If the green eyed man had been monitoring the screens he would have seen the young man he had just kidnapped vanish. The No-Life King disappeared a wide all fang grin on his face. Despite the difficulty of barely being able to sense his child he found her.

"Hi, sweetheart," he said tipping his wide red hat. "Daddy came to pick you up." She was not well. Seras hissed at him not recognizing the distant buzzing of his presence in her mind. Alucard raised an eyebrow as the topless woman snarled at him baring her teeth like an animal.

"Oh, so now you can be scary?"

Seras lunged at him and she shredded the arm he lifted absently. He looked pensively at the ruined arm of his coat and the thick ugly gashed along his forearm. Then he gave her a vicious slap across her face that sent her sprawling against the wall. "Wale up, Police Girl!" Unfortunately their reunion was interrupted by tommy flinging open the door to the cell.

"The fuck are you?"

"Little Garbage Monster," he said the mad off kilter grin back on his face. He drew the heavy black pistol from the shadows inside his coat. "I am the one who is going to kill every last one of you filthy bastards to take back what's mine." Tommy looked pointedly at Seras and shrugged.

"No. You're saving us the work of hunting you down like your little bitch here." The Jackal barked hot silver and the sound was deafening in the small room. The silver slug imbedded itself in a wall when Tommy faded from existence. His laugh filled the tiny cell and Alucard kept the giant smoking gun level. "I'm not scared of you," Tommy hissed invisible but felt in the shadows.

"So you know a few tricks, do you," Alucard said his voice full of dark amusement. "The Old Model couldn't even touch the shadows." When Tommy's hand went through his shoulder sending dark blood spewing across the walls the monster rolled his eyes before he tilted his gun down and blasted vaporizing most of Tommy's right arm. The F.R.E.A.K. boy screamed dropping to the floor cradling his smoldering stump.

"Shit!? My arm! My fucking arm!"

"Such a whiny bit of shit you are," Alucard said before slamming his boot into the crying monsters side. :It's just an arm. Nothing to scream over." When Tommy's vision stopped blurring he was staring down the giant barrel of The Jackal "Unless you warns me to put a silver bullet in your brain right now I suggest you tell me everything you know, garbage monster."

Despite her desire to Becky did not squeal when she felt her master appear next to her.

"Where are we headed, Becky?"

The older woman checked their heading on the screen of her tablet computer. "Apparently Grandmaster is at an abandoned industrial complex. Somewhere near Brighton. We'll be there in about twenty minutes."

"That's the middle of nowhere," George said. When the squad arrived they saw Alucard standing on the blackened ruined roof holding an unconscious Seras. His young pledge was wrapped up in his coat. It wasn't until they got out of the car that they noticed his boot on the back of a skinny boy.

"The family is back together again," he said. He gave a pointed absent stomp making his prisoner squeal. "I'm bringing a guest."

"Big Boss isn't going to like that, Dad. Go," George said. She looked down at the broken boy. "Take him to Bobbi and get Sis home. Me and the team will handle relocating everyone left." Alucard nodded and disappeared with the other two in tow. Alucard had left several parts of the group of industrial building demolished. It wasn't unexpected but what surprised her was the amount of life she still sensed. George had been expecting a much higher casualty count. It wasn't until she touched her powers more that it clicked it wasn't exactly life she was sensing. They were the addicted F. .K.S. It didn't take long to find out why they were in no condition to fight. The pathetic kids were sick and most were barely lucid. A few weren't conscious. And it was George's job to get them all to holding in the underground at Hellsing.

Isabella was only slightly surprised to wake up in a giant poster bed in one of the many rooms of Hellsing. There was a soft knock at the door.

"Ms. Dandridge if you are up brunch is being served downstairs in fifteen minutes." Isabella sat up and rubbed her eyes. They had done good work. Really good work. No casualties and a very high rescue count. The crown would be pleased. As Isabella dressed she considered how the job had been described. So far it was not nearly that bad. It was high tension but otherwise it was no different than standard liaison work. She even like Bobbi. She was honest and not nearly the spoiled noble she had been expecting. Even the demons she had been told were straining at the leash for the blood of England were not that at all. Seras was a girly delicate thing who was afraid of mice. And George okay she was snarky and I'll tempered but normal otherwise. She left the room following the smell of frying meat and coffee. She was greeted by the sight of Olivia gesturing wildly and Bobbi cradling a cup of the delicious smelling coffee.

"Liv, stop. You standing there flailing like you're having a seizure isn't going to change my mind." The ginger woman huffed, her face turning nearly as red as her hair before she plopped into the seat next to Bobbi imitating a rather famous Hellsing glare.

"Having a bit of a domestic, are we?"

Olivia nodded pointing an accusatory finger at the head of Hellsing."

"No, not at all, Officer Dandridge." Olivia's pretty perfectly glossed lips fell open in obvious disbelief and she went back to vivid pantomime. Oh how she wanted to scream at Bobbi for her stupidity. But her mental screaming was silenced by George trudging in. Bobbi just silently pushed the big silver coffee pot towards the littlest of Hellsing's monsters.

"Babs, I hope you and the silent nun have come up with what to do with the horde of addicted kids we brought in ... This morning? Last night?"

"Me and Liv were just discussing that actually." Olivia's eye twitched slightly as she held up her notebook.

No we weren't.

Then she flipped it scribbling in tight neat script with her marker.

Bobbi was being an idiot.

"You know I think I like her better on mute ," George said. Luv threw a coffee scone against George's head. When Isabella started laughing they all stopped squabbling to turn to her.

"I can't believe you are the people keeping this country from being shipped to hell."

"I know what you mean," Bobbi said. "Not the sort of thing one expects, is it?. She pushed Olivia away absently as her ginger lover swatted a her in irritation.

"What is she so mad about."

"Honestly it's because I pulled her off of active duty. She's at the library working with the tomes until further notice. She's pissy because she's bored."

"That and boss lady Bobbi is too busy to keep her entertained. You know with everything going to shit around here she can't dip off to their room like she used to," George said. Olivia turned a rather unbelievable shade of red similar to a boiled lobster before she threw up her middle

Finger at George and poked Bobbi in the shoulder.

"No, I will not shoot her, sweetheart." Olivia sighed and just silently fumed while the food arrived. "Okay," Bobbi said as Becky set out steaming savory omlettes, smoked

Sausage and hot cinnamon toast. "Olivia is a lot more useful in the library with the tomes until her throat and voice heals. She doesn't understand that. Her being here in the library means she gets more accomplished, stays safer until shei s back in fighting shape, and less work when she is in the field. Besides it's not like we're desperate for field operatives… yet anyway. We have some serious things to talk about. Last night we successfully raided the den of the F.R.E.A.K. traffickers. And we learned some things from a few we took captive. One of them a boy in his early twenties squealed. It is not good. We couldn't find out why they were doing it now we know." Bobbi poured salsa over her omlette and remembered what she had heard. "They aren't building an army it's more like a specialty hit squad. They are kidnapping kids, drugging and brainwashing them. If they don't want to be colt off cold turkey they do what the leader of this organizations says."

"Makes sense. They pull of the kill and vanish. Depending how they do it won't be a lot left from a vampire kill. "And no defense will matter if you can phase. And be invisible."

"Exactly," Bobbi said.

"We also know who the leader is, we have a detailed description from the prisoner. Now we need to decide what to do with the victims like Natasha, Catherine and the others."

"I can't suggest just ending them," said Isabella. "They were victims. Most of them haven't even been well enough to hurt anyone. We can't send them homes. Is there a way to integrate them into Hellsing."

"Maybe." Bobbi looked to George who was busy scarfing half an omlette. "What do you think?"

"Doubtful. They aren't healthy and I don't think they'd be any use if they were. We have to think of something. How is Sis? Was the doc able to help her?"

"Yeah, but it going to be a while she getting sick from withdrawal. She's touch and go."