Melissa flipped through the pages of her journal that she recently completed. It wasn't any ordinary journal, and she wasn't an ordinary eight-year old. She was very special indeed, and she knew that. That was why she decided to make the journal in the first place, each page with a full description of a Greek deity.
She went back to the first page, that was her favourite. The top read The Muses, and whenever she read those two words her eyes teared up. She knew that she was their only hope. All of their only hope. She was the only one who could have truly remembered anything.
She averted her attention to the page next to The Muses' and reads Mnemosyne. She runs her fingers across the name, and thinks to herself that she will one day go by that name again.
Suddenly she hears the sound of glass breaking downstairs, and the screaming of her parents as they argued. "Just another reason to leave." She mumbles to herself, before getting up with the book in her hand and dropping it in her book bag, which she had already filled with snacks, one extra pair of clothes and a small Nerf gun a few days ago, just in case she would get the guts to run away. She knew that the Nerf gun wouldn't do much, but it was better than nothing, she could shoot someone in the eye, couldn't she?
She slung her bag over her shoulder and creeped downstairs. If her parents weren't bickering too much, they would have noticed their daughter open the front door and walk out. It was 7:00 pm, and getting dark, but the street lights were just bright enough for her to see where she was going. But they weren't bright enough for her to notice the pair of frighteningly black eyes watching the little girl from an alley between the stores she was passing by.
"Hey Memory." The man said as he walked out of the shadows. Melissa cringed at the sound of the nickname she hated so much. She loved being reminded that she was the goddess of memory once, but she hated being teased by the fact that she still slightly had her powers. She turned to face the man, although she already knew who he was.
"Hunter. Nice seeing you here, but I'm afraid I have somewhere to be." She said, looking at the immature twenty-two year old in front of her.
He wore a black hoodie and baggy jeans and Nikes, and had his curly black hair just messy enough to make teenage girls scream as if they saw Justin Bieber or Harry Styles. He laughed at how properly the kid in front of him spoke, then got a mischievous grin on his face.
"Finally decided to run away, huh?" He asked, arms crossed.
"Maybe I am. Maybe I'm not. But I'm not gonna tell you, you doody head." Melissa said, sticking her tongue out, which only made Hunter laugh more.
"C'mon, you can tell me. You know I would only help you. And maybe tag along."
"Why would you want to come with me? You're filthy rich!" Hunter thought for a second. She was right, his parents own a bank, and as long as he lives under their roof, he could have anything he wanted. Even when he went to college, it was one close by so he simply lived with them, and he didn't care what others think about him still living with his parents. But he felt like something was missing.
"Maybe I'm just bored of it." Hunter said, not being able to think of a better excuse.
"Well you can't come with me."
"Why not?"
"Because I don't trust you." Melissa said, stomping her foot. Hunter raised an eyebrow, thinking about how he used to babysit Melissa. How could she not trust him? "It's not like you could survive by yourself anyways. Face it, you need me." Hunter countered. Melissa opened her mouth to object, but closed it. She heard those sentences before. From the same voice. In the same tone. But not from Hunter, it was...
Melissa honestly thought about giving herself a facepalm, but decided not to. She did need Hunter with her. But first she needed proof.
"Fine." Melissa snapped. "But first I need to see if I can trust you. Answer this question: What do you want as a pet?"
Hunter, stunned at how simple the question was, looked at the girl with brown curly hair and glasses in front of him and simply said "A dog."
"And how many do you want?" Melissa asked in a serious tone.
"Um... Three?" Hunter said, not seeing how this proves trust at all. "I'm just answering simple questions..." He thought.
Melissa smiled, his answers were both what she was looking for. But she still wasn't done.
"If you had a big crush on a girl and her overprotective mother didn't like you but you wanted to marry the girl, what would you do?" Melissa said, fairly quickly.
Hunter blinked for a few seconds, wondering what any of this had to do with trust, but eventually he answered "I dunno. Run away with her, I guess."
Melissa smiled. "Close enough. Okay, you can come along. But I have to tell you something really important before we go."
"Okay. What is it?" Hunter asked.
Melissa's smile faded as she unzipped her bag and pulled out her journal, flipping to the page titled with Hades.

I'm new in Fanfiction, so I know the story might not be that awesome. But I just want to set the record straight that Mnemosyne is not my fave goddess. I just chose her since she would fit the role of reminding everyone of who they were. Oh, and one more thing, I'll try to update as much as possible, but it might be hard with all this homework I have...