A very short Story about Mr. Lunt and a private jet...or so he thinks.

"It isn't true," said Larry.

"I'm telling you Larry, it is," Mr. Lunt responded.

"Seriously Mr. Lunt," Archie responded. "I do not think even in the slightest bit that you are actually a secret agent."

"It is true," said Mr. Lunt. He was on the countertop with almost all of the other VeggieTales cast. "It is a real thing. I work for the N.F.I.S.F.D.G!"

"What does that even mean?" asked Charlie Pincher.

"It stands for the National Food Investigation Squad For Decrotive Gourds!"

"Who would want to investigate food?" asked Junior.

"Me, and other incredibly hansome decrotive gourds! Get it through your head."

"Just tell us the story that this nightmare can be over!" Bob yelled. "I'm sorry." He said, after thinking this was too harsh.

"There I was," Mr. Lunt said. "I was standing face to face with a food-bandit."

"HEY!" Jimmy Gourd yelled. "I thought you got rid of that nick-name for me!"

"Not you," said Mr Lunt. "He was stealing people's food and using it for himself. He was about to use a space-time vortex to bring all of the food from peoples' homes to his own. He took out a gun and almost shot me, but I used my awesomeness and handsomeness to deflect the bullet and kick it into the vortex.

The vortex started to go crazy, and I had to save myself. So I got into my private jet and ran from it. The vortex sprouted arms and chased me in my private jet. I fired missiles, and even bombs at it and nothing would work...so I put my jet on auto-pilot and jumped into the vortex myself, I was stuck inside it and then I started to push the thing outwards and the thing was about to be destroyed...but when I thought it might be too late, my amazing jet used my awesomeness as a homing device and I got inside it and cut a hole...right through the vortex...and it was destroyed!

When I got back to town, everyone celebrated and gave me a year supply of sour-cream and chedder cheese curls. I also took my private jet and they gave it a paint job spelling in bright colors 'Gourd Of Complete Awesome.' True story."

"Really?" asked Annie.

"Yep," said Mr. Lunt. "And I shouldn't hear that sarcasm in your voice. It happened for sure!"

"When was it?" asked Ellen, Mr. Lunt's girlfriend.

"Um...in my own time zone...when I wasn't at home with you..."

"Riight..." she said.

"I like your girlfriend," Larry said.

"I like yours," said Mr. Lunt.

"Petunia isn't my girlfriend, she is just always paired with me for some reason in our videos."

"Ah," said Mr. Lunt. "I try not to get involved with personal lives."

"Then you don't know about Junior & Annie?" asked Larry.

Junior and Annie jumped from their seats. "WHAT?!"

What an adventure! I can't Believe Mr. Lunt was actually a secret agent!

I think...

Anyways, obviously the terrible, and impossible happenings in the story were because Mr. Lunt, obviously a little obsessed with himself, told it.

DISCLAIMER: Also, the whole part with Mr. Lunt saying Larry & Petunia were dating was not impied. I do not support that Paring.

I know, I must not be a true fan. Don't mess with me about that in the comments.

Good Day. :)