Title: Welcome to The Club
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Kenzi, Bo, Regina Mills, Emma Swan, Myka Bering, Olivia Dunham (implied)
Setting: Future AU where everyone's a vampire...more or less.

"Welcome to The Club" the attractive blonde said with a genuine smile and waved Bo and Kenzi through the door and into a seething, pulsing mass of people and…other things.


"Double wow."

The Succubus and her companion stared in awe (and in Bo's case, growing lust) at the sea of humanity, Fae, Vamps, Weres and things that had no classification. When Dyson had suggested she check this place out, Bo hadn't been particularly interested. Bad things still had a tendency to happen when she really cut loose but now…

"Ok yeah I can see the appeal," the Succubus licked her lips as she took in the sights. "This place is off the charts."

Beside her, Kenzi snorted. "Honey, I don't even have your Faedar and even I'm getting hungry if you know what I mean. This is an all you can eat bufFae….get it? bufFae? What?"

Bo just rolled her eyes. "Yeah well, be careful. Not everything in here is a chew toy alright?"

Kenzi merely shot her a look that said 'no shit Sherlock.'

At that moment, they managed to get close enough to the main bar to see the stage. Just in time for a stunningly beautiful woman in a sparkly blue bikini to do something with a pole that Kenzi honestly had no idea was possible given the muscular-skeletal limitations of the human body. The raven-haired dancer dipped again, lowering herself down to where a statuesque blonde whose aura screamed 'Vampire' and 'aroused' from across the room reached out and pulled her into a deep kiss.

Kenzi's eyebrows shot upward as Bo's hands clenched at the bar, the Fae's eyes glowing blue. Oh yeah, this was going to be an interesting night.

"What can I get ya?" called a cheerful voice and Kenzi looked away from the Bo Show to the ridiculously attractive brunette bartender. Apparently it was a sin to be anything less than stunning in this place. Kenzi was oddly comfortable with that. She wasn't in to girls, but she could appreciate the visuals.

"Something cold. And dry." the petite human shot back. The bartender laughed.

"Sweetheart, that combination doesn't exist here."

"Yeah," Kenzi watched as another woman made her way through the crowd toward the stage. Or rather, watched as the crowd parted like water for her to make her way to the stage. Tall, with a fall of curly dark hair and legs that apparently went on for miles, even Kenzi wasn't immune to the aura of power that rolled off her. No mistaking who that was then: Myka Bering, the owner of The Club herself. Beside her, Bo was practically drooling.

The bartender slipped a martini in front of Kenzi and the human smiled in gratitude.

She had just taken her first sip when Myka - apparently having enough of the blonde vamp's kissing her dancer - hauled off and slugged her.

The ensuing brawl was one of the most entertaining things Kenzi had ever seen. Especially since as soon as the second punch landed she jumped behind the bar. She then proceeded to spent the rest of the chaos making friends with the bartender who introduced herself as Regina Mills, and Regina's friend, the blonde who had greeted them - Emma Swan.

Somewhere along the way she lost Bo, but the one time Kenzi managed to catch sight of the Succubus, she was mouth to mouth with a handsome, square-jawed guy with a crew cut, and her eyes were glowing bright blue. She was just fine.

"Welcome to The Club," Kenzi muttered under her breath and accepted a shot of Jack from Regina.