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Matthew hurried into his house to be greeted by his brother, Alfred. He smiled and held out part of whatever he was eating. Matthew shook his head.

"Where's mom?" he asked in his quiet voice. Alfred shrugged, took a bite, and shrugged again.

"Her room," he guessed. As Matthew went to turn to go to his mom's room, Alfred spoke up. "Why were you talking with Matthias? He's a conceited douche."

"Oh, he was going to ask me something but first he had to insult my reading," Matthew answered nonchalantly, holding up the book in his hand. Alfred was about to say something but was quickly stopped. "It's okay, I'm used to it. Besides, I just say some big words and they get confused. It's quite fun."

Alfred smiled lightly, almost sourly. He shrugged again and took another bite. "You know; if they give you any trouble, just tell me." That was how Alfred was, like an older brother to a girl, which kind of bugged Matthew but made him feel protected or whatever. "Anyway, what book is that?"

"Oh, Sleeping Beauty," he responded, opening up the hard cover of the book and smiling at the feel of the paper. "I've read it before. It's the one about the girl who pricks he finger on a-"

"I know," Alfred said with a laugh at the look on Matthew's face as he described the story. It was kind of like he wanted to be a character in the book. "I'm going to the tavern tonight." There seemed to be a question hanging in the room: Are you going to come this time or not, pansy?

"That's cool," Matthew said with a small smile as he tried to slip a little less noticed to the back of the house. He didn't know why he always felt the need to escape whenever his brother brought up the tavern, but he just did. "I'm going to be reading."

He turned the corner quickly. He walked down the hall, hearing a slight sigh from the kitchen. Matthew sighed as well and opened the door to his mother's room. His mom looked up at him with a bright smile. She tucked a small lock of her short blond hair behind her ear and stood to greet her son. Her brilliant, kind blue eyes gazed the book and his hand.

"Another book?" she asked. "Is it new?"

"No," Matthew said with a shake of his head. "It's Sleeping Beauty. I read it to you days ago." Even though his mom could read, she always asked Matthew to read to her. "He gave it to me."

"Really? That's sweet." His mom grabbed the book and flipped through the pages. "I'll put it with the rest, unless you want to read it." "The rest" was just a few books he had borrowed so many times the owner gave them to him.

"I'm reading it again," he murmured and his mom strained to hear him. She smiled and handed it back to him.

"Honey?" she said. Matthew looked up from his book. "I'm going to the market." The market was a place far from their home that had some of the best foods and other things. Matthew's mother went every once in a while. "Can you get Alfred?" He nodded and went to the kitchen.

"Alfie?" he called quietly. Alfred looked up from the table he was staring at for no particular reason. "Mom wants you." He stood and followed his brother back to their mom's room.

"Yes?" Alfred asked sweetly.

"I'm leaving for the market in a moment and would like to bring something home for my boys," she explained. "What would you like, Alfred?"

Alfred paused to think before answering. "Bow and arrow please." His mother raised an eyebrow.

"And you'll stay out of trouble?"

"I'll try," he responded with a grin. His mom rolled her eyes with the same smile as her son and turned to Matthew.

"What would you like?"

Matthew stayed silent for a while, being nudged every once and a while by Alfred. He thought about this for some time before finally smiling up at his mother.

"All I'd like is a rose you've picked specially for me," he answered. His mother returned the smile, cooing about his sweetness before sending them on their way.

"Matt," Alfred said. His brother looked over. "That sounded so gay." Matthew shrugged his shoulders and followed his brother back to the kitchen.

"Oh well. I don't care," he answered with a small smile. His brother rolled his sapphire eyes.

"Will you make me some food?" he asked. Matthew raised an eyebrow at him.

"Didn't you just eat?"

"Yeah, so?"


Their mother set off for the market the next day, reminding them that if the house didn't look like it did as she left when she came back, there'd be hell to pay. The brothers just smiled and nodded. Once she left they turned to each other.

"I'll be at the tavern," Alfred said before hastily walking down the road into town.

Matthew sighed and went back inside to read his book and wish for some kind of magical thing to happen to him that could make him a story book character. If only, he thought as he opened Sleeping Beauty and curled up in the highly uncomfortable wooden chair at the kitchen table to read.

Their mother, Jeanne, had gotten everything she needed from the market, including Alfred's gift though she was sure he'd get into so much trouble with it. She was on her way back when a storm hit. Her horse could barely walk straight, much less fast, in this weather.

After fretting about not being able to find an inn for the night and having to ride through the storm, a light that wasn't caused by the storm caught her attention. Cautiously, she guided her horse to the light, realizing it was a castle as she got closer.

It rose high into the sky like the mountains surrounding it, sitting on rocks that jutted from the moat that circled them. Its Gothic theme was slightly menacing with its gargoyles and chipped walls. It was black and gray, but that was most likely from the dark of the storm that flashed with lightning every once and a while. There was an enormous wall with a wrought iron gate that had rusted over the years leading down a cobblestone bridge to the large wooden doors.

Jeanne stopped at the gate, nudging at it. It opened. She was a little shocked at whoever owned this marvelous and frightening building that they left it opened for anyone to come and take something, but shrugged it away. As she rode her horse down the path, wind howled and thunder boomed. She needed shelter for the night and hopefully the owner wasn't as scary as their castle.

She noticed a place where she could tie up her horse. Jumping off of him, she slipped on the slick stones and accidently smacked him. The horse was startled and her darting up quickly didn't help at all. She tried to calm him, but the moves were too fast to be soothing an animal. The spooked horse rose onto his hind legs and sprinted down the path. She took off after him but on the slick cobblestones, she couldn't keep up. She was surprised the horse could even run that fast in the weather. So she watched it retreat into the woods.

Sighing, she looked back towards the castle. Up close, she saw even more chips in the stones and ivy creeping up the walls. There were a few intricate designs in the stone, but it was hard to tell what they were in the dark. She looked up and saw the room with the light. Hopefully the person in the room would invite her in.

She raised a hand to the brass knockers in the shape of an angry lion. She chose to ignore it and grabbed it, hitting it against the thick wooden door. The knock rebounded through the house and the small area in front of the door. To her surprise, this door opened as well.

"Hello?" she called. She didn't want to intrude on anything, but she did need warmth, shelter, and food. She shivered as drops of rain slid down her neck and into her shirt. "Is…Is anyone here?"

She froze as she heard a voice that seemed to be behind her. She spun, finding no one. Probably the wind, but she wasn't taking any chances. Plucking up a little courage, she hesitantly took a step inside. When nothing happened, she took another and another.

Soon she had entered a magnificent foyer with beautifully dusty tiles and mangy carpet that lead to stairs. Those stairs split off into more stairs on either side with a rugged looking curtain hanging over them. A table sat on either side of the door with wilting flowers, a clock, and a candle the glowed lightly. Even with all the filth, she saw what a beauty this place would be with some cleaning.

"I-I don't mean to barge in," Jeanne called, scanning the area for any movement. "The storm is terrible. My horse abandoned me. I need somewhere to stay for the night."

Still, nothing moved and no one answered.

She stepped further into the house, branching off to the right. She came upon a dining hall filled with a long table and at least thirty or more chairs, some broken. On the table was a meal consisting of anything a hungry stranger might want. There was even dessert.

"Um, I…" she stuttered as she tried to think of a reasonable excuse for having such food just lying out. She found none. "The food…is it…um…is this for m-me?" She waited for an answer. Receiving none, she continued. "Is it okay if I e-eat this?"

The room was quiet and Jeanne shrugged. She was hungry; she hadn't eaten a thing since she left the market that morning. Slipping into an unbroken chair, she picked up a fork and started to eat the delicious looking food.

As she ate, she thought she heard hushed voices in the foyer, but dismissed it as the storm that still rattled on outside.

She bit into the last bite of the marvelous dessert, set the fork down, and stood up. She had no idea where to go and if she should stay. It was a little odd here. She also didn't want to overstay an uninvited welcome.

But she was rather curious.

She ventured up the stairs that creaked with each step she took. The corridor she stood in was dusty, dark, and slightly terrifying with its statues of armor that seemed to follow her every step under rusty helmets.

She walked a little ways down the corridor before stopping at an open door. Inside, a fire blazed in the fireplace and a bed that looked rather inviting considering it was the only thing in the room that wasn't covered in a thick layer of dust.

The person living here really should clean up.

She called once more for someone, but, like always, the house remained eerily silent. She was exhausted from a long day, but should she really stay? As she slid in between the blanket and mattress, no longer feeling as cold, the answer came immediately. Her eyes slid shut and she drifted to sleep, ignoring the sound of thunder, rain that splattered on the window, and the quiet hum of voices.

When she blinked her eyes open the next morning, light and a slight breeze filtered through the open window. The fire was out and the room wasn't quite as dirty as before. She stretched, remembering briefly what had happened the night before. Looking around, she spotted a mug of coffee and a plate of fruit on the bedside table. She raised an eyebrow but didn't say anything as she reached for the dishes.

After eating the small, satisfying breakfast, Jeanne noticed a dress folded up in a chair. She slowly stood up and grabbed it. It was an extremely light blue, borderline white, with a white collar and red bow. She sighed, looking back at her own soaked and dirty dress. She quickly changed.

Her gaze swept the room once more, landing on a small mirror across from her. The reflection was of a mud smeared face-she didn't even know when she got mud on herself-and tangled blond hair. Quickly, she licked her thumb and dragged it along some of the mud, swiping it away. She did this to all of her fingers and got most of the mud off. Then she ran her hands through her hair carefully. She detangled a few knots before deciding she looked a little better and left the room.

"I'd like to thank you," she said even though she knew there wasn't going to be an answer. "I mean, if you're even there. I'll be staying for a few more moments while I decide on how to get home." She added the last part just in case the owner was listening.

Thinking of ways she could back to her family, she strode through the castle. She wasn't paying much attention to where she was or where she was going, just kept walking down the corridors and stairs, winding pathways she was sure to get lost in.

She paused in one corridor. In this hall, there was no suit of armor or painting or goblin like statue. There was however, more dust than any other hall, broken mirrors, and ripped up paintings. She noticed a door at the end of the hall with claw marks and splintered wood. Cocking her head to the side, she walked down the corridor to the room, avoiding the broken glass on the floor.

When she reached it and tried pushing it open, it appeared to be locked. That's a first, she thought. She pushed a little more weight against it. It still didn't move. Then she noticed the handle and face-palmed. She turned it and pulled the door. It slid open on rusty hinges.

She gasped. The room was littered with trash, dust, broken shards of glass like the hall, and one large ripped painting with claw marks covering it. A bed was on one side and a couch near the balcony, but that was all and the room was huge. It could've fit Jeanne's entire house in it. A table was off in the distance, near the couch. There were columns through the room, wrapped in ivy and chipped.

She turned her attention to the table. There, in a glass casing, was a glowing red rose. She remembered what Matthew had wanted. Sure, the rose wouldn't be picked by her, but still. And it was glowing! Who cares it if she picked it?

She walked to it, watching her step, and stared at it in awe as the glow seemed to shift from red to pink to white and then back. She reached up and carefully touched the glass. She pulled the glass off and set it to the side. Her hand was seconds away from grabbing the thorny stem.

A loud thud and footsteps that echoed through the castle caused her to turn around. She gasped at it as it slid, almost missing the hall, and ran down the hall with glaring red eyes. Suddenly, she realized that she was fucked if she just kept standing there. She leapt behind the table, but the thing was already there. Damn, it moved fast! Hands-no, more like paws- grabbed her by the waist, lifting her into the air.

"What were you doing?!" the creature growled.

She felt claws digging into her side. It was too dark in the room to really see who, or what, had grabbed her. The only thing she could see was red eyes.

"I-I was j-just-"

"You were trying to take my awesome rose that's what it was! You can't have it, you can't touch it, you can't even look at it!" it roared. "Ungrateful! I gave you a place to stay, food, and warmth but you try to take from the awesome me!" It noticed she wasn't saying anything, just staring in terror at it. "What now?! Can't handle seeing a beast?!"

"I-I ca-can! I-I-"

"No you can't, but that isn't important!" it bellowed. "That rose isn't for the taking! You could have killed me and I'll kill you for that!"

"No!" Jeanne shouted. "P-ple-please!"

"Too late!" it shouted. "But the awesome me can wait until tomorrow to get rid of you! Today I have something…important…to do. So into the towers you go!"

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