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New Years Eve Surprise

Ten minutes were left till new year's. Helga stood by Arnold's side she smiled at him and he tentatively returned the smile. The were on the boarding house roof. Downstairs a New Years day party was going on but Arnold and Helga had wanted some alone time so at 15 minutes to midnight they snuck their way to the roof of the boarding house.

"It's been a good year hasn't it?" Arnold said. Helga smiled and nodded. Arnold nodded looked down at the street. Helga noticed that Arnold looked slightly nervous. She looked at him confused but then Arnold looked at her expectantly as though he actually expected her to answer.

"Yeah it has" Helga admitted a smile on her face. On the ground below people were standing around staring at the sky waiting for the fireworks that were sure to light the sky as the clock struck midnight. "I hope the new year is just as good as this one has been" She tells me.

Arnold's smile widened and put an arm around her shoulder. "Of course it will be Helga" He told her. His hand unconsciously going to his pocket.

They sat again for a few more minutes in total comfortable silence.

Arnold looked at his watch again. One minute till midnight.

"Helga?" Arnold asked standing up pulling Helga up with her. She looked at him in curiosity but allowed her self to be pulled up.

He stood in front of her a hand in his pocket and smiled nervously.

"I love you Helga" he told her. "I have always loved you, and I will always love you. You are my beautiful Christmas Angel, and I can't imagine my life without you"

Helga licked her lips in anticipation. This wasn't… this couldn't be…

"And I am hoping that you feel the same way" Arnold said pulling a box out of his pocket. Not just any box, a ring box.

Helga's eyes widened and she gasped in surprise.

He opened the box showing a beautiful diamond ring.

Arnold got down on one knee. Smiling at Helga's widened eyes. Tears collected in her eyes; a smile could be seen though through her tears.


"Will you marry me?" He asked her.


Helga stood stalk still unable to speak. Marry him? Really?


Would she be a good wife? Could Arnold truly love her?


Was this a dream?


Helga pinched her arm. It hurt no, this was real, he truly wanted to marry her.


She looked at him and smiled and nodded to him. "Yes" She said tears falling.

Just then the sky was lit up with hundreds of fireworks as the clock chimed midnight, but Helga hardly noticed as Arnold put the diamond ring on her finger and kissed her on the lips. Tears of happiness fell down her face as she revelled in the revelation that Arnold, her Arnold, wanted to marry her.

Yes, Helga surmised; 2 seconds in and it was already a hundred times better than the last.

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