Kitty Neko here!

I was rereading the first chapter of this story and noticed a lot of mistakes. Since this story was written in the time span of a year, my writing changed a lot. So, I decided to revise it one chapter at a time. The plot will stay the same and, most likely, so will all the events. I'm just going to fix typos and grammar mistakes and maybe reword a few things.

Revised Chapters:

Chapter 1 Chapter 2

Answers to Questions

inu_grrl01: No, my name's not joelymm. Why?

Flame Aura: Um, no I don't have a different penname, but you might have read it off a different website.

Sakura Kinomoto-Li1: Sorry, but I like the way that I ended the Epilogue and won't be writing any more.

Also, I am most likely NOT going to write a sequel to this story. I already need to get off my lazy butt and finish Visible To You. Hehe

One more thing before I let you get on with the story (that is, if you're actually reading this before the beginning of the story). I just want to thank everyone who's ever reviewed my story (or any of my other stories for that matter). It's partially because of you that this story is finished. Thank you so much! Until next update, Ja!

Kitty Neko