BREAKING NEWS! Across parts of the UK and Northern United States there have been blackouts. Not power outages, but cases of people fainting and waking up moments later, without recollection of the event. Potential carriers are being quarantined until the nature of this illness can be determined. Could this be the beginning of the next big pandemic?


I don't think I've ever run so fast in my life. The plane wasn't quick enough so I took to foot the minute Jane called me and told me Nessie was in labor. It was challenging at first, getting through the swarms of humans but after I knocked them out for a few seconds, it was easy.

The closer I got to the house, the louder her screams and shrieks of pain became. I approached the Cullens' house and I didn't bother to open the door. There was no time for those types of formalities. No, I busted right through it causing wood splinters to float in the air and rain down slowly. Edward, Emmett, Carlisle, and Jasper looked at me strangely before smiling. They didn't say anything, but I could tell what they were thinking.

I ran up the stairs where I saw Renesmee sprawled out on the bed. Esme was looking at her private area while Rosalie held the tools, acting as the assistant. Bella and Alice were holding Nessie's legs apart and Jane was holding her hand.

"I'm here! I'm here!"

Renesmee looked to me and her hand flew out. Jane stepped aside and I stood beside my wife, whose face was plagued with an expression of pain. She yelled out, squeezing my hand so hard that vague cracks appeared in it. I looked back to Jane, who was taking pictures and she smiled at me.

"Nessie the contractions are bringing the baby down, but you need to push, as well. This is a big baby."

Renesmee looked at me nervously, before broadcasting to me that she was scared.
"Me too, but we'll make it through. I love you."

I kissed her and a very tiny smile appeared on her face. She started to push the babies out with gritted teeth and glass shattering screams. She continued to hold onto my hand and I was certain she'd break my fingers off. When her screaming ended, the teeth gritting stopped,and my hand was released, a little crying body was brought up into the air. It was a boy, a very angry boy. They passed the baby along and placed him on Renesmee's chest. He stopped crying, but if I had tears I would have.

"Alec, you'll have to bit through the cord," said Rosalie.

"Of course."

I bit through the gummy, bloody cord, trying not to use it as a straw. If I said that Renesmee's blood wasn't absolutely delicious, I'd be lying. It's a good thing I fed this morning before I got the news.

Renesmee's face scrunched up in pain again. Rosalie took the boy and he started to clean him off while Jane helped her, and took pictures. Nessie grabbed my hand again, this time squeezing even harder. When she screamed this time the windows in the room actually did crack and in the blink of an eye, there was another body. This one nwasn't crying, just making angry faces and pouting. It was a girl. They lay the baby on Nessie's chest, I bit the cord again and then Rosalie and Jane started to clean the little one off. Esme worked with Nessie to get her to deliver the afterbirth. It might have been made of vampire skin, but it's still just as disgusting as a human placenta.

When the babies and Nessie were all cleaned up I helped her sit up on the bed. Jane handed me the girl and Rosalie handed Nessie the little boy. We looked at eachother, and then back at them who were looking at us with perfect clarity and recognition.

"Hi little one, I'm your daddy..." I whispered to the baby and she smiled at me. She knows who I am.

"Alec... we did it. We're parents," said Renesmee as tears rolled down her cheeks. The little boy was looking at her too with severe concentration.

"We are...Thank you."

"Thank you."

"I love you Nessie."

"I love you too Alec,so much."

We switched babies and talked. Everyone had left. Bella said they were giving up a few hours to bond as a family before they'd come and kidnap the children. We'd decided to name the girl Evangeline Isabella, after both our mothers. The boy was named after me. Alecsander Gabrielle Jr. Yes, my middle name is Gabrielle.

"Two down, thirteen to go," I said quietly.

Renesmee nudged me in the ribs with her elbow while she stared daggers at me. I just chuckled and kept admiring the little person in my arms. He looks like me, a lot like me. He has my hair and my nose and my smile. He's like a little version of me, so I guess his name suits him well.

I started to drift off, it was slow and subtle but I was able to see less and less. My vision was replaced with fire, my feeling was replaced with fire, I smelled fire, I heard the roaring of a fire. I tried to scream but I ended up choking. I'm in hell, I'm being burned in the lake of fire for all the evil I've committed. That was just a cruel joke. I coughed more, the smoke was burning my lungs, it was an unnatural feeling. Choking, I haven't felt it in over a thousand years. The smoke burned my eyes and the flames engulfed me, making me feel like there should be nothing left with the way it was raging. I could have been here two seconds or a million years. I don't know how long I've been here. I'm scared and confused and I can't move, I'm just stuck burning but never making the transition to burned. I tried to scream, but I only get choked more. Vampires don't even breathe, so why am I choking?

Suddenly the burning wore off, starting from my head. Renesmee, Jane, and Edward were leaning over my. Renesmee was crying as she looked at me. Once my eyes locked with hers she pulled me up into a hug and she kissed my face. Her sobs replaced the growling sound of the fire in my ear.

"What happened," I asked. Not sure what'd gone on. It was like I was sleeping or dreaming.

"You were holding Jr then you suddenly passed out, well, sort of. Alec there was fire in your eyes and you kept coughing and I didn't know what to do."

"Yes brother, it was quite startling. The only thing I can relate it to is...your power. Except without the nothingness."

"I suspect the baby was showing you his gift," said Carlisle.

Aj was lying on the bed. I picked him up again and he smiled at me. I started to feel the fire wash over me.

"No no baby Alec. You mustn't do that."

He pouted briefly and cried a little. I bounced him and he started to laugh again.

The family gathered around. They all passed the babies around, fussing over them, cooing. The children didn't seem to be frightened by any of them, or exhausted. Probably because they were putting faces to all the voices they'd heard. For a few minutes during the meet and greet, I got Evangeline back. Her little hand grasped onto my finger and I was suddenly in a very small body, in a blanket, looking up at myself with a blank expression on my face. When I came back to my senses I had to take a deep breath. It was instinctual, I guess from my days as a human. All eyes were on me again and Edward explained.

"Evangeline's power is like Renesmee's and Alec's. How Renesmee can send you her memories or thoughts and Alec takes away the senses, Evangeline takes away the senses and replaces them with hers. I'm guessing."

Renesmee looked at me with worry on her face, I couldn't mask mine either. I guess we knew this was a possibility, right? No matter what, these babies will be loved. In time they'll learn to control their powers and it will be safer.

"They're hungry," said Edward.

"Oh," said Renesmee sounding less than thrilled.

"Don't worry, there's nothing to it," said Esme.


I feel like a milk cow. I have one baby on one breast, and another baby on the other. They both have little teeth, but luckily they aren't inclined to bite down. It's been a long day. I've given birth! That amazes me. I never pictured myself having babies. I guess because, I didn't think I could for the longest time. Now I'm a mother to two children. They are beautiful and frightening to me at the same time. I'm scared I'll do something wrong or that Alec Jr will use his frightening power on me like he did on Alec. I guess dads get all the abuse.

The babies fell asleep while I was feeding them. Betty said babies who are three quarters vampire sleep a lot, but sleep less the older they get. When they reach maturity, they won't need sleep regularly but they will always be able to go. I guess the way that Dot can stay awake or pass out.

We put them in the bassinet beside the bed I was in. My father's old room. I guess this place has been through alot of stuff. I needed to lie down. My body was sore and it felt like my hips had been snapped off like barbie doll legs. Alec lay down beside me, after a day like today... I'm grateful I can go to sleep.

"I love you and I'm proud of you," said Alec.

"Thanks, I love you too. Are you okay?"

"I'll be fine. Alec jr's gift is frightening. If Aro were alive he'd probably have him being trained for the guard as we speak."

We both winced and I looked up at Alec who was looking down at me.

"So... how long until we can um, meet each other," he asked as he moved his eyebrows up and down.

"A couple weeks."

"Well... I guess I've waited longer. This doesn't feel real. Do I deserve this," he asked.

"Do you deserve what?"

"To be this happy..."

There was guilt staining his face. I know he was thinking about the lives he took and how things in his strange life played out. I can't erase his past, I don't even know if he'll ever even tell me all of it.

"You deserve to be this happy."

I slept until the babies woke me up to demand milk. I can see that this is the beginning of a very interesting time in life. The good part about it though, is that when they do cry and its not for food Alec can handle it because he doesn't sleep! Those are the perks of having a vampire husband.

"Mama, mama, mama, mama!"

"Evangeline, I hear you and I'm coming!"


"I hear you too Jr."

They are a month old and they are starting to talk. Naturally their first word was Mama, they can also say Dada, however that's usually a word they reserve for Alec when he's home. Right now he's away on business. Actually, it's his first trip since the twins were born. They are growing fast. Not as fast as I did. They can't walk yet, but they crawl at a very inconvenient pace. They are like hot rods.

When I got into the room they were standing themselves up by holding onto the bars of the crib. They were both smiling. I could tell they weren't hungry because of the fact that they are smiling. Evangeline is more likely to use her powers when she's content, it's disorienting but pleasant, Jr, on the other hand, uses his when he's discontent. I've experienced it once when he was grouchy. I don't know how long he set me on fire, but when I came to were were both on the floor and Alec was over me. I didn't hold Alec Jr for the rest of the day, I was afraid of him. I sent him to stay with my mom, since she can't be affected by his power. However, by the time the sun rose, I missed my other baby and I had to hold him whether he trapped me inside a world of fire, or not.

He has better control of it now though. They are learning so much everyday. It's amazing.

"Happy Birthday Alec Jr and Evangeline, happy birthday to you," sang everyone in unison, well almost, Emmett was louder and on a different key than everyone else but it gave the rendition character. It's hard to believe that a year has passed since I had my babies. They've gotten so big! They look like they could be three, and they speak like they could be one hundred. They picked up language quickly, like I did, which wasn't a bad thing because once we understood each other we could teach them how to better restrain their powers, and how to protect our secret.

Things have changed a lot in this one year. We've moved to Ithaca, I've started a new branch of my literary journal out here, and my mom has a bookstore here too. Though, we go back once a month to check on the Seattle store and office. At first everyone was reluctant to move, but Grandpa said it was time. Alec and I considered staying behind, but he knew I'd want to be with my family, so we went. Jane stayed behind with Martha and Dot though. We see them a couple times a week so it's like we never went anywhere. Also, we keep in touch with the pack. Jacob Jr. is getting so big, and he talks talks talks. Though Alec jr is years younger, they are nearly the same size and they have interesting conversations about running and racing toy cars. We've had to teach little Alec not to play too rough, he's careful about Jacob Jr though... they are best friends. I wish I could say the same of myself when I was his age. It wasn't all my fault though, my dad told me I could abuse Jacob!

When the twins blew out their candles Evangeline turned to look at me with a smile on her face. She tugged at a lock of my hair, incidentally, it's the same lock Alec likes too.

"Mama, can we eat the cake now," she asked.

"Yes... we can eat the cake now."

I cut them both a piece. They do love their human junk food. Of course, they love blood more. Deer blood mostly. It wasn't hard for them to make the switch once I had to ween them from my breast.

We go hunting together, and if you can believe it Alec comes along too. He's making the switch from human to animal blood...slowly but surely. His eyes are the same strange orange as Dot's, and it will be weird when they are golden like the rest of my family's, but I know he'll always be Alec. No matter what he eats.

"Okay, we had the cake now. can I run," asked Alec Jr.

"No," yelled everyone.

He has a bad habit of running off. He's obsessed with speed. Once we spent the night chasing him all the way to the Arctic circle. He'd gotten that far! He's fast, I'll give the little booger that much. If he ever wanted to run away from home we'd have to find a tracker to bring him back home.

"But mama, you said..."

"I know what I said Alec jr, but the party isn't done. Everybody is here for you, don't you want to visit with them?"

"Well... yeah... I do. Grandpa, can we run later," he asked, as he looked up at my dad. He's the only one fast enough to keep up with him most of the time. The fact that he can read minds helps as well.

"Sure Jr. We'll run."


It was a perfectly pleasant day. The sun was shining and mostly everyone was full sparkle, with the exception of Grampy, Sue, the pack, Grammy, and Phil. Charlie seemed used to seeing everyone lighting up like a chest of diamonds, Renae seemed amazed but accepting. She touched my mother's face in that state, probably trying to see if her skin would still feel as smooth and as cool, even when shining.

I went over to Alec who was standing and watching the children play. Alec Jr is truly his twin in looks, but he's much nicer, I must say. Evangeline is the more devious one, if you can believe it.

He grabbed me by the waist as we watched, everyone was watching the children play. It's relaxing and it makes the horrible things that have happened seem like nothing compared to the loveliness of now.


"Daddy, why don't you ever talk about your daddy," asked Evangeline.

"He was a very bad man who was unkind to your Aunt Jane and I."

"Unkind how daddy, he didn't feed you," asked Alec Jr.

"Well...that too but he used to hurt us."

"I'm glad you're not like that," said Alec jr.

"You think so? I think you could both use bed without supper and a good whipping. You're so spoiled."

"Daddy, you're so funny," said Evangeline.

It's my night to tuck them in and read them a bedtime story. I've already read them There's an Alligator Under my Bed. Now they are asking me a million questions. They do every night. For the longest time they asked me how I'm so old and still alive. They couldn't wrap their little minds around my existence, but once I explained to them that they'd be my age eventually, they accepted it more. Sometimes they ask me what I did for a thousand years and to that I can only respond by saying "I was a very very bad man." They want to know what I did that was bad but I always stop short of telling them. Yes, they are very intelligent but they are only one. They are too young to know about that kind of thing, or maybe they aren't and I'm ashamed that if they find out all the things I did they'll be afraid of me, or love me less. That would kill me.

"Daddy, can I go to the other side of the house and see grandpa," asked Alec Jr.

"Tomorrow. Go to sleep."

"But we're not even tired," said Evangeline, yawning and rubbing her golden eyes.


Evangeline went to sleep soon after protesting and Alec jr fell asleep mid sentence when asking to go visit Edward. When I was sure they were out for the night I kissed them both on the cheek and I opened the door to find Nessie standing there.

"Well, it took some doing, but they are sleeping."

"They look like little angels..." she said.

"More like wolves in the skin of sheep."

She grabbed my hand and held it, kissing my palm before she placed it to her belly and looked at me with a smile as wide as a light-year.

"Yeah," I asked.

"Yeah... in a year, we're going to be parents again," she said.

I hugged her and she latched onto me with such force I thought she'd snap my neck. I'm happy, completely happy. It feels surreal. Sometimes I wonder if I might be that scared human boy defeated and on the dirt floor, or perhaps this was just a figment of my imagination to distract me from the flames. Is it possible to be so content with life? It disturbs me because I still don't know if I deserve to feel it. I enjoyed killing. I ruined covens and families and I've spilled enough blood to fill oceans. Now I'm deliriously happy and I'm scared it's not real or that it will be taken away.

"Hey, I know that face. Stop doing that," she said, punching me in the arm.

"Sorry," I said.

"Now...let's go."


We ran out the door. My family would watch the children, that much I knew. Alec and I were going to Forks, to our spot by the waterfall. In fact, it only took us over an hour to make it to our special place.

"It hasn't changed," he said.

"I hope it never does."

"Don't be disappointed when it does."

"Well... I'll buy it so that nobody can change it."

"No, I'll buy it, and turn it into a Walmart," he said with an evil grin, though not quite as evil without his red eyes.

I attacked him, nipping at him, biting him gently and rolling around in the grass with him while we both laughed. He grabbed me by the face and kissed my lips, making me have to take a few deep breathes to soothe my jumping heart. Our lips met, our tongues danced and then I moved to his neck taking in the way he tasted and smelled and the way the tiny groans escaping from him made his throat vibrate, and my lips buzz with delight.

He rolled over onto me and we just looked into each other's eyes. He grabbed the strand of hair he loved most and he bought it to his nose to smell it. He lay down beside me and I put my head to his still, quiet, cool chest and we lay there in our own little perfect piece of eternity.

So, this concludes the story. I'm sorry it took me so long to finish, but I had a bit of writer's block. I hope you all liked it. I don't know if I'll make another, but if I do it will be about Jane and Seth because I feel like there is most definitely a story there! Thanks for reading and reviewing and adding me to your alerts and favs and especially, I want to thank all those who stuck with me through it being removed and all! Thank you, and goodnight!