Is it bad,
To want to see yourself bleed?
To want to see the blood drip from a part of your body...
Is it bad,
To want to bleed to feel?
To see the blood to know that you still live?
Is it bad,
To hurt, and simply not care because you know then,
That you still live?
Is it bad,
To want to hurt so much,
That all the other pain washes away into the sea of nothingness?
Is it bad,
To feel the need for the blood to flow?
Not in your veins,
But along your skin...
Is it bad?

Hinata placed her pen on the desk, rereading her words.
Her writing..., it was revealing.

If anyone else were to read it, they would think something was wrong with her.
Is something wrong with me? She thought, then shrugged, she was a writer, if something were wrong, it would be normal, all artists have their own version of insanity.

Classes started today. In, she glanced at her phone, an hour.
She decided to shower and dress before heading to the cafeteria for breakfast.

Not much later, she stood clad in black jeans and a black and purple The Birthday Massacre shirt, rummaging through her backpack.
Hiashi had given her a card for food and any other necessities she would need.

She probably wasnt going to eat in the cafeteria much, and the food wasn't that spectacular.
With another half hour to waste before classes, Hinata decided she would take a small tour of the grounds.

She put her ear buds in, blasting Broken by The Birthday Massacre, and took a walk to the lake and tree she had seen from her window.
Eventually, she noticed the time and went to her first class, Philosophy.

The professor was a woman by the name of Kurenai Yuhi.
They mostly spoke about their own philosophies in life.

When it came to be Hinata's turn, her cheeks heated and she began to stutter some, but finally managed to get out, "I think people should be free to live their lives as they wish to, no matter what society may think of them for society doesn't matter, only the person involved."

Kurenai nodded in understanding and then class concluded. Tomorrow would mark the real work of the course beginning.

Hinata went to her Creative Writing class next, professor was a white-haired man named Jiraiya. He had each of them share a piece of their most recent writing.
When it came to be her turn, she chose to share Leap, the poem she had written yesterday.
Silence met her words, Jiraiya looked thoughtful at least, the others in the class looked shocked, Sasuke Uchiha was one of them.

Her last class of the day was Psychology, her professor was a very pale skinned man named Orochimaru.
He began class by telling them all to write a flaw they find in themself. He made them all read their flaws and he explained the probable causation to each.
For tomorrow, they were required to have a paper about their flaw and the explanation, either confirming or rebuking it as wrong.

Hinata had said her inability to stand up people properly, shyness.
Orochimaru attributed it to her unwillingness to disappoint.

He was correct, and she started the paper as soon as she returned to her room. She wrote that he was right, as much as she didn't want to admit it. Her whole familiy thought of her as a disappointment, a failure. She could do nothing right. Her shyness made her incapable. They branded her destined to fail.
She wrote about how she had deemed this would not be so, she would be someone, but not the someone they wanted. It had taken nearly 18 years, but she was going to be her own person, not the one they wanted.

Her paper took her about an hour to write, it was about four by then.
She reached into her pocket for her phone and dialed Tsunade's number. She pushed the save button before sending her a message, "Finished my work for the first day, would you like to have to dinner with me if you aren't too busy?"

What felt like an eternity later, Tsunade replied, "Id love to. Meet me in the parking lot in about a half hour"

Hinata smiled, blushing madly. She had asked the headmistress out on date! And she had said yes!
She was still blushing quite badly by the time she was to meet her.

Tsunade was wearing blue jeans and a green shirt with the Konoha symbol on it in a paler green.
Hinata led the way to her car, too nervous for words.

Finally, since Tsunade had yet to speak either, Hinata asked, "Hard day?"

"More like annoying. Your father kept calling my secretary today and harrassing her. She criedm the poor dear," The older woman replied with a snort.

"Oh," Hinata said in a small voice, resisting the urge to sink down into her seat.

"Let's go to Wendy's," Tsunade suggested, with a smile over at the blushing Hinata.

Hinata nodded in aknowledgement and began the drive there.

They ordered their food and ate in silence until Tsunade said, "Hinata..., I like you."

"I... I kind of figured that much," Hinata said softly, not meeting her eyes.

Tsunade leaned closer to the table, reaching across and with her thumb and forefinger, lift Hinata's chin to make her look her in the eyes. "I mean I like you."

Her eyes widened, her blush returning with a vengenance.

"I don't know. Human attraction is complicated. I just need to know..., soon at least, if you think you might return the feeling."

"I-I think I will lady," Hinata replied, blushing, and lowering her eyes from Tsunade's.

Tsunade stood and leaned over the table, pressing her warm lips to Hinata's forehead. Hinata, of course, blushed even brighter.

"You should get back to the University," Tsunade advised.

Hinata wordlessly nodded and they threw away their trash, driving back in silence.

Her mind was whirling. The headmistress had a serious interest n her, romantically. Serious.
She faceplanted into her bed, she couldn't believe the last hour. It simply wasn't possible.