How can you know when enough is enough?
When do you decide to quit?
To give up?
Can leaping off into nothingness really be better?
To the unknown,
Would that be better than what is now?
Could you do it though?
Or would you balk?
At the last second, the deciding moment,
Would you be able to?
Or would you stop yourself?
Or even,
Could it be a higher power that stops you?
Trying to tell you that it's not your time,
That you're meant for something more,
Death isn't your destiny today.
But do you believe that or just think yourself a coward?
How can you know,
Until you take that leap?

Hinata finally dropped her pen. Her eyes full of tears as she stared at the page before her. Finally, she had written it all down.
Everything had spilled from her pen. Her hand was cramped from so much writing in so little time.

It explained everything. It said everything she hadn't the voice to. Her pen, as usual, came alive in her hand.
Her tears fell silently, leaving her skin darker where the tears left trails, her shirt from also bearing the marks.

It didn't matter, it wasn't like she had friends or anything. She wasn't going out. She was going to sit as she did every night. In her room, alone.

Yesterday, things changed. Hiashi was sending her to the private university of Konoha. All those with money went there. It was unlikely that she would know anyone. Even less likely that they would give a shit about her either. Her reputation would be forever tainted by Neji's.
Cold, calculating bastard, he didn't give a single fuck what people thought of him, had nothing but contempt for this younger cousin, Hinata.
It was largely believed he should have been the heir to the Hyuga inheritance. She wanted nothing to do with Hiashi or his business.

She wanted to be a writer. Someone who inspired people. Someone who gave hope to the hopeless. The chances, though, of her becoming a writer were slim at best. Yet, it was what her heart desired. To be someone.

It didn't matter what she wanted or hoped though. Tomorrow, she would be going to the university, she would even be living on campus, suprisingly. He was allowing her some freedom. Even a purple little chevy would be hers for the duration of her time at school.

With one more sigh, she closed her notebook and replaced it into the purple messenger bag she would be using for her school things.
Then she laid down upon her much too large bed with royal purple sheets and attempted to get some sleep before the insanely boring day she had in the morning.

Eight in the morning, she was awake, dressed, and already ate breakfast, She was waiting on Hiashi, who she would follow in the chevy to her school.
She dreaded it but at the same time, was relieved. She would be going to school, Neji would be there, yes, but she wouldn't be subject to Hiashi's inquiries about what she did in her room all day.
She would have classes almost every day though. And hav eto put up with the snobby rich bastards that could afford such a school.
Not to mention, also, possibly sharing a room with someone else.
Well, that part wasn't so bad..., hopefully...

A couple hours later, Hiashi finally turned into the campus parking lot. Hinata parked beside him and slung her messenger bag on her shoulder and took her suitcase from the trunk before following her father.

He spoke to the receptionist, who waved them through to the headmistress.
The headmistress was quite a beautiful woman, pale skin, not as pale as Hinata's, pale blond hair, and quite large breasts, and large brown eyes.
"Good morning," Hiashi smiled, extended his hand before he sat.

"Morning," She replied, not bothering to shake the proffered hand.

As Hiashi began to speak about why Hinata was just now coming to the school, she cut him off by saying, "Hinata is of legal age right? Eighteen?"

"W...well yes," Hiashi spluttered.

"Good. You may return home now Mr. Hyuga," She calmly dismissed him.

Quite red in the face, but dismissed, he left, anger radiating from him.

"Now that that's over," She mumbled, she leaned back in her chair, propping her feet on the desk.
"How are you Hinata?"

"I-i'm fine Lady," she replied hesitantly, shocked that she would put her feet upon the desk.

"You may call me Tsunade," she smiled at the younger girl.

Hinata nodded, looking at her own feet instead of the knowing eyes of the older woman.

"What classes would you like to take?"

"Writing, creative writing, philosophy, psychology," Hinata listed, a small bit of excitement creeping into her voice.

"That should be arrangeable," Tsunade nodded, sitting properly and scribbling down, presumably, what Hinata just told her.

"As we are such a rather small University, you will have your own room," Tsunade told her.

Hinata smiled then, a small smile, but a smile, something that was not lost on Tsunade.

Tsunade shuffled through some papers before locating Hinata's. She held them out to the girl who stood and took them.
"If you ever need anything, you're welcome to come ask me," Tsunade told her softly, brown eyes locked with pale lavender.

Wordlessly, Hinata nodded, her heart beginning to pound in her chest, a blush rising to heat her cheeks before she scurried from the office.
She got pretty far before she realized she should look at the papers Tsunade had given her.

She found her schedule and room number, also, presumably, Tsunade's personal phone number.
Hinata blushed again, and quickly walked to her room.

The walls were a leaf green, the sheets white, as was the rest of the room. Hinata quickly unpacked her meager belongings and was grateful for the desk against the wall, the window showing the grounds which consisted of a large tree, grass, and a swimming pool somewhere past the tree.

She decided to lay upon her bed rather than sit at the desk.
As she gazed up at the ceiling she thought.

How did it happen? To go from hopeless depression, to blushing like mad and pretending as if everything were all right?
Why did Lady Tsunade affect her so? Why had she given Hinata her number and told her if she needed anything to ask her?

What was going on?