"Cas have you seen my blue shirt?" Sam asked, coming from the bathroom, bare from the waist up.

He chuckled as he looked at Cas staring innocently from the edge of the desk, his missing flannel shirt practically swallowing the shorter man. It was tied at Cas's waist in an attempt to look like it fit, but he still looked child-like as he fought to keep his hands outside the long sleeves.

"Your shirt?" Cas asked, feigning ignorance.

"You can keep it." Sam grinned, rummaging for a different shirt.

"You can always try and take it back." Cas gave a small smile, testing the waters.

"Try, hmm?" Sam abandoned his search for another shirt.

"Well I am a powerful angel of the Lord." Cas tilted his head, watching Sam cross the motel room.

"I'll mind the wings." Sam murmured, kissing Cas playfully as he tugged on the tie of the shirt.