Back at the Technodrome, Krang awaited the return of his cohorts. Soon enough, they were all pouring into the base as the portal opened.

"Well, well, well, hail the conquering ZEROS" Krang moaned

Shredder grabbed Rocksteady and Bebop by the scruff of their necks.

"I can't believe you two, you've ran away from far worse things, like ME for example" he said

"I'd argue that T-Rex had more packed in his small lobe than you have in your boots AND brain right now Shredder" Krang added. Wanting to throw Shredder as many put-downs as he deserved for this latest failing.

"Mock me if you must Krang, but mark my words, eventually we WILL work out how to operate the Technodrome, and when we do, the Earth and any other world we set our eyes on will tremble at our feet…"

He paused, something had inspired him

"…But for the time being" he said, looking to his two henchmen, "You two nitwits can set about trembling at MY feet as you clean them up"

Rocksteady and Bebop took one glance at the mess on Shredder's boots and cringed

"I'll get the shoe shine" Rocksteady said

"Clean them…with your LIPS" Shredder added.

"Uh-oh" the two said collectively.


Back at the Turtles' lair, everyone was starting to relax. Irma had even elected to run a hot foot bath for Donatello, just to give him an excuse to sit down and calm his nerves after a taxing ordeal all evening trying to keep his headaches in check.

"Don, it's ready" she said. Donatello came over and dipped his feet into the soothing warm water, he let out a relaxed and chilled sigh

"Oh that's hit the spot" he said, "Thanks"

"We're sorry we got you fired from Channel Six Irma" Leonardo said as the remaining Turtles sat down to watch television with April.

"Oh don't worry about it you guys" Irma replied, keeping a positive outlook, "I wasn't going places there anyway. There was a glass ceiling and I'm just not the type to wear a glass slipper"

"So what will you do now?" April asked.

"Yeah, will you open up a dating agency and lure in all those poor unsuspecting dishes to your wicked cabin?" Raphael sarcastically added.

"I was thinking of getting a lot more physical" Irma replied "…and by that I mean indulging in my aerobics videos."

Donatello suddenly sprung up and began boxing with the air, swaggering from side to side

"That's a great idea Irma" he said, "I really could with that myself"

"Woah, what's gotten into you tiger?" Irma said.

"I've been pent up in my lab for so many months now, this little adventure reenergized me, I could take on the world, heck given what we were up against tonight, I could take on all those thousands of worlds sitting side-by-side with ours. I'd take them any day of the week" he said

As amazed as she was by Donatello's incredible display of energy, Irma couldn't help but notice he was starting to get a little too excited

"Donny, you might want to watch your…" Irma began, Donatello cut her off

"Even with these dizzy spells, I've never felt so balanced" he said, and tried to kick the air, just as he did so, he had another spell, lost his balance, tripped and fell backwards, as he did so, his leg caught the side of the basin, causing it to tilt upwards and drench the Turtle in the soapy water

"I could see that one coming a mile away" Irma said, which triggered a large chorus of laughter from everyone assembled