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"I'm proposing that you be my travel partner for my year off."

"Why," I asked. "You don't even like me. In fact I remember you coming to murder me!"

"Because. I didn't kill you for bumping into me and knocking me back into that tree, and I don't dislike you. It was just business…nothing personal."

"I'm still not convinced."

"Because if you don't I'll end up going around, eating and holing up in some hotel. That's no way to spend the one year I get off every one hundred years, have mercy on me."

"You are right..."

Anybody looking in from the outside would think we were a very odd couple, sitting in a restaurant talking. They couldn't be more wrong. I bumped into Alec when I was running through the woods in England. As soon as I did I knew I was fucked, so I high tailed it to the first heavily populated place I could find. Stupid of me to think Alec wouldn't follow...he did and we've been here talking for an hour. He thinks I have guts and apparently he thinks I've grown up beautifully. Now he wants me to travel the world with him for a year. This seems like a bad idea... this seems like a really bad idea; however, I'm inclined to accept his offer.

For years I woke up screaming and crying, thinking the Volturi were going to come and murder my family. It took me months to even get anywhere near the meadow after the confrontation. All I could see when I looked at it were black, menacing cloaks, red eyes and a bonfire with the remnants of Tanya and Kate's sister Irina. Now...here I am talking to one of the witch twins about a trip abroad. Like I said, this is a bad idea, but I like the notion of dancing with danger. Everything about Alec definitely screams danger and trouble. There should be flashing lights around his head, and a stop sign in front of him. He's just that dangerous. Yet, I can't decline.

"I'll do it. But I have ground rules."


"Don't use your powers on me. Don't call me half breed or abomination... I don't like it. I want to be called Nessie. Don't wake me when I'm sleeping. Don't act disgusted when I eat...whatever I eat. I go to visit my family once a month, you can come along but be nice to them and the wolves, and try to blend. They are actually cool. Oh, and do you have any other clothes? You look seventeen or eighteen and you're wearing a suit. You stand out like a sore thumb, so you need a makeover. Plus you're making me uncomfortable in all those formal clothes."

"My clothes displease you?"

"It's just that...you look like you're still working. Loosen up a bit. Wear some jeans."


I paid for the coffee I ordered and then I grabbed him by the hand. He pulled away from me with a strange expression on his face.

"What? I'm not allowed to touch you?"

"I'm not used to it. You're too warm."

"I do have blood pumping through my veins Alec."

"Yes... it sounds delicious," he said with a playful smile.

I shook my head and I grabbed him by the hand again. This time he didn't jerk away, though he seemed reluctant to follow my lead. I can tell he's a control freak.
We arrived at the hotel I was staying in. I packed my clothes in my duffle bag quickly and then I checked out. All the while, Alec stood suspiciously in the lobby wearing dark sunglasses, and reading the papers. When I came down we left and caught a cab to the airport. First stop...Forks.

"You're more prone to life-threatening idiocy than your mother! Nessie, we send you out on your own the first time and you have Nahuel thinking you two are getting engaged... we send you out the second time and you bring home a permanent member of the Volturi guard."

"Alice he's promised to behave! Please work your magic on him? It's his only break for a hundred years!"

"Well...that's a long time to be poorly dressed...alright, bring him in."

I went out into the living room where Alec was cushioned between my father and Emmett. I told him where Alice was and he went back. My dad's eyes darted to me. If they were daggers I'd be hit. Emmett just laughed, my mother stood beside me with a raised brow and Rosalie and Jasper just took it all in.

"You're grounded," said my father.

"Dad, you can't ground me! I've been to college."

"I don't care. Nessie do you realize who you'll be roaming with?"

"Yes...but he's promised to be nice daddy! Come on, he can't be all bad. If he wanted to kill me he'd have done it when I accidentally clothes lined him in England."
"You what! Are you out of your mind?"

"He he he... and vampire meltdown in 3...2...1..." said Emmett

"You'll tell him you can't go. You're under house arrest."


"Edward," said my mother. "So...it's Alec of the volturi. He's being nice. He's very polite, and she'll be safe."

"Yeah Edward, that should definitely be a perk. Nothing will hurt her when he's there," said Jasper.

"I don't like the idea of this. Gosh...for once I wish the pack was here. Jacob would agree. What a fine time for he and Leah and the baby to visit his sister in Hawaii."
"Dad please don't freak out. It will be fine, okay."

He rolled his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose. My mom winked at me, this usually meant we were wearing him down. I hugged him and he patted my back.

"How are you doing... other than bringing destruction into this house?"

"I'm fine dad."

"You know you could call me and you father more often," said my mom.

"I know mom... I'm sorry. I just get so caught up in nature."

"Nature? There's no young human or vampire or whatever that's got your time all wrapped up," asked Rosalie.

"Nope...just nature and adventure."

There was suddenly blundering and yelling from the room Alec and Alice were in. We all rushed to see what was going on. Alice and Alec were wrestling; she was trying to tweeze his eyebrows.

"Be still! There's just one more I need to get!"

"I demand you cease this torture!"

"No makeover subject of mine is going out looking unkempt! No... be...still! Got it"

"That is worse than Jane's mental fires," he said, rubbing his eyebrows.

"All done."

He'd changed into a white v-neck tee shirt with dark wash jeans. His hair wasn't shaggy, like before...it was now shorter and tousled about his head. He looked good enough to eat, honestly. Not that he wasn't handsome before, but looking at him now made me forget that he wasn't my age. It made me think he was a normal teenage boy and not a thousand year old vampire.

"Well, how do I look," he asked, his red eyes locked with mine.

My dad elbowed me in the arm and I breathed... I'd stopped for some reason.

"You look nice Alec..."

"Well I'm glad it is to your liking."

Everybody started back into the living room and my dad leaned down.

"Don't even think about it."

Dammit... I forget daddy is a mind reader.

Everybody piled back into the living room. The door opened and Carlisle and Esme came in. I ran to my grandparents and hugged them, though I could tell they were looking past me to Alec.

"We have company..." said Esme.

"Grandma, Alec and I ran into each other in England, and got talking and we've decided I'm going to um...show him around during his year off from the guard."

"Interesting," said my grandpa.

"Carlisle... I can assure you no harm will come to Renesme. I will guard her with my life."

"See dad... with his life," I said as I looked at my father with a very "matter of factly" look on my face. He hissed at me. That's his way of telling me to zip it, or else.

"Edward... I understand your displeasure and your worry but I promise... I'll take care of her."

"She's my daughter Alec... sprung from these loins."

"Ahhh gross dude," yelled Emmett. "Not that speech again!"

"If anything happens to her..."

"You're going to come up missing," said grandma with a polite smile.

I've never heard her say anything unkind, it was kind of funny. It also made me feel loved. My family is threatening Alec on my behalf.

"I understand. I assure you she'll be in the best of care."

"Well... if you say that, then I believe you," said my grandpa. "I hope you'll be staying the night?"

"Of course grandpa... I miss my bed."

"Excellent. We'll be hunting tonight. Alec, you are welcome to borrow a car to go to another town to hunt, or you may try our diet."

"I'd appreciate it if I could borrow a car. Thank your Carlisle."

My dad felt better after I promised to call everyday to let him know I was still alive. When that was established everything seemed to calm down, and Alec was blending…oddly enough. He was playing poker with Emmett and Jasper… Emmett was getting angry because he was losing. Jasper was beating them both.

I went outside just as the sun was about to set… the cotton candy sky is my favorite sky to look at. That's why I love dawn and dusk so much. My mother just so happened to be out there too, sitting down looking into the depths of the forest. I sat beside her.

"So… you're interested in him?"

"What? No…mom, it's not like that."

"It's me you're talking to, not your dad. But if you don't wanna tell me you don't have to. The fact that you agreed to this is proof enough."

"I wanna dance with danger. There… I said it."

"Oh my goodness. Well, I guess you are at about that age. It seems like us Swan girls always get tangled up with the Volturi when we're eighteen…like a curse or something."

"What do you mean?"

"Well… when I was eighteen your dad and I broke up, he left, I got depressed and… long story short I wanted an auditory memory of him so I jumped off that huge cliff in LaPush, I would have drowned but Jacob saved me. Alice saw it, told Rosalie, Rosalie told your dad before Alice could investigate and your dad thought I was dead so he went to Volterra to kill himself."

"What do you mean to kill himself?"

"The Volturi… grants death to vampires who no longer wish to go on living. I take away their senses to make their last moments painless," said Alec.

"Oh… Ohhhh…"

"If you'll excuse me, I'll go hunt now."

Here I was thinking that my mom and dad always had this perfect, tight knit little thing going on. The breakup suicide is definitely a new side of it all.

"So how'd you stop him?"

"Aro refused me," said my father. "I was going to do something to expose our secret and force Aro to order me dead but your mother arrived just in time."

"Thanks to Alice stealing that Porsche."

"They were about to kill me, one for provoking them, two for letting a human know of our kind. Your mother and I were sitting ducks but her mental block interested Aro, and her compassion for vampires intrigued him so he spared us…"

"Only on the grounds that I become a vampire though."

"Oh. Dad, why'd you break up with mom?"

"I thought I was protecting her."

"Wow…you were kind of a jerk."

My mom laughed and my dad went back into the house. After a few seconds my mom followed him and I just sat outside alone…staring into the darkness. I just know, for some reason, that my life won't be this calm and serene for a very very long time.