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Chapter 1 (revised)

Sakura Kinomoto sat at the kitchen table in her apartment, drawing, while her best friend, Tomoyo Daidouji, read a romance novel to her aloud. The two girls were not roommates but they were rarely apart. No, Sakura's roommate was someone completely different from Tomoyo.

Sakura let out a wistful sigh as the couple in the book kissed passionately. She loved the way that Tomoyo was able to make the characters come alive with her soft but steady voice. Sakura watched Tomoyo's lips move as she formed the words of the novel. It occurred to her that Tomoyo had the same features as the heroine in the book: blackish-gray hair and amethyst eyes. Tomoyo finished the chapter and reached for her glass of water.

"I wish my love life was that complicated." Sakura said and looked down at her drawing, as if willing it to become real. The picture itself was actually turning out pretty good. It was of a man and woman sitting by a lake that was reflecting the same full moon in the sky. For a moment, Sakura imagined that the woman she had drawn was herself and had short light brown hair and emerald green eyes.

"What love life?"

The brunet was ripped from her fantasy and spun her chair around angrily to face her roommate. "For your information, Syaoran, I do have a boyfriend." Sakura hadn't even realized that Syaoran was there; otherwise, she wouldn't have said something so embarrassing. He always seemed to slither his way around unnoticed. She had noticed this the four years ago when they had first started living together.

Syaoran leaned against the wall, unimpressed, which only infuriated Sakura further, "I know. But I also know that he's the only guy that you've ever seriously been out with."

Sakura turned an odd red color and let out a frustrated growl. She turned her chair back around and tried to concentrate of her drawing and while breathing heavily. She looked at her rudely annoying roommate out of the corner of her eye, who had a look of contempt on his face, and composed herself.

"Well at least, my friend," she put a lot of sarcasm on the word 'friend', "I found the right person the first time around; unlike you. I believe that you're going on your five hundred thirteenth try, right?"

Syaoran smirked and shifted his weight against the wall, "How can you be sure that he's Mr. Right? I doubt that you've even kissed."

That was the last of her patience. Sakura stomped her foot on the floor angrily. "Of course we have! What kind of a stupid question is that?"

Syaoran chuckled deep in his throat, "But I do suppose that you're still a virgin?"

Sakura picked up a crumbled piece of paper (from one of her attempted drawings) and chucked it at his face. "Yes, I am! Too bad you can't say the same for yourself!"

Syaoran easily dodged the paper wad and looked Sakura in the eye. "Actually," he paused, not sure if he should finish his sentence, "I am."

The words that Sakura was about to say caught in her throat. Was it actually possible? Without discretion, she looked him up and down. With his chestnut hair and amber eyes it didn't really seem possible. But then again, if he said so.

Tomoyo, who had somehow been forgotten, coughed and the quiet moment was shattered. They went back to their old ways. Sakura plopped back onto her chair and huffed.

Syaoran smiled deviously and put his hand up to his mouth in a thoughtful way, "Now I understand why your brother calls you that nickname. What was it again? Monster or something to that effect?"

Sakura's eyes narrowed and she balled her right hand into a fist. This didn't go unnoticed by Tomoyo who stood up hastily to break the tense moment once again. She smiled at the two roommates and went to refill her glass of water.

Syaoran glanced at his watch and grabbed his coat. He was almost at the door when Sakura asked in a bored tone, "Where are you going?"

He paused with his hand hovering above the doorknob, "If you must know; a date."

Sakura just couldn't resist. She shifted in her seat and asked in a sweet and cheerful voice, "Who's the idiot?"

He smiled at her in a bemused way, "The only idiots I know are you and your boyfriend and I'm not going on a date with your boyfriend."

"True," Sakura said thoughtfully. He wouldn't get a rise out of her that easily, "Even though, at times, I doubt your preference; I know my boyfriend is straight."

Syaoran's deep laughter trailed away as he opened the door and walked down the hall.

Tomoyo swallowed a mouthful of water and shook her head slowly, "That's why I love coming over here. You two never fail to make me laugh."

Sakura raised her arms above her head and stretched, "What can I say?"

The dark haired beauty walked over to her former seat and picked up the book. She studied it for a minute before asking," Before we continue reading, will you tell me something?"

"Sure." Sakura said absently and erased a line on her drawing.

"Why don't you and Syaoran get along? You don't' mind me asking, do you?" Tomoyo looked at Sakura intently.

"Of course not." She replied and set her pencil down. She turned her chair around so she could look at Tomoyo, "I think it's a combination of a lot of things. Like: one time I did his laundry, to be nice, and accidentally shrunk his favorite shirt. A bunch of stupid little things like that." Finished with her explanation, she picked up her pencil and resumed drawing. Without looking up she added, "I think it was worse today because we're both due to start our periods soon."

Tomoyo didn't have to dwell on Sakura's words for long before they were both overcome with laughter. Rubbing the tears of laughter from her eyes, Tomoyo took a few deep breaths to calm herself so she would keep reading.

Tomoyo wasn't a page into the chapter when Sakura finished her drawing and set it aside. She listened to Tomoyo and racked her brain for something else to draw. When she smirked, it seemed to Tomoyo, who was looking at her every now and then, that she revealed a fang.

Sakura got a fresh piece of paper and started drawing. She was working diligently with her tongue sticking out between her teeth and an evil expression on her face. Tomoyo couldn't wait to see what she was drawing.


She had been waiting for this, "Yes?"

"Come here and tell me what you think of my drawing." She sounded innocent enough, but Tomoyo knew her too well to assume her best friend's innocence.

Setting the book aside, she walked towards Sakura who spun around and thrust the drawing in her hands. It was a drawing of Syaoran with his back towards the 'camera' looking over his shoulder. He was wearing a dress and had a bow in his hair. Tomoyo took note of the teacup in his hand and that his butt was unusually large. A large arrow was pointing to it that read, 'Extra large pad.'

"You're very. talented Sakura." Tomoyo complimented. Sakura giggled and gazed at it proudly. Tomoyo watched as her face turned evil again.



"I have another idea. Tell me what you think; I'm going to make a copy of this and color it. I'm going to hide the original so Syaoran can never get his hands on it and then I'm going to put the colored one on his pillow."

Tomoyo smirked. "Sounds good to me."

Sakura had just finished making the copy and was starting to color it when the phone rang. She looked at her unfinished drawing longingly. "I suppose I'll have to wait to finish you in a little bit." She sighed and picked up the receiver, "Hello?"


The frown left her face and turned into a large grin, "Toji!"

Tomoyo rolled her eyes. "Boys always seem to ruin girl time." She muttered barely audible. Even so, Sakura had heard her. She stuck her tongue out in a playful fashion.

"Hi Sakura. How are you doing?" The sound of her boyfriend's voice brought her back to their conversation.

"I'm fine. How are you?"


He didn't say anything for a while and she started twirling the phone
cord around her index finger. "So.why'd you call?"

"Well, I was wondering if you want to go out tomorrow night?" He blurted quickly.

Sakura thought about it before answering, "I don't think I have anything planned. That would be fun."

His voice sounded excited now. "Ok. We're going to be going somewhere fancy. See you tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. Until then; goodbye."


Sakura placed the phone back on the receiver and stood still. "That was weird."

Tomoyo looked up from filing her nails. Where she got the file, Sakura had no idea. "What was?"

"Toji seemed unusually excited just now and said that we're going out somewhere fancy tomorrow night for dinner." Sakura continued to stare at the receiver.

"Sakura," Tomoyo looked thoughtfully at her and then the receiver, "How long have you two been going out?"

The short-haired girl put her hand behind her head as if it would help her think, "For about a year."

Tomoyo's eyes looked starry, "My guess is that he's either going to break up with you or. propose!" Sakura looked hopeful for a second before she making a face at Tomoyo.

"Are your eyes starry at the thought of us breaking up?"

Tomoyo laughed, "Of course not!" Her laugh sounded genuine enough.

Sakura's smile widened from ear to ear and Tomoyo's eyes turned starry again, "I know exactly what you should wear!"

Together, they sat down at the table and started to make plans about what she was going to wear and how she was going to do her hair, etc for the coming night.

The unfinished drawing of Syaoran caught Sakura's eye and she resumed coloring it. Tomoyo had gone quiet and was watching her work. Now, Syaoran wasn't just adorning a dress, he was wearing a pink dress. Tomoyo giggled a little at the thought of what Syaoran's face was going to look like when he saw it.

Sakura stood up and went to her roommates forbidden room. She opened the door and peeked inside. A look of disbelief crossed her face. "No way!"

"What?" Tomoyo walked up behind her and peered into Syaoran's room. Nothing looked out of the ordinary to her.

Sakura shook her head in disgust. "His room is so clean! Nothing like mine!"

Tomoyo looked around appreciatively. "He would make a good maid."

Sakura grinned widely so that her white teeth would show. "I'm beginning to think you're even more evil than I am."

Tomoyo covered her open mouth with the back of her left hand. "Oh ho ho ho ho! Our male SLAVE!" While laughing along with Tomoyo, Sakura placed the colored picture on Syaoran's pillow.

They walked back into the living room together just as the front door opened and Syaoran walked in. Sakura seemed surprised, "You weren't gone that long. You're usually gone at least an hour longer."

Syaoran gave her a strained look. "Let's just say that it wasn't exactly the best date that I've ever been on. Now, if you don't mind, I'm tired and I'm going to bed."

Syaoran brushed past the two girls and headed for his room. They both held their breath so they wouldn't make any noise and could hear his response to the picture. They were disappointed. There wasn't even a sigh of exasperation.

"Well that was no fun." Sakura huffed and crossed her arms over her chest.

Tomoyo nodded and looked at the clock. "Oops. It's getting late and I should probably go back to my own apartment. Goodnight."

"Goodnight." Sakura watched her friend's retreating back and turned towards her own room. She might as well go to sleep so she looked nice and rested the next day. She smiled at the thought of Toji proposing to her. She fell asleep and dreamed about them dancing under the stars.


Sakura awoke with the sunlight shining on her face. It was a beautiful day. She swung her legs off her bed and stood up. Only when she was stretching did she notice the picture taped on her door. She had to step closer to get a better look.

It was a drawing of her in a tight leather two-piece and holding a whip. 'Sakura' in the drawing was laughing hysterically and it didn't take the real Sakura long to figure out why. Lying screaming and handcuffed on a bed was Toji. But that wasn't the worst of it, there was an arrow pointing to him that said 'impotent'. Sakura's eyes narrowed. "Well, at least I know my drawing made him mad."

She made her way to the bathroom and filled the tub with steaming water. She quickly stripped off her clothing and climbed in. After wetting her hair, Sakura put some shampoo on the palm of her hand and rubbed it into her hair. After it turned nice and soapy, she rinsed it out. After using conditioner, she got her best soap and made a nice lather on her leg. Right when she was about to begin shaving, there was a knock on the door.

"Sakura," Syaoran said, "Could you hurry? I have to go to the bathroom."

The she-devil grinned mischievously. "Ok."

Sakura's evil side went extra slow and finally completed her legs in fifteen minutes. After she'd soaped the rest of her body up and rinsed off s depressed sigh escaped her lips. She would have to get out of the tub now.

She stepped out and took more time than was necessary to dry off and change into her clothes. Completely clothed and short hair nearly dry, she opened the door.

Syaoran was leaning against the wall and looking thoroughly disgruntled. "Took you long enough." He said in a harassed tone.

Sakura smiled at him sweetly, "I have an important date tonight and want to look perfect."

Syaoran rolled his eyes. "You can't get plastic surgery and implants before tonight you know."

The freshly showered girl grinned at him like a shark. "Ok, fine. How about I get the plastic surgery and you get the implants?"

"Sakura, Sakura," he shook his head sadly, "Everyone knows that I don't need implants to have bigger breasts than you."

Frustrated, Sakura stomped her foot on the carpet. "You know I'm not flat! You've seen my bra size!"

Syaoran cocked his head to the side. "A? That's not really big, you know."

Sakura flipped her hair over her shoulder, "C. And you know it."

"You must have grown over night."

Without thinking, Sakura shoved him into the bathroom and shut the door. "You go to the potty now, LITTLE boy. I don't want you to wet yourself."

She didn't wait around to hear his response and went into the kitchen. Tomoyo was going to come over later and make sure her dress fit. She was also going to 'make sure her hair and make up was perfect'.

Sakura searched through the refrigerator for a long time and pulled out the orange juice carton. She looked over her shoulder to make sure no one was looking before drinking from the carton.

"That's disgusting," Syaoran said from the doorway, "I thought only men did that. Oh wait. my mistake."

Sakura wiped her mouth dry and put the carton back in the fridge, stalling for time to think of a good comeback. "That's the exact reason that I never see you do it."

Without comment, Syaoran brushed past her and opened the fridge. He grabbed the carton of orange juice and opened it. Sakura thought he was reaching for a glass but at the last minute, he raised it and drank straight from the carton. He smiled widely at her, "Just because you never see me do it, doesn't mean I don't."

Sakura looked like she was going to be sick. She started to gag and grabbed her throat. She 'dragged' herself to the sink and turned it on. Then stuck her mouth under the faucet and got her fill. She stood up and raised her nose to the ceiling and proceeded to gargle.

"It can't be that bad," Syaoran said, "Heck, I even brushed my teeth a week ago."

"Stupid." Sakura retorted after spitting the tap water in the sink, "I see you brush your teeth at least twice a day. If you're going to lie, try to make it believable."

Syaoran shrugged and got a bowl out of the cupboard. "Yea, well, can't blame me for trying."

"That's what you think."

They ate their breakfast in silence, each of them lost in their own thoughts. Syaoran got up, put his bowl in the sink, and sat down at the kitchen table again. Sakura broke out of her thoughts. "Any plans for today?" She asked, trying to actually have a nice conversation for a while.

He shook his head, "Not really. But I'll probably come up with something. You?"

Sakura nodded. "I told you earlier; I have a date." Syaoran grinned as if he was remembering something. Most likely what he had written on the drawing about Toji.

Sakura turned her nose in the air. "That wasn't funny."

Syaoran tried to act innocent, "What are you talking about?"

Sakura glowered at him, "About the pic."

"ture I drew." Syaoran finished with a smile.

"It's like you're reading my mind." Sakura muttered sarcastically.

"You didn't know?" Syaoran feigned shock. "I can read your mind!" He paused and pretended that he could hear her thoughts, "Sakura! You pervert!"

Sakura laughed a little and put her bowl in the sink. "You really are a loser."

Syaoran opened his mouth to form a perfect O. "I'm hurt." He looked at his fingernails and blew on them to get rid of imaginary dust, "You know Sakura, however insulting your drawing of me was; it was drawn good."

Sakura stopped what she was doing. Was he actually complimenting her? "By the way." he continued, "How did you like my drawing? Personally I thought it was better, or at least funnier, than yours. But I'm probably just biased. " She knew it was too good to be true.

"I think you have a good imagination." Sakura said sourly, "You've never even seen me wearing my bathing suit."

Syaoran shrugged. "Don't need to see you in your bathing suit when you go around in pajamas that you've had since you were ten. You do realize they've shrunk. Either that, or you've gotten bigger." He looked her over again, "Although I do find it hard to imagine you even smaller than you already are."

"Hard to imagine ME smaller?" she countered. "If your little peanuts were any smaller, you'd have to reproduce asexually."

"Ouch. That one struck a nerve. You really are getting better at this insulting thing. But." he paused and batted his eyes at her sweetly, "I'm not small."

"Such big talk for such a little boy. They should move you from kindergarten to first grade." Not exactly original or witty, but it was the only thing she could think up quickly.

"Oh that's funny. Seeing as how you are in some of my classes."

Sakura stood up hastily and said, "I can't take this right now. Today is supposed to be a good day."

Syaoran cocked an eyebrow. "Good? In what way?"

"I-" she stammered before realizing what she was doing. "It's really none of your business! I'm going to Tomoyo's. I'll be back whenever I feel like it!"

Syaoran couldn't resist one last jab. Right when she was about to shut the door he said, "Remember; impotent!" Sakura slammed the door on a laughing Syaoran.


"He just makes me SO mad!"

Tomoyo rolled her eyes. "Calm down before you get an ulcer."

Sakura breathed in and out deeply. "Just hearing that name gives me a freakin' ulcer!"

"Then stop talking about him!" The two ladies that were giving them manicures were trying not to laugh, but it was rapidly getting harder as Sakura told Tomoyo everything that had happened that morning.

The one giving Sakura a manicure coughed and asked Sakura to move her hand so she could get to her thumb. Tomoyo sat patiently while Sakura went on and on but was giggling on the inside. If only she could hear herself.


"What?" Tomoyo tried to suppress her grin. She knew what Sakura was about to ask.

"Tomoyo, would you please tell me what my dress looks like?" Sakura looked at her with watery eyes.

Tomoyo shook her head once again. At least she wasn't going on about how much she hated Syaoran now. "I told you earlier that it's hard to explain."

Sakura sighed, annoyed, and sat back in her seat. "Well, fine." she looked at her freshly manicured fingernails and smiled. "What's next?"

Tomoyo grinned. "Next, we go back to my apartment to get all the stuff we need and then we're going to your apartment to get you all fixed up."

Sakura stiffened. "HE had better not be there."

Tomoyo shrugged. "He would be justified if he was because he does live there too. But, he probably won't be. I suspect that he has better things to do than hang around his apartment all day."

Sakura nodded and gave up.


Sakura looked around her apartment and smiled, satisfied. "Syaoran is no where in sight."

Tomoyo rolled her eyes at Sakura's back and set down a big bag full of 'necessities'. "Are you ready then?" She asked impatiently. Her friend nodded and turned around. "First, we'll get your make up on..


"Tomoyo." Sakura was breathless as she stared at her reflection in the mirror. She was wearing a long emerald dress that sparkled every time she moved and hung just right on her body. Not too childish or slutty.

Tomoyo laughed, "If he doesn't start drooling at the sight of you; he's either dead or gay!"

Sakura nodded and moved to see a different angle of her body. "You did my make up just perfect and. oh! Thank you Tomoyo!"

Tomoyo prepared herself for the oncoming force known as Sakura. Sakura embraced Tomoyo gratefully. "I don't know what I would do without you Tomoyo!"

"You would probably dress like crap and."

"If Toji does ask me to marry him tonight, would you be my maid of honor?" Tomoyo nodded grinning happily.

It was over almost as soon as it started, "Tomoyo, will you please read some more of that book to me while we wait? I'm dieing to know what happens!" Sometimes Tomoyo wondered if her best friend was A.D.D.


Sakura sat on the sofa with Tomoyo reading to her and waited for Toji to arrive. It was 5:50 and the clock was ticking.

"If he doesn't ask me to marry him, I'm going to feel really stupid." She said suddenly.

Tomoyo stopped reading and shook her head. "I don't think you really have to worry about that possibility."

Sakura nodded and stared at the door, as if willing her boyfriend to appear. She was focusing so hard that she almost leaped out of her skin when the doorbell went off. Instead, she jumped to her feet and turned to Tomoyo. "How do I look?"

Tomoyo beamed. "Great."

"Here goes." Sakura opened the door.

Toji stood there, holding a bouquet of tulips. He roughly ran a hand through his dirty-blonde hair. "Those are lovely!" Sakura exclaimed. "Let me put them in water." He nodded and waited for her to return.

Sakura reappeared in the doorway and Toji took a good look at her. "You look great, Sakura"

"Thank you."

As they were walking towards the car, Sakura turned around and gave Tomoyo the thumbs up sign.


Sakura ate her meal as daintily as she could and looked around the restaurant. It was by far the nicest place she had ever been: definitely not a place for a normal date. She noticed as couples finished up their meals they would go outside and dance under the stars.

Her attention was soon diverted when she noticed Toji was fidgeting in his seat and his eyes were shifting around the room. Slowly, she finished her meal of Alfredo and watched him eat. All his squirming was making her nervous and she unconsciously kept refilling her wineglass.

He took one last bite and turned to Sakura who was finishing up another glass of wine. "Do you want to go outside?"

She nodded and they went through the glass doors and out to the gardens. Sakura sat down on a bench and looked around at the flowers. It was really pretty and she was starting to feel light headed.

Toji cleared his throat to get her attention and went down on one knee. Sakura's breath caught in her throat when he pulled out a small black box from his left pocket. He coughed and began his proposal, "We've been going out for a year now and I feel that we've been growing closer and closer and." He trailed off, unsure of what to say. "What I'm trying to say is that. I love you and. Sakura, will you marry me?"

Sakura's eyes were filled with tears and she hugged her soon-to-be fiancé tightly. "Of course I will." And with that, Toji slipped the engagement ring on her finger.

"I love you Toji."


Toji walked with Sakura up to her apartment room at the end of the night. They stood there for a couple of minutes, unsure of how to part. "Do you want to come in for a moment?" Sakura asked hopefully.

"Sure." He said a little uneasily. Sakura unlocked the door and swung it open. It was dark inside.

"Looks like Syaoran's not here." She said happily and shut the door behind Toji. Sakura's gaze landed on the table where a bottle of wine and a couple of wine glasses were placed. She silently thanked Tomoyo.

"Do you want to sit down?"

Toji nodded and perched on the sofa. He watched intently as Sakura poured two glasses of wine and handed him one. "Here."

He took it gratefully and sipped a little before setting it down. Sakura took a few big sips before doing the same. The silence was slightly awkward and Toji looked at the clock. "It's midnight. I should probably be going."

Sakura nodded and shut her eyes. Toji stared at her lips for a moment before slowly moving forward and capturing her lips in a passionate kiss.

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