Early in the morning, Melissa sat in the second row of Hunter's black Mercedes, which Hunter realized reminded him a lot of the four black stallions he once had. They were driving through town, wondering how they'd figure out who was a deity, and they were looking at each person they passed on the street, checking if they look familiar at all.
Little did the two of them know that there were three elderly ladies watching them through their magical mirror.
"They won't get anywhere if they simply drive around trying to recognize people." Said the first lady, who had her gray hair tied in a bun at the top of her head and blue eyes behind her oversized glasses. She was knitting what seemed like a scarf.
"I think you're right, my dear sister, Clotho. We should help them just a bit, shouldn't we, Atropos?" Said the second one, who looked fairly similar to Clotho, except that she left her dyed-brown hair fall to her shoulders. She was also knitting a scarf.
"Indeed, Lachesis." Said Atropos, who had dark brown eyes and dark and white hair. "Those whippersnappers will take forever. Do they not get that the closest immortal is miles from there?" Atropos questioned, cutting a loose string from Lachesis's scarf.
"Let's send them a message, hm?" Clotho said.
"Yes, and maybe the one delivering the message will be someone they are searching for as well?" Lachesis hinted.
"I see where you are going, sister." Atropos said. They all attempted to laugh, which ended up sounding like dying horses. After they regained their breath, a young woman who seemed to be around twenty appeared at the doorway, and the sisters were quick to turn the mirror off. Well, as quick as they could with their old age.
"Cordelia, Lucille, Annette, its dinner time... Are you all knitting again?" The woman asked.
"Um..." They all answered at the same time.
"Oh, whatever. Well, it's dinner time, so come to the cafeteria, okay?"
"Okay, Amanda, dear. We'll be there soon." Said Clotho. Amanda left, and the three sisters were left in their room alone.
"Okay, who's great idea was it to make our 'hiding place' an old folk's home?" Lachesis asked angrily.
"Um, that would be you." Atropos answered.
"Damn my old mortal memory." Lachesis said.

So, who's gonna send the fate's 'message'? I guess it's pretty obvious for a mythology fan, but whatever. Thanks to everyone who reviewed, and I will read any ideas. Speaking of that, maggiestarjump gave me the idea for making Hunter's car remind him of his horses, so I gotta give her credit for that. So, until next time, peace!