Genesis of the (Re)Writer!

In the beginning there was the Word, and the Word was with the Writer, and the Word was the Writer. The same was in the beginning with the Writer.

Well... kinda...

In the beginning, there were five bored guys at school. One of them decided to go and try (unsuccessfully) to get laid. The other four decided to create a world, as you do in between science lessons and discussing the realism of rpg physics.

On the first day, Lumi created the poles, and the axis of rotation. Upon the North pole, he placed MIH: the department of Military Intelligence: Hentai and upon the South he placed MII: the department of Military Intelligence: Innocence. As such, the world would always revolve around innocence and depravity. Lumi saw the axis, that it was good. He settled himself in the North pole, and so it came to pass that Hentai was his domain.

On the second day, Misty created earth around the axis, and then got bored and decided he'd continue the next day.

On the third day, Misty created the weather, and it rained, forming the oceans and the rivers, and the distinctive weathering patterns and some other random geographical shit that only geologists actually give a damn about.

On the fourth day the extreme humidity had created mist, and Misty took this as his own. And he became the Mist, and the Mist became him.

On the fifth day, Wolfie created the plants, and the animals. However, realising that humanity would be a full day's work, decided to leave it for the next day.

On the sixth day, Wolfie created the humans of this world, and the Vocaloids, and all other humanoid beings that would inhabit the world. Then he came to them, and walked among them.

On the seventh day, Chewy came to the Writer's World, and finding it complete already, began documenting its existence. And so he went among the people, to ask them various probing questions and to discover every detail about the world.

Then, upon the eighth day, the four came together once again, and spoke of who should rule.

Lumi stated that the whole world literally rotated around his creation, and could not exist without it.

Misty argued that it was his weather that brought the greatest variety to the world, that truly shaped it, that formed it from the rough shape they had all hewn.

Chewy explained that he had documented the most about the world, and thus was most suited to write about it.

And Wolfie listened in silence to each of them, looking deeply interested in what they had to say, but once Chewy finished, he stepped forward and made one simple statement:

Wolfie: "Yes, but I have the laptop."

And so it came to pass that Wolfie was the Writer. And the Writer was Wolfie. That's obvious, I mean, if A=B, then B=A.

Many were the adventures of the Writer, with his friends, his waifu, his acquaintances and Kaito.

But herein is not written one of those adventures, but an adventure in which the Writer played little part, a tale of his beloved waifu doing her all to save him.

This is that tale the tale of how to Save the Writer.

Bis Bald