Consider this story as a series of one-shots, to happen between books 2 and 3.

Zero Distance Prayers

Prayer Zero: A Prayer Answered

"Please, God of Light! Stop trying to bring me earlier to your presence! If you want to talk to me that badly, come to the Holy Temple instead!"

Sun vaguely remembered thinking the phrase above in a desperate moment during a mission. An enemy had managed to break through Judgment to attack him, and he had lifted his sword in the improbable case he would be able to parry the blow. Needless to say, he was holding his sword in a completely wrong position, and if Judgement wasn't there, it would have been the end of the 38-th generation Sun Knight.

"Praised be the God of Light for the deftness of thy sword hand, brother Judgement."

"My hand fulfills the will of the harsh God of Light, bringing forth punition for the sinners."

Which was, of course, their way of saying "Thank you" and "You are welcome".

This mission had been a particularly troublesome one, requiring the presence of nothing less than six of the Twelve Holy Knights, so when Sun, Judgement, Leaf, Moon, Metal and Earth returned to the Holy Temple, they were welcomed with a big party.

"We were starting to get worried." The Storm Knight confided to Sun "Since you were expected three days ago. But this morning Hell just came back from wherever you've sent him – don't tell me, I don't want to get caught in your schemes! - and said you'd crossed the border of the Kingdom of the Forgotten Sound, so we had time to prepare all this stuff." He gestured towards the banquet and, especially, towards the blueberry flavored cakes and pies that had been Ice's special contribution.

If it was only the Twelve Holy Knights and the Pope, Sun would have only nodded and stuffed a slice of blueberry cake in his mouth, but for the sake of the clerics and holy knights assembled, he started thinking on a sufficiently long answer praising the God of Light. Storm realised what Sun was trying to do and started to look immediately for an excuse to be elsewhere. Anything was better than having to cope with "Sun-speech".

The excuse came as a knock in the Holy Temple's door.

It should have been the first clue that Storm was able to hear a door being knocked, despite the noises of the pparty all around them.

"I'll go and see who is it."

"Brother Storm, allow Sun to accompany you."

That was short, Storm reflected. And since Sun had a serious expression, he nodded and they left the party. Along the way, they met Leaf, who also seemed to have heard the knocking. They kept walking.

"It can't be so serious that the two of them can't handle whatever it is... I would do better going back and eating one more of those pies..." In the awkward silence of the temple's corridors, Sun's mutters were clear. Then he finally reached his decision and announced loudly.

"It doesn't take the three of us to open that door." And when he turned... "Ah! Cloud! When did you get behind me?"

"Just after you and Storm left the party."

"And why did you come out as well?"

"I heard a knock on the temple's door."

Sun was about to urge the three of the to go on while he himself went back to the party and Ice's pies, when the sight of Ice himself and Judgement caught him by surprise.

"I heard a knock on the door and had the impression it was important, so I asked Ice to come with me to check."

This general feeling that a mere knock on the door was worth of the Twelve Holy Knights verifying should have been the second clue. Especially when the six of them continued to walk down the corridors and met Moon and Metal on their way to the door, and a few turns after, Stone joined them.

Now only Earth, Blaze and Roland are missing, Sun thought idly, when they reached the door just in time to see Earth face-palming while Blaze opened the door with a kick. From where he stood, Sun couldn't be quite sure, but...

"There is nobody there." Blaze exclaimed in him booming voice. In fact, out there it was even raining. It didn't look as if somebody would knock at the temple's door, much less wait all the time that it took them to reach the door to open it.

The Twelve Holy Knights (actually Eleven, since the God of Light knew were Roland was hiding...) started their way back to the party, but they hadn't walked half a dozen steps when the Pope appeared.

"What is the point of this ruckus?" He demanded.

"We heard a knock on the door..." Cloud started.


Everyone stopped, and the knight nearest to the door opened it in a hurry. There was still no one there.

"Hey, look at that!" Someone pointed to the floor a few paces away from the temple. There the rain water was forming some sort of pattern.

"It looks like the God of Light's emblem." And, indeed, it did.

"And it stopped raining above it."

"Is it only my impression, or is it getting brighter?"

It was.

Because, from heaven, a column of light descended, and when it touched the emblem on the floor, a figure emerged of the light.

It was the God of Light himself.

At first, the Pope and the Twelve (Eleven) Holy Knights couldn't be sure, but they couldn't have any doubt when the heavenly figure's first words were:

"Hi. I am the God of Light." Followed by: "Since the fifteenth generation of Holy Knights I've been thinking about visiting, so this time I just decided to accept Sun's invitation."

Sun felt eleven pair of eyes boring holes in him, but he was too ocupied remembering something.

"...come to the Holy Temple instead!"

Crap. But what could he possibly do? Turn down the God of Light telling him it was only a misunderstanding? That wouldn't do. So he switched on his most warm smile.

"Welcome to the Holy Temple." He felt tempted to add a title, but if you called a pope "your holiness", what possibly could you call a god?

If the God of Light felt need of a title, he didn't say so. Instead, he just beamed and climbed the temple stairs two steps at a time, carrying a suspiciously large suitcase no one had noticed before.

"Thanks. Where can I put my stuff?"

And like this the God of Light started his stay in the Holy Temple, for indefinite time.

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