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Alone With You

Chapter 2: Silent Screams and Unattainable Heights

"If you feel that way, why help?"

"Because I don't want anyone else getting hurt…and I don't know how to stay out of it."

(2x07 Jeremy and Bonnie)

He's in a forest.

Just walking.

Kol's been doing that for quite a while now…

'Five and a half hours'

He's been just walking about in this forest for five and half hours.

He can't hear his footsteps.

People think that the forest is quiet at night.





But, Kol knows it isn't.

No, it's not quiet at all.

Any void not occupied with the insidious sounds stemming from nocturnal creatures is filled with a screeching sense of foreboding—a deafening type of darkness.

Amidst his musings, he almost walks into a tree.

In reflex, his right hand goes out to steady himself. As his palm meets the rough bark of the oak tree, his mind can't help but indulge…

' Not green, not bendy

Not black, not smelly.

Big, not small

Careful lest you fall!'

Kol lets a genuine smile grace his features for the briefest of moments as the old mnemonic sings brightly in his mind.

Finn had taught him it…back then.

When they were still a family.

Kol had been no more than seven or eight years old at the time. He'd also been no more than four feet tall. Accordingly, the original blamed his younger self's shorter stature for his complete and utter obsession with heights.

He had been fascinated with the idea of climbing higher and higher and higher and higher; each step and pull and jump bringing him closer to the light sky that teasingly coerced him from above.

Those days, there were no tall buildings on which to climb, so he had settled for scaling the largest trees in the forest adjacent their village. Of course, when mini-Kol came home one day bearing numerous cuts from a rather nasty fall, Ester had been adamant about him refraining from going anywhere near the natural skyscrapers.

Kol really was never one for rules and restrictions.

Finn, knowing this, had taken the time to teach Kol's younger self about how to tell the difference between which trees were stable enough to climb, and which were rotting (foretelling disaster). In order to make the lessons stick, his older brother had insisted on Kol memorizing the childish rhyme that currently plagued his thoughts.

Kol growls loudly when a large piece of the tree's protective layer slides into the skin of his palm.

(Unbeknownst to the Original, his open palm had been stroking the tree while his thoughts roamed dusty shelves)

He glances down at his palm, pulls out the large, offending piece of bark and watches the cut stich itself back together.

A fat drop of red blood remains on his palm, and slowly meanders down the coarse outline of his pale skin.

And then he remembers.

'Finn is dead.'

And then he feels.

'My brother is dead.'

And then he realizes

that he has just ripped apart the tree.

The forest is quiet then, for just one moment. A single, empty moment where it is as if the critters surrounding him can sense that something (ancient and whole and fundamental) has been torn from its roots and ripped apart.

Only one moment though…


And then the void is filled: the forest is screeching and crying and asking the sky "What did I ever do to deserve such a fate?"

It's been five and a half hours…

… of walking and reasoning and remembering.

It's been five and a half hours…

… since he almost pierced the stake into Rebekah's heart.

She prides herself on taking the high road.

She prides herself on her ability to abide by her moral code.

She prides herself on her ability to forgive her friends.

Bonnie repeats these three thoughts in her head.

Like a mantra, a prayer; like a freaking intercession.

But it's hard…it is so hard:

To forgive her friends, (because she trusted them to care for her as much as she still does for them)

To stick to her morals, (because she always has to sacrifice so much to stay true to some humane moral code that everyone else seems to have forsaken)

And to take the high road, (it would be so, so easy to just give in to the anger and hatred and vengeance that calls to her each time she's hurt).

Why is it so painful to forgive her friends? To stick to her morals? To take the high road?

A memory rings in her head.

'You are stronger than all of this.'

'I'm not. I never was. I tried so hard to be... Please, still be proud of me…'

She is crying.

Outright sobbing.

Just like the night she chose to leave Damon to be tortured in the Mikaelson mansion.

She tried so hard not to break down.

But it's just so hard and its just not fair and why, why, why did her life turn out like this? What is happening to her?

It has been five and a half hours since she lost control.

It has been five and a half hours since she realized she liked it.

It has been five and a half hours since she understood that now she is completely alone.

The next time Bonnie has the misfortune to run into Kol, the meeting occurs on a short staircase.

They don't say a word.

They both keep walking.

Bonnie is coming down, and her grip on the cold steel railing is tight. She needs something solid and permanent to hold onto as she descends the old wooden steps.

Kol is climbing up, and his hands remain in his pockets and a smirk lays plastered on his face. He refuses to take his eyes off the witch who has enough daring to stare right back at him as he ascends.

They approach each other, neither intending on backing down.

He stops.

She stops.




Except for their eyes, which are screaming at each other with anger and hatred so violently that it is deafening.

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