NOTE: This story takes place after "Turtles Forever" and is book two in a ten-book series of adventures for the Turtles

DISCLAIMER: The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are properties of Nickolodeon, Characters from the 80s cartoon are properties of Fred Wolf. Original characters such as Malkite, Krator, and Pierce Mars are mine


Across the brightly lit void of space, a majestic, dart-shaped crystalline star craft shot through the fabric of our known reality like a majestic swan in flight.

A rare beauty to behold in the universe, and in this particular instance, a prize just waiting to be caught.

In hot pursuit of it were two other craft, both were lean grey shafts of metal powered by ferocious rockets, ominous drills attached to their front, and it's mounted weapons bombarding the star craft with unforgiving laser fire.

Inside the craft, its alien crew, were wrought with concern, for one major priority occupied their feverish minds as they tried to work out how to best elude this terrifying onslaught.

"How goes the search Krator" said one of the two aliens, "Have you pinpointed a safe hiding place for the Tri-Osteron?"

"I'm doing a scan of this dimension's system now Malkite" replied his partner, as the craft was dealt another crucial blow, a blast setting fire to it's outer shell.

"Hurry" Malkite insisted.

Eventually, Krator had news.

"I've found something" he verified, "It's difficult to tell because the scanner has been heavily damaged, but if what I'm getting is even half-right, you are not going to like this"

"Test me" Malkite replied cynically

"The nearest planet in reach has a regular night and day cycle" Krator confirmed. Malkite frowned at this.

"Are you sure there is nowhere else you can deposit it?" he asked, trying to salvage the situation with another suggestion, and hoping there was one

"The only other option is the planet's barren moon, but we both know our enemies have come from there" Krator responded.

Malkite, ever the nitpicker, was determined to find some sort of light at the end of the narrow tunnel, "Can you pinpoint what time of day it is on the planet?" he said, "We MUST be sure of ourselves"

Krator indulged his friend's desperation, and did another scan with the delicate and partially damaged equipment. His luck with it seemed to be holding, as some useful information was acquired from it.

"This planet has multiple time zones, the sun shines in one corner, and down on the other, we must be precise in our selections if we are to…"

Before he could finish, he was cut off by a small explosion as the ship took another crucial hit.

"We just lost our second engine" Malkite confirmed.

"I cannot delay any longer, jettison the Tri-Osteron. Put a tracking device on it. When we give our enemies the slip, we can set about tracing it"

Malkite nodded in agreement and took out a small jagged crystal from his pocket, he placed it in a small hatch at the side of the craft. He put his hand on a lever seated next to it.

"Commencing jettison…NOW" he said, and released his hold on the lever.

Tearing through the cloak of darkness came out shimmering shot of light as the crystal was thrown from the ship, hurtling towards the small blue planet a couple of meters away.

The craft attempted several elusive moves even on one engine, to outwit and escape the pursuing ships, only to be matched at every turn. With no consistent levels of speed, they stood no chance.

After taking a few more hits, the craft was forced to stop, enabling the two pursuing ships to mount a docking attempt. One of the enemy ships launched a small dart that hung over the captured star craft, the dart produced a bright energy net that encircled all three ships, binding them to one another.

"Krator, they're attempting to come aboard" Malkite cried out, Krator could do nothing, for the electrical net had completely ensnared them

It wasn't long before two of their pursuers disembarked from their craft, holding in their hands an ignited wielding torch. They spacewalked over to Malkite and Krator's craft and set to work on trying to enter it.

"Are they insane? If they breach the hull, we'll be sucked out into space, the lack of oxygen will kill us" Malkite said in alarm. Krator wasn't so sure

"I don't think so" he said, "Note that our visitors are wearing no space suits, I think that energy net is somehow capable of sustaining life within it so long as it's active"

Malkite was impressed by the level of advanced technology their pursuers had, but the curiosity was not enough to distract him from the magnitude of his predicament.

In a span of mere seconds, the torch had cut a sizeable hole in the hull of the ship, allowing the two to come on board.

They were a peculiar sort. One resembled a hulking grey creature with a medium but sharp horn, the other had boarish features and a large snout for a nose. The two hissed and snorted, both breathing very heavily, and put an aggressive demeanour on full display.

"Alright rosweillies…where's that tri-thingy you got stashed?" the horned creature asked, holding Malkite at gunpoint

"You're too late, its out of all our reaches"

The horned creature glared angrily at Krator, but then, just for a second, something caught his eye.

"I see it. Bebop, look, see" he said, jubilant as he recognized the fading flicker of light as it reached the atmosphere of the planet.

A communicator attached to his belt buckle suddenly sprang into life with a commanding, and impatient, voice.

"Bebop, Rocksteady, report" came the voice "Have you secured the Tri-Osteron?"

"The aliens shot it into space boss, it's heading for Earth" Bebop confirmed. His master was not pleased

"Blast you two" he said, "You're always late to the party"

"Funny…I don't see anyone else here, must be a private party" Rocksteady replied

His master despaired at the stupidity on display.

"Oh be quiet you fools" he said "Take the aliens hostage, and do whatever you can to trace that crystal. Once we get our hands on it…the future won't be as full of surprises as it'd like to be "

And with an unsettling sound of wicked laughter, the communicator went blank.