're no longer here".

Makoto chuckled, "You're a real optimist Ami".

The two girls left, leaving Rei and Usagi to their arguing, at least until a sense of darkness washed over them.

Makoto and Ami stopped in mid step and Usagi and Rei ceased their bickering as they all sensed a terrible darkness around them and it was quickly growing stronger.

"What is this feeling?" Ami asked before Rei shouted and pointed at the sky.

The four girls looked up to see a giant rift opening in the sky above them, revealing a black void with lightning bolts inside.

"What is that?" Makoto asked as the rift grew larger.

"Usagi!" a small voice called out.

Two cats, one black and the other white ran over to the girls, each of them had a crescent moon shaped symbol on their foreheads.

"Luna, what is that thing!?" Usagi asked the black cat as it jumped into her arms.

The cat panicked, "I don't know, but its pouring out some serious negavibes, we have to do something. I don't like the looks of this one bit!"

Before any of the girls could react, the rift vanished and the overwhelming sense of darkness with it.

"Wha…What was that?" Rei asked, she was oblivious to it, but she was completely shaking.

"Hey!" another voice called to them.

Another young girl with long blonde hair ran over to them, "Did you guys see that just now?"

The other girls nodded, "Hey Minako" Ami replied, holding a small computer in her hand "Yes we saw it, but there doesn't seem to be any negative side effects from whatever it was so it looks like we're in the clear".

"Thank goodness" Luna sighed "But I still think we should be careful and stay alert, something like that doesn't just appear and vanish for no reason. It could be the Negaverse attempting some kind of new attack or even an invasion".

"Oh stop being such a drama queen Luna" Usagi laughed, gently slapping the cat on her back.

Luna gasped, "Usagi you must take this seriously, there was a rift in the sky! There could be a panic in the city right now!"

"Actually" Minako began before looking behind her, back to the city "No one else seemed to notice. Everyone was acting like it nothing happened at all".

"Whoa seriously?" Makoto gasped, "So we're the only ones who saw that?"

"Well that's a relief" the white cat said "If no one else saw it then we can breathe easier. Of course I'm with Luna, we should still stay alert in case it happens again and be ready to act".

"Artemis is right" Luna said to the girls "If it happens again it might not close so quickly or at all. Even if by some chance it turns out to be a harmless rift we can't just ignore it".

Usagi sighed, "I guess you're right. Alright if it happens again we'll check it out".

"Good idea" Ami agreed, "I'll set my computer to continue scanning for anything that could be related to the Negaverse. If it detects anything it'll tell us".

"That's great Ami, be sure to let us know if you learn anything" Rei told her.

Ami nodded, "You got it. I'm going to head on home now; I need to study for a test in my computer class tomorrow".

"That's probably a good idea for now. I'll see you all tomorrow after school" Rei said before heading inside her house next to the shrine.

The girls decided to call it a day early and head home, Minako separated from the others with Artemis and headed to her house while Makoto, Ami and Usagi continued to walk together.

The three of them continued to talk about the strange rift that appeared in the sky before Makoto switched topics.

Makoto "Hey I know this is a bit off topic, but I heard there's going to be a new transfer student at our school tomorrow".

"Really?" Usagi asked "Is it a boy or a girl?"

"A girl from what I hear" Makoto replied, "Word around the school is she's really smart, but gets into fights a lot and got kicked out of her old school".

Usagi gasped with a wide smile, "Oh wow so she's like a combination of you and Ami".

"I didn't get into fights at my old school" Makoto growled at her.

Ami gave a weak laugh at her friends, "Well I'm sure she'll be just as nice and friendly as Makoto as well".

The three friends laughed at one another until they came to an intersection where Makoto separated from them.

"I'll see you two tomorrow!" the tall brunette waved before vanishing behind a corner.

"Just like old times now huh Ami?" Usagi asked her friend.

"What do you mean?" Ami asked.

"Well it used to be just you and me before we found Rei, walking home together every night, just hanging out".

Ami looked up at the sky, "It does seem like that was a long time ago". Ami smiled, "I can still remember that day pretty well, how you and Luna saved me and then I became Sailor Mercury". Ami stopped and looked at Luna, "I don't think I've ever thanked you for that Luna, I'm sorry".

The black cat looked up at Ami, "Oh there's no need for that Ami, I was happy to help and add you to the team, the others to. Of course if we could just get Usagi and Rei to get along and have Usagi learn the meaning of punctuality we'll be all set".

"Hey!" Usagi moaned "I'm right here you know!"

Ami and Luna both laughed until Ami's computer started beeping rapidly.

"Is something wrong Ami?" Luna asked as the blue haired scout took out her computer.

"Something nearby is radiating the same kind of energy as that rift in the sky earlier, it not too far from here".

"We should be careful, but we have to investigate" Luna said to them.

The two girls ran down the street until they came to the side alley where the entity was waiting.

"Is it still there Ami?" Usagi asked.

Ami looked at her computer, "Yes it hasn't moved, but the signal is quickly growing weaker".

Luna jumped down and peaked around the corner to see a young girl sitting against the stone alley wall clutching at her left shoulder, she seemed to be in a great deal of pain, "You two need to see this" she told them just as the signal on Ami's computer vanished.

Ami and Usagi walked around the corner and watched as the young girl attempted to get to her feet, using the wall as a brace, but she fell back to her knees coughing violently.

"Should we help her?" Ami asked "She seems to be pretty injured and in a lot of pain".

Luna looked up to them, "If she's from the Negaverse we have to be careful it could be a tri…Usagi!"

Usagi ran past Luna and over to the girl before kneeling next to her, "Hey are you ok? Who are you?"

The girl coughed as she tried to get up again, "G…Get away…Can't let them…find you with me".

"What are you talking about?" Usagi asked "Who did this to you?"

"Ah there you are!" a shrill voice called out.

"Usagi, look out!" Luna yelled.

A figure appeared in the dark shade of the alley and walked toward them, it was monstrous in appearance having the body of a humanoid crow and a scaly face with terrifying green eyes.

The monster laughed, "It seems you've led me to two humans as well, I get to kill you and drain their energy all at once. What a good day this is".

"Usagi transform now!" Luna yelled just before the monster attacked.

Usagi grabbed the crystal locket in the center of her chest and held it up in her hand, but before she could transform the monster was thrown back into the darkness of the alley and the girl was standing in front of Usagi with her left arm held out.

"What was that?" Usagi muttered.

"So you still have some fight in you?" the monster shrieked from the shadows "Good all the better, it adds to the fun".

The monster attacked again and the girl waited until last second before drawing her arm back and then throwing it forward with an open palm.

The girl's palm slammed into the monster's chest sending it flying back into the shadows before she collapsed to her knees again.

The monster returned once more laughing with maniacal glee, "This is the most fun I've had since I killed that Sailor scout".

"What did she just say?" Ami and Usagi gasped, "She killed a Sailor scout".

The girl began breathing heavily as she forced herself back to her feet, "I'm…going…to destroy you. I'll make you suffer for what you did" the girl's voice became rough and violent as she yelled; "I'm going to kill you!"

The girl vanished and in an instant appeared in front of the monster, slamming her closed fist into its stomach making it hunch over before she spun around and kicked it in the chest knocking it back into the wall.

"Now you die!" the she growled as she pointed her right index finger toward the sky causing the monster to levitate off the ground.

"No this can't…I can't be defeated!" the monster shrieked.

The girl opened her hand and the monster quickly began spinning around until it became nothing, but a blur. The girl violently closed her hand into a fist and the monster shrieked in pain before silently exploding into dust which was scattered by the wind.

With the monster destroyed, the girl exhaled slowly before falling back to her knees once again, "That was for Jupiter".

"Jupiter?" Ami repeated before using her communicator to contact Makoto.

"Hello?" Makoto answered within seconds.

"Makoto!" Ami gasped "Thank goodness you're alright".

"Yeah why wouldn't I be?" Makoto asked.

Ami looked back at the girl and then to Makoto "Usagi and I traced a small source of nega energy to a side alley on the way back home. We found a girl here and we were attacked by a monster".

"You guys are ok though right?" Makoto panicked "Do you need help? I can be there in a few minutes".

Ami shook her head, "No we're fine now the monster was defeated, but something feels weird here. That girl is pretty hurt so we're going to take her to the hospital. Don't worry about it we'll see you at school tomorrow".

"Alright if you're sure" Makoto answered "Just be careful ok and don't hesitate to call me if something else happens".

Makoto hung up and Ami ran over to help Usagi with the injured girl, "Hey are you alright?" Usagi asked her as he started to get up.

"I'll live" she answered finally making it back to her feet and looking at them "I want to apologize".

"What do you have to apologize for?" Ami asked her.

The girl held her hand out to them, "You've seen something you shouldn't have. Sorry, but I have to wipe this event from your minds".

Ami tried to ask a question about the monster, "Wait what did that thing mean when she said".

Before Ami could finish the girl closed her eyes and muttered, "Illusions of the moon hidden within the sun's light. Clear their minds and erase this night".

A faint light flashed from the girl's palm and shot into their eyes as well as Luna's and the girl limped away, vanishing into the shadows by the time they recovered.

"That's strange?" Ami said looking around "Where did she go?"

Usagi placed her finger against her chin, "Didn't he say she was going to wipe our memories of what just happened? So how come I still remember?"

"She must have lacked the energy to go through with it" Luna explained, "Whoever she was, she was very badly hurt and she just fought off that monster on her own".

"But where did she go?" Usagi asked.

Luna looked at the large amount of blood smeared against the wall of the alley, "I'll look for her you two go on home".

"Luna are you sure?" Ami asked the black cat.

Luna nodded, "Don't worry I'll be just fine besides you two have tests tomorrow so you need your rest".

Usagi yelled, "Oh no! I completely forgot about my history test! I haven't studied at all".

Ami had a gentle smile on her face, "Well it looks like she's back to normal" she looked down at Luna, "Be careful ok, if it gets too dangerous come get us and we'll help".

Luna nodded again, "I will, but I'm sure I'll be fine for now. Go on home and I'll see you all in the morning".

Luna ran off into the shadows to try and track down the girl while Usagi and Ami returned home for the night.

The night passed and Luna returned in the early morning and took her place next to Usagi on her bed. The cat curled up and closed its eyes before falling asleep next to her friend.

Later that morning, Usagi yelled in a panic and jumped up from her bed "Oh no I'm going to be so late!"

Luna looked up at Usagi as she scurried around the room to get ready for school, "Things never change around here" she said with an awkward smile.

After she was finally ready, Usagi said goodbye to Luna and ran out of the room and out the front door, rushing to school hoping to make it before the morning bell.

Finally making it to the school, Usagi ran inside and to her classroom with only a minute left, praying she could make it in time.

Stopping in front of her classroom, Usagi opened the door just as the bell rang. Leaning against her knees Usagi tried to catch her breath "I almost made it to" she panted as her teacher walked over to her.

"I'm impressed Usagi, you almost made it on time today".

"Good morning Ms. H" Usagi said before sluggishly taking her seat while the teacher took her place at the head of the class.

"Before we get started today we have a new student who transferred in from Kyoto, now I want all of you to treat her with respect and help her out until she gets accustomed to our school understood?"

Looking around the classroom, the teacher smiled and walked over to the classroom door before opening it and allowing the new student to enter.

She was dressed in a standard school uniform consisting of a white sailor style shirt and a blue skirt. Her brown hair reached to the center of her back with two bangs hanging from the front that reached to her chin, the left one was tied by a green band and the right with a silver one. Her eyes were a light green color that seemed to radiate in the morning sunlight as it came in through the window. The students in the classroom immediately zeroed in on the sling she was wearing over her left arm.

"She probably got into a fight" one of the students muttered quietly behind Usagi.

Another one replied to his friend "I heard she got kicked out of his old school for fighting a lot".

The first boy spoke again, "Kind of like that Makoto Kino? I still can't work up the courage to ask her out I'm kind of scared of her, she's so much taller than me its kind of intimidating".

Ms. Haruna looked at the transfer student and told her to introduce herself.

The new student moved her eyes over the students in the classroom and opened her mouth, "My name is Ahri, I just moved here a few days ago".

Ms. Haruna smiled at her, "Don't be shy now tell us a bit about yourself".

"Nothing to tell really" Ahri said, "I spend most of my free time relaxing and I prefer to study at a shrine rather than at school or a library".

Ms. Haruna continued to smile, "Well then I guess that's enough. You can have the seat over there by the window, next to Usagi there".

Ahri began walking to her seat and gave Usagi a quick look before she sat down.

"No way" Usagi thought, "That's the girl from last night. What's she doing here?"

"Alright everyone let's get started today" Ms. Haruna said grabbing everyone's attention "I know we were scheduled for a history test today, but I wasn't told about Ahri's arrival until school ended yesterday so I'm going to postpone your test and give you an extra two days to study, use this time wisely now".

Usagi sighed with relief "Oh thank you transfer student I didn't study at all" she muttered.

The school day progressed and eventually ended, once the final bell rang the students began gathering their things to head home. Usagi leaned back in her seat and stretched her arms out before getting up.

"What a day" she said to herself before noticing that Ahri had already left "Maybe I should follow her. She doesn't seem like it, but if she's from the Negaverse…wait she was fighting against that monster last night so she can't be with them, but she showed up after that thing in the sky appeared…"

Usagi shook her head, "It's too much to think about I'll just follow her and find out".

Running out of the room, Usagi followed after Ahri, but only saw her for a few seconds before she vanished within the sea of students in the hall.

"Where did she go?" she wondered, looking around for her.

Across town at a private Catholic school, Rei had just left and walked past the front gate before bumping into someone and falling back, "Hey!" she half yelled before looking up.

She bumped into a man dressed in a business suit, the man looked down at her and reached out his hand before apologizing to her, "Sorry I was so caught up in my thoughts I wasn't paying attention".

Rei took his hand and he pulled her up, "Well I guess I was rushing to get out of here so I'm to blame to".

The man smiled at her and Rei blushed slightly before looking away from him, "Well sorry again, see ya".

Rei began walking away from him and immediately sensed a dark presence behind her; it felt as if it was reaching directly for her. Rei turned around, but the man was no longer there, instead there was a dressed in a sailor style school uniform and she had a sling on her left arm. She smiled at her "Sorry, if I startled you, I'm new here and was hoping you could tell me where to find the Hikawa Shrine".

Rei exhaled silently in relief before nodding to the girl, "Of course. I actually live there".

"Really?" the girl asked.

Rei nodded again, "Yep. I live there and run it with my grandfather; if you like I can take you there".

The girl smiled at her, "I'd really appreciate that, I'd probably end up getting lost on my own".

Rei told the girl to follow her and the two began walking, "So what's your name?" Rei asked.

"Ahri" the girl replied, "Ahri Aragaki. I just moved here from Kyoto a few days ago".

Ahri suddenly stopped and kneeled down picking up a folded piece of paper on the ground, "A note?" she wondered.

"Maybe someone dropped it" Rei said as Ahri unfolded it and began reading it.

The fires of Mars burn with unparallel passion, Sailor Mars' true strength has yet to be reached, but I can help.

-An enemy of the Negaverse.

"This is a weird note" Ahri said, handing it to Rei, "And what's the Negaverse?"

"I have no idea" Rei lied with a faulty smile as she read the note herself and then looked to Ahri, "Would you mind waiting here for a few minutes I just remembered I forgot one of my books back in my locker".

Ahri nodded, "Ok, I'll wait".

Rei thanked her and told her she'd be back soon before she ran off back around the corner. Once she was away from Ahri she looked at the note again, "What is this?" Rei wondered before retrieving her scout communicator from her school bag. "Hey are you guys there?"

"I'm here with Usagi and Ami" Makoto's voice replied "What is it Rei?"

Rei began to explain what just happened, "I bumped into this guy outside my school and" Usagi cut her off "Ooooh did Rei find a new boyfriend?"

"Shut up Meatball head!" Rei growled "Now listen after I bumped into him he helped me up and started to walk away. After he left though I started walking home and I found this note on the ground".

"A note?" Ami repeated.

Rei nodded, "It was weird, whoever this guy was I think he knows that I'm really Sailor Mars".

"Wait so you got a note like that to Rei?" Makoto yelled.

Rei stared at the small screen showing her friend, "What do you mean I got one to? Wait you also got one?"

Makoto nodded, "I was walking to the shrine with Ami and Usagi when a little boy walked up to us and handed us a note. He said some girl on the street corner gave it to him and gave him ten thousand yen to give us the note".

Ami continued from there, "The little guy tried to point her out to us, but she was gone. It's strange because for a few seconds there my computer detected some faint nega energy in the area".

"We should all meet up right now" Rei told them "Something doesn't feel right about this, first that thing in the sky yesterday and now these letters from someone who knows who we are".

Usagi held her fist up next to her face, "Alright you contact Minako, Rei and we'll meet you at the shrine".

"Se…Usagi" Makoto gasped "You actually sound determined for once".

Usagi looked at her friend, "Well if someone out there knows who we are we need to be careful" her voice quickly changed, "Hey what do you mean for once!? I'm always determined I just don't show it!"

Makoto laughed at her as they began heading for the Rei's shrine.

Across town at a corner bus stop, Minako was waiting alone for the bus to take her to the shrine where her friends were waiting. Hearing her communicator ring, Minako reached into her bag to retrieve it, but when she answered no one spoke to her.

"That's strange" she muttered, "Is it broken?"

"Hello" a voice said from behind her.

Spinning around, Minako's eyes met with a young girl around her age with long brown hair and light green eyes. She stood just a little taller than her, was dressed in a sailor style school uniform and had a sling holding her left arm.

"H...Hi there" Minako said.

The girl smiled "Sorry didn't mean to sneak up on you".

Minako shook her head, "No, its fine".

The girl looked up at the bus sign at the corner of the road, "If you don't mind I'd like to talk before the bus arrives".

Minako began getting a strange feeling from her, like she was dangerous, but also she felt like she knew her from somewhere.

The girl continued speaking, "There's going to be a great danger that you and your friends must face very soon. Unlike what you've fought before, the good news is you'll have an ally in the fight".

"Who are you?" Minako asked taking a quick step away from her.

"My name is…" the girl paused for a moment, "Not important at the moment. Your friends are waiting for you at the shrine, you'll all need to stand together just to survive your new enemy".

"What enemy?" Minako asked "Who are you and what makes you think me or any of my friends know anything about fighting?"

The girl had a gentle smile on her face as she looked at the sky, "That's because…I know who you are, Sailor Venus".

Minako gasped and took a single step back as the girl lowered her head and placed her good hand across her chest, in a half bow before walking away. After she walked away, Minako felt a twinge of pain in her head and closed her eyes for a brief moment she saw a flash of memories from her past life during the Silver Millennium.

She was standing in a courtyard at the palace on the moon where queen Serenity and her daughter lived. She was talking with a young girl dressed in a light grey dress and a silver cloak that separated into two drapes over her shoulders and stopped at the center of her back. Her brown hair was combed back and her green eyes held an intense strength behind them.

The two of them were talking, but Minako couldn't remember what they had said to each other. When they were done speaking the girl looked up at the Earth far away from them and smiled, before she bowed to Minako and took her leave.

As she left, Minako reached out for her, but she vanished from sight as if she was never there.

Hearing the horn of the bus blowing, Minako snapped back to reality and quickly boarded the bus, now anxious to get to the shrine and her friends.

Once at the shrine, Minako bolted up the stairs and called to her friends as she ran over to them.

"Minako you seem a bit flustered is everything alright?" Ami asked after seeing the light shade of red on Minako's face.

Minako nodded as she quickly caught her breath, "I met someone at the bus stop. Some girl who..." she paused and looked around to make sure they were alone, "She said she knew I was really Sailor Venus. She also knows about all of you".

"We know already" Rei told her.

Everyone began going over what happened to them after school let out and most importantly the same person that contacted all of them.

"How can one person be at separate sides of the city in a few seconds?" Rei asked, "Who is this girl? From Minako's description it sounds just like the girl I met outside my school".

"Introductions are in order I believe" a familiar voice said from the porch of the shrine.

The girls turned to see the same girl standing there smiling at them.

"Alright pal who are you?" Makoto yelled, "And how do you know who we are?"

The girl dropped her smile and stepped forward, "Well that's a fair question and I think its time I answered it". She stopped in front of them and looked down at the two cats with them, "Ah! Luna, Artemis. It's good to see you again".

Both Luna and Artemis looked at the girl with confused expressions, but both of them gasped when they finally recognized her.

"I don't believe it!" Luna said "You're alive".

Artemis walked forward, "We thought you died during Queen Beryl's attack on the moon kingdom".

The girl shrugged, "Technically I did, but not entirely. I managed to escape after Queen Serenity saved everyone else" the girl had a sad look on her face, "It was actually me who told her to do that. Otherwise we all would have died that day, I held off the Negaverse for as long as I could until she transported them all to Earth to be reborn".

The girl returned her focus to the girls in front of her, "Now then. My name is Ahri Aragaki and I am the Celestial Guardian".

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