You know you're in Band if…

You know the tuba player is the hardest person to wake up.

If you know second chair is actually first (well for me)

You feel bad for color guard when it's cold, and they feel the same for you when it's hot

Finding random people passed out on the band room floor is normal.

You have random articles of clothing (or food) inside your case

You know reeds only last about an hour

The one muscle you use the most to carry your instrument is huge(says the tubist)

You know the flutes are weenies(But the man flutes are badass)

The band room closed means the end of the world

The band room is the agreed location for fights, deals, make out sessions, etc. ect. etc.

You know what 'the Circle' means( the music circle)

The highlight of your day is when you get new music

You know the tuba is in love with his/her gigantic tuba shoulder and various other muscles

You know the jealous clarinet player who barely uses any muscles tells the tuba player to shut up about their 'beautiful' shoulder [ butthole,tuba player its ment for, you don't even HAVE ANY muscles!]

[Yes I do] you get PISSED when people tell you marching band is easy.