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Adam sighed as I trudged through the streets, everywhere you looked there was boarded up windows, steel doors and shops which had 'sold out' signs in the window, he knew exactly why this was


Some country had there horrid big nuclear war heads pointed straight at Britain, in the major areas, so far not a shot had been fired but the threat lingered all around.

Adam was just walking out of the school, his friends all lived scattered around town so they spit up into different directions each.

Maltby wasn't close to a major area, it wasn't close to anything, it was just a little town in the fields, but everyday the arguments between nations grew and the finger got nearer the button, the button that could turn all this into an ashen barren land, and as for the people...

he shuddered

he was out trying to find a shop that had at bit of food, it was all fallout this, fallout that, fallout of the window trying to nail on boards,

Fallout pun, ha-ha, he said sarcastically

each way he looked there was a big sign saying sold out and people doing the same as me, everyone thought Maltby might take a 'small' bomb, it having a coal mine, but he thought this to be rubbish.

'Surly', Adam thought, 'Tesco would still have some food', even that Tesco brand tapioca rice pudding he can't stand, hell he would eat anything in fallout,

except pot noodle.

News of the war had spread far and wide, and it showed on TV, non of the cartoons he loved watching were on, every channel, even nickelodeon had done an anti war campaign and several war instruction shows

They were animated but only in flash, I can't stand flash animation on major shows, cheap and tacky

Parents told me he shouldn't really watch cartoons, Adam told them seeing as I was on an animation course that was a bit unsightly,

The course was all computers, no film no models, just a screen causing damage to his already strained eyes, and they hardly animated at all, joy oh joy

it was nothing like the brochure.

he had realized long ago that as you get older things around you get harder, things you used to enjoy started to get cut off from you, either lack of interest or people saying you couldn't do that anymore

in he case it was often the latter

and as i said one thing they said it about most was cartoons,

I loved Warner brothers animation, tiny toons and Animaniacs were my favorite, but I couldn't stand that 'baby Looney tunes', Warner brothers shot themselves in the foot, and I hated that people confused it with 'tiny toon adventures', having to drive that into my parents heads constantly was embarrassing,

Adam was in an isle now, people were rushing around grabbing tins, he grabbed a few, beans soup and spaghetti, humming a little tune to himself as he did so, hereally hoped there was some sweets left,

there wasn't.

he saw the isle but it saddened him to see so many shelf's with hardly a thing, just last month they was filled to the brim, not that it really ever mattered to him, a pound a week was his budget.

he really wished this would end soon

soon he started back up the hill to the house but the walk seemed longer today.

all ths talk of war was getting him down and he didnt think his small town would stand up to it,

I'm pretty sure a 200 megaton bomb could wipe it of the map like a smear on the window.

he was alone in a town what you could just call civilized in a country on the brink of a nuclear Armageddon,


things hadn't been going so well recently, the uncertainty and fear, and Adam had to put up with it all. he had barely eaten for days, no food around anywhere, Tesco trucks where usually hijacked and robbed, and if by some miracle one did get through, well, its cargo wasn't around very long, he could feel his ribs, he had wanted to loose weight but this was a bit of a overkill, it was the same for his friends, one had little food, another was getting so thin his jeans wouldn't stay up, one had contemplated eating a flower.

they was all suffering.

we had fond memory's of before the conflict, but that's all they were now.

I thought about cartoons, all the lives they had, never aging, fun everywhere, young forever, all the skills, he would love to be a toon, to have the enjoyment, the freedom, the laughter, sometimes he would think about what it would be like being one,

but then he figured they wouldn't want much with him anyway, he couldn't just butt in, that wouldn't probably just make them mad.

Adam shuddered, he didn't want to think about that, or angry toons, angry at him, that would be emotionally scarring and childhood smashing.

as he passed an ally he stopped and looked in, on a telegraph pole behind of some shops, which is where the ally led, the was an electrical box on a pole, the wires stretching everywhere,

It was faulty, everyday it sparked different bright colours, and it was a sight, people moaned to the council, but when there's a warhead pointing at you a small box in a small town in the middle of nowhere seems pretty small and unimportant.

but as I drew near suddenly I was grabbed from the side, dragged along an ally to the yard behind the shops and forced against the wall by this big ugly man, he hadn't shaven this morning, he stunk of lager, his black hair was a mess, and his teeth were yellow.

A fine example of a Maltby civilian,

''Give me the food'' he stated, the drive and demand for war supplies really was getting to people.

''Why should I?'' I said defiantly/stupidly.

He took out a knife, a fairly large knife, not a flip one, it had a wooden handle, it looked like a dagger,

''Good argument'' I said handing the bag over quickly.

He snatched the bag away and looked inside keeping me against the wall by my throat,

''Heeeey mate, what say you let go now, its been fun meeting you it really has, maybe we can go out for drink sometime and discuss football but right now I got to go'', he couldn't help trying to use humour,

it proved to be mistake

''You're not going anywhere'' he hissed, he signified this with a punch out of no-where to the stomach slamming his back into the brick wall,

''and you ain't tellin anyone about this!''

Before he could ask what he meant he thrust his knife hand forward.

No witty remark, no come back, just agony, shear agony as powerful as a bull, he couldn't scream, it was too horrid.

The man ran off leaving his knife in his side, free from his grip Adam stumbled along the ally until he was leaning against the pole with the faulty fuse box with said box above him, what did he do?! he applied pressure but he felt like he was dying on his feet! if he could get to the street he could get help, people in Maltby were kind enough...

okay that person wasn't but nowhere's perfect.

Then he heard it,

A dull noise that grew louder and louder then receded, then louder, then receded, he saw the films in class, I knew what this was too well

The three minute warning,

Adams heart started pounding, sending more blood out his side which he was trying to keep in with his hands, the man was gone but there were people in the streets running and screaming for cover,

Then the ground shook, I knew this couldn't be the 'bomb', probably just a missile strike somewhere near by here, people where right the towns coal mine was a target!

Wind started rushing by; overhead debris was flying over roof tops, tons of dust,



then the wind got more powerful as a shock-wave hit, it knocked him straight back into the pole like in the film evil dead where the bloke is thrown into a tree, he clung onto the pole with all the strength he had, his orange ratty hair ragged and fluttered in the wind, the pole was secure but the glass fronts of the shops behind me, well, not so much.

windows exploded everywhere and glass was sent flying into the shops, the houses across the street were taking a battering as a few tiles came hailing onto the main road that separated us but they stood strong, he was far enough to avoid the tiles but the dust was starting to settle, there was glass on the pavement, but he had his doc martins on so no fear, well from the glass anyway.

The knife in my side was hurting even worse; surely this dust wasn't the fallout! Right? The mega bomb hadn't gone off yet!

So why the hell was he standing there! he needed to find cover! But Adam couldn't move! Everything around him! It was too much! The sirens! The people! The horror!

And then there was a white flash from somewhere not far,

The box above me began shooting out green electric bolts; they formed all around him and tore through his coat.

Suddenly everything was hot! the white faded and everything felt like it was in slow motion, there was no sound, he saw fires springing up out of nowhere, the electric must have been protecting him to some extent, the sky was red and orange like it was on fire! the tarmac of the road and pavement cracked here and there, and the buildings rattled but somehow held up! he could see many things on fire but no people, he prayed they were safe in there houses.

suddenly he saw something coming towards him! it was the man from before! he was burning worse than anything else, it was like the fire was drawn to him! he didn't blink as he saw horrible burns and welts grow on his skin which started to get burnt in some places, he didn't blink,

he just stared,

Right at him.

he noticed the fire looked like it was coming from WITHIN him, not around him, but he was too terrified to think about it any further.

His clothes were rags, his yellow teeth were bare, he had fire all over him, he staggered towards Adam, and he reached through the green volts, and grabbed my arm

he had have never known pain so intense before, his coat around the mans grip blackened and he dreaded to think of what lay underneath, he looked back up to see his other hand reaching straight for him, he leaned

the sparking and the heat grew worse for one second.

Then there was a green flash,

A blankness of pure white,

Then it was dark.

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