Warriors: Dynasty of FireClan.



Daimyo: Shisostar-White-Brown Tom, has unusually long whiskers.

Deputy: Sushitail-Black and Pinkish-Orange Tom, is very pacifist.

Warriors: (Toms, and she-cats without kits)

Sinoclaw-Brown tom tabby, Ordinary cat who was born in FireClan.

Abunaiclaw-Gray she-cat, short-hair. FireClan born and is usually walking aimlessly around the camp.

Shimasutail-Black tom, ordinary warrior with short black fur.

Fogshade-Black and White long furred tom, eats too much.

Salmontail-White fluffy she-cat, enjoys adventures through the forest.

Crowscar-Black tom, has a large scar on his back from a crow.

Medicine Cat: Amnestyheart-A nice brown and white she-cat, secretly resists urge to flirt with other toms.

Apprentices: (more than six moons old, in training, to become warriors)

Mirukupaw-A white Tom in training, has nice silk feeling fur.

Suilenpaw-A small white she-cat, has fuzzy fur and shiny blue eyes, viewed as the cutest of the litter.

Mongoliapaw-A brown she-cat, knows the Modified Warriors Code by heart.

Sakurapaw-A black tom, is the oldest of the litter and is an unkown out of the area breed of cat.

Chiyapaw-Golden looking she-cat, not as understanding of the code as others.

Queens: Rosepelt-Mid-aged she-cat who originally intended on becoming medicine cat.

Snowbank-She-cat known for veering to close to SnowClan territory back in her early days.

Wingedback-She-cat who use to serve as a tactical planner for battles.

Elders: Wisetail-Old brown and black tom, use to keep fellow apprentices out of trouble.

Blackear-White she-cat, with one large black spot on her ear.

Aikidoclaw-Brown she-cat, despite being an elder; never participated in a clan battle.

Yamatail-Fully black tom, has difficulty standing on all four legs.

Minttooth-Brown and Black tom, has had an illness for several moons and has not gotten up.


Daimyo: Brustlestar-White she-cat, has a large pelt of fur.

Deputy: Bambootail-Brown tom, can move at incredible pace.

Warriors: (To later be revealed)


Daimyo: Miststar-Gray she-cat, is fairly obese; has a very soothing voice.

Deputy: Silentstorm-Black she-cat, was originally a clan spy before the Warriors Code was modified.


Daimyo: Marinestar-Blackish-Blue She-cat, has very bright yellow eyes.

Deputy: Waterquake-Black tom, last descendent of the original RiverClan Daimyo.