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A long long time ago, when the various Skies, Seas, Heaven and worlds were being forged by The Creator and early life was formed and gained law and intelligence, of which a magnificent multiverse was made. One day The Creator noticed something, the people he had created, using their imaginations, were generating worlds of their own and their worlds were accumulating into a multiverse of their own. Seeing this, The Creator granted souls to the denizens of this realm of fiction.

These multiverse's were not entirely separate, sometimes people and things could get out from one of the multiverse's to another. Things were peaceful for some millennia or two and as this golden era went on and everyone prospered, but this golden era was not to last as some hearts grew dark and greedy and wanted more. Three men known as the Di'jeict raised an army went to war against the good peoples of the multiverse for a good many centuries until the people of the multiverse finally trapped them in a distant part of the multiverse and waged an epic final battle against the Di'jeict. At the end when the enemy knew they could not win they enacted their final vengeance upon the peoples of the multiverse a great evil that consumed all it touched and turned them into lies.

The peoples of the multiverse were horrified at what the Di'jeict had wrought to spite them, acted quickly to contain the carnage. The eldest race among them which were few in number from the war people that aged in names and not years had a magic that they used that could purge evil from an area but it had never been used in such a large scale and there was no telling what side effects their could be from such a large use of it. In desperation they used it, channeling the energies of their entire species to power it.

The evil was contained but at a heavy price, the eldest race was largely wiped out by the spell, only a single girl was left of their kind, the daughter of their empress. The part of the multiverse that the battle was fought in was torn in two, one half was a realm of light where the remaining forces of the peoples of the multiverse ended up in and another was a realm of darkness, where all those with evil in their heart were banished.

The daughter of the empress decided to create her own world a place of peace and freedom, this world became known as Fantastica. This tale slowly faded into legend and eons passed in peace, but this peace too will pass, for another evil is rising and it may take both the Realms of fiction and reality to defeat it...