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The first scene comes from the sneak peak of 4x11 "Catch Me If You Can". For those who haven't seen it on TV, you can see it on youtube!


Summary (correct formatting):

"Go ahead, I dare you... You'll have Kol to deal with." ~Elijah Mikaelson

Kol is many things: charming, cunning, deceitful...

And much too good at playing sidekick whilst his true intentions simmer beneath the surface.

Well, that is, until Bonnie starts digging.

...Let the games begin...

Pairings: BonniexKol Kennett, possibly RebeccaxStefan and CarolinexTyler and DamonxElena (if reviewers want it?)

alone WITH you

Chapter 1: Foot Meet Door

"…I'm done with her."

He says it with a strange sense of finality, even though they both know that isn't the case.

Rebecca just continues to stare at his diaries, flipping through the pages casually.

"Until we find the cure right?"

He flinches, but doesn't comment.

The blonde lounging on his bed becomes miffed. Annoyed, she shuts the diary and stares directly at the younger vampire.

"Hey, I'm talking to you!"

Stefan scoffs at her antics. He considers the ramifications of ignoring her...

"Oh, I know you are…" He smiles disarmingly as he redirects his attention towards the liquor innocently smiling at him. "I'm ignoring you."

Thoroughly peeved, Rebecca quickly leaves her leisurely position on his bed and walks over towards him. Her footsteps echo and serve as a backdrop to her words.

"Look, we're at a bit of a disadvantage in this whole race for the cure…Team Klaus has Jeremy the Hunter; Team Shane has Bonnie the Witch…"

She succeeds in stealing his attention away from the crystalized bourbon.

"If you're here to remind me of our last place status: I'm very well aware."

She cuts him off.

"Actually, I have a plan."

Her blue eyes sparkle mischievously and a familiar smirk follows soon after.

Stefan doesn't respond, and his momentary silence invites her to continue.

"The cure is buried with Silas: you know, that ancient evil guy my brother Kol is afraid of…"







Kol Mikaelson acknowledges that he can be called many things.

However, paranoid is definitely not one of them.

Neither is stupid.

He knows that no matter how much and how earnestly he threatens, the imbeciles inhabiting this supernatural-prone town will not heed his warnings. They are going to go against everything he says wearing big, fat dogmatist smiles because he's the "bad" guy and everything that comes out of his mouth must be a self-serving lie.

'Granted, some of those do manage to make their way out of my mouth sometimes…'

He pauses his stride to smirk at his stray thought. Thoroughly entertained, he continues his walk up the rusty graveled path. He looks up and sees his destination is approaching: a small, simple, unsuspecting house.

He guesses that 'unsuspecting' is probably the wrong word to use, since (upon closer examination) he can clearly see that all of the windows and doors are lined with salt.

He just passes a light blue car—waiting idly in street outside the quaint little home—when his sensitive ears pick up on some voices sounding from the house. The first intonation he hears is distinctly male and patronizing.

"…Why are you so adamant about keeping this house? I understand that she was your grandmother, Bonnie… but all this is, is a house that you barely ever spent any time in—"

"How would you know where I spent my time!? You were never at home or with me, you just disappeared the second work came calling!"

It is silent for a moment, and Kol can't help but smile at the misery just spewing out of the witch's pretty little mouth.

"…I…dad, I—I didn't…"

She stutters, and Kol's smirk widens at the guilt that she's most definitely feeling. Her being in some messed-up emotional state will only aid in his plans for the evening.

The older man, he assumes her father, just sighs in resignation. "You did. You did mean it Bonnie, and it's okay. I understand why you feel the way that you do. My past actions, however, are not to be used an excuse for your current behavior. Nor are they any reason to prove why I shouldn't sell this house. Your grandmother is dead Bonnie, and it is long past the time for you to accept the fact and move on."

Kol watches, amused from the roof, as a completely calm Liam Hopkins exits the house and plants a bright red 'FOR SALE' sign into the front yard.

Kol just knows that the some innocent (ignorant) Mystic Falls resident will be all too willing to snatch up the quaint, small, simple little house.

The new mayor dusts off his hands, gets into his car and drives out of the parking lot—not sparing another glance at the salt-lined home or the baby blue prius left all alone on the road.

Kol hears a sniffle—the kind that sounds as if the owner is making every attempt possible to hold it back—and his smile grows to an unnatural width.

Bonnie Bennett was not having a good day.

After learning that Grams' house was being put up for sale, the young witch was (understandably) distraught. She was angry and volatile and she had let some things slip out of her mouth; thoughts that really should have stayed in the back of their mind (where they had happily lived for the past eighteen years).

Guilt was steadily crawling up the young Bennett's throat.

She couldn't believe that she had said those words to her dad.

But, at the same time, how could he expect her to jjust be okay with giving up Grams' house?! That was insane, it wasn't reasonable at all! Didn't he see? This was it. This was the place that she learned about who she really was. This was the place where she spent most of her days as a kid (not that she ever told him that…). Right there, that couch, that was where she first started to believe in magic. Right there, that counter, that was where she and Grams made cookies on her seventh birthday. Right here, this house, this was her last connection to her Grams.

'Why can't he see that?'

"Daddy issues?"

The unfamiliar voice startles her, and she is immediately on guard.

The male voice is coming from the other side of the door.

Internally, she applauds her dad for closing it.

She doesn't recognize the voice, but her sense have gotten better. She can tell it's a vampire. From the silhouette she can just barely make out from the curtain behind the couch, she can tell it isn't Klaus. The frame looks similar to Elijah, but the drawl and tilt to the voice doesn't fit.

Finn is dead.

That really only leaves one option.

Her eyes narrow in complete and utter loathing. Before she can stop herself, she snarls back.

"Not as bad as yours."

Upon receiving her snarky response, Kol frowns.

Out of all of her little friends, even the increasingly bothersome doppelganger (ex-doppelganger?), he thinks the witch to be the most blatant hypocrite.

The little Bennett claims to find their kind utterly repulsive, but as soon as the Salvatore's or the blonde or the mini-Katherine even make a whimper of discontent she comes barreling to the rescue (baring all consequences to herself).

"No I suppose not. On the other hand, your mommy drama might give mine a run for my money."

Another word one might use to describe Kol is well-informed. After all, one must 'know thy enemy.'

He can't see, but he can just tell she's bristling in irritation.

He continues.

"Then again, I suppose that's what made me… curious in the first place-"

"Don't delude yourself into thinking that I care about how you feel. Leave. Now." Her tone is abrupt, and Kol can tell he's getting under her skin.

"Oh, being assertive today are we? Well, then go on! Have at it. I'd like to see you try and make me do anything."

He laughs out loud.

They both know she can't. She may be a witch, but her witchy juju can't touch him.

After all, immortality has its benefits.

But, he's let this conversation stray. He needs her to focus on what he's about to say.

"As I was saying, before you so kindly interrupted, I am curious."

She doesn't respond.

He doesn't care.

He stretches his arms, letting out a casual yawn before leaning against the door—the meddlesome wooden barrier that's keeping him from her.

"I am most definitely curious as to why you are so eager to help the people that turned 'mommy dearest' into a vampire."

A massive gust of wind blows into Kol, and he feels himself being propelled at earth shattering speeds into the ground.

The FOR SALE sign attempts to break his fall, but to no avail.

Instead both he and the (broken) sign fly into the street.

'oh ho ho ho! Now this is getting fun!'

Kol is quick to make his way back to the door.

He expects it to stay closed, he expected her to hide behind it. So, he is reasonably surprised when she opens it and stares him down.

"I don't know what you want. And frankly, I don't care. What I do know, is that even though I cant kill you…I can make you feel unspeakable amounts of pain. Leave. Me. Alone."

An exceedingly familiar smirk mares his pale face.

"Oh, but then I would be just like everyone else wouldn't I , darling?"

She slams the door.


He just whistles back to the street and leisurely picks up what's left of the FOR SALE sign.

He thinks, decidedly, that his plan is going to pan out perfectly.

'Till next time, darling.'

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