When Adam woke up that morning he realised in panic he was once again strapped down to his bed by his waist, he began struggling to get free but he was held tight by the straps, the door opened and buster and Babs walked in with a little grin and there hands behind there backs nonchalantly,

''Helloooo buddy'' said buster walking up to the bed, ''feeling better?''

''He sure looks better to me'' said Babs slyly, ''I would even say he looks like he could get out of that bed for a while''

Adam was starting to grow more and more worried by the sly tones of the voices,

''But then again I suppose an attempted break out would give him all the exercise he needed'' said buster as they both leaned towards him

''The heart monitor began beeping at a tremendous rate and the look of terror on Adams face would have put the best horror film to shame

In his opinion he was in it.

''kid your more tense than a bed spring, we're trying to help you but you think everyone's out to get yer, I don't know if it was something about year past or something about yer injuries, but we brought someone to make you relax and realise that we aint here to hurt you'' said buster

''Someone who knows how to fix your energy and mentality'' said Babs

It was just then that Shirley floated in,

''Shirley's going to find out why you're in such a sorry state and fix yer'' said buster

Shirley floated over, she was about 8 foot away from the bed when she fell out of the air and flat onto her face, she retreated back.

''Woa! Like woa!'' she said

''What happened Shirley?'' asked Babs

''I just like felt this huge wave of bad chi and misery, it's like, totally hanging around him, I've never felt bad chi this... Bad''. She finished lamely

''Do you still think you can fix him?''

''Like, there's always a hope if your mind is pure and feet don't smell'' she said

''I think that bonk on the head did more damage than we thought'' said buster

Shirley walked over to the orange rabbit

Adam had not seen that many episodes of tiny toons, they didn't show that often in the UK, but he had seen the episode where she went mental and caused an electrical storm like in that film Carrie,

In his opinion he had been electrocuted enough, blue or green lightning he didn't care

Shirley walked over and looked at the rabbit thoughtfully

''there's something, like, throwing your entire energy field out of balance, to do something like that must be, like, totally traumatic, and the first step toward restoring your chi is to like, voice what caused it to be that way, so tell me like, what caused your negative energy''

Adam didn't say a word, there was no way in hell he was going to tell anyone where he was from, and there was no way in heaven, hell, and earth's realm that he was saying anything about...

...the incident

Realising that she wasn't going to get any answers this way she decided to try an, 'alternative' route

''Okay, I like, totally have an idea, my higher being can see inside his mind and tell us what it is!'' she said

''Is that ethical?'' asked buster,

Shirley simply shrugged and placed her fingers to her temples and began to concentrate

A ghost the spitting image of her (apart from being seen through) floated out of her

''Go inside his metal realm and find the source of his mental torment'' said Shirley

The higher self floated towards Adam, he clamped his hands over his ears and held them tight but it floated through them and straight inside,

H-Shirley appeared in his mental realm, from what she felt she could tell the place had once been a place of vibrant colour and had a happy go lucky feel

That was no more,

The ground was hard and grey and covered in ashes, there was ruins of buildings dotted everywhere, but she only just made them out, there was a heavy mist all around,

Suddenly she saw a movement in the corner of her eye; she floated over and looked,

it was Adam's higher self, and it was in a state, he wasn't floating, he was staggering around with no direction, he was wearing what would have been a bright red jacket with a white collar and cuffs, gold string buttons and trim at the bottom,

But now it was hardly clothing at all, it was ratty and only a little bit of red appeared in certain areas, it was tatty and unbuttoned and scorched, she could see burnt skin and fur in holes through the fabric,

The wearer himself however was hardly any better

He looked just like when he arrived, burnt scorched and sickly, she could see his ribs, his eyes were glazed over, and he just stared blankly as he staggered in the land that was once his home

''Erm, like, excuse me'' said Shirley trying to catch his attention,

She did

He turned suddenly and saw her, he staggered over, and she floated a little away as he came near,

''It's all gone'' he said solemnly, ''all the buildings all the land, all the people, they all burned''

H-Shirley was taken aback, that sounded awful,

''By what?'' she asked in a shaky voice

H-Adam simply pointed over into the mist, then stumbled away to traipse around his former paradise once more

H-Shirley floated away into the mist in the direction she had been shown, the floated past more debris and dead ground and ashes until a shape formed, a large rectangle

she floated over and saw it was a door, it stood on its own, it looked like a door in a battle ship or submarine the way it was made of grey steel and had a hatch wheel in the middle to open it,

''Well, it's like, what I'm here for'' she said, and turned the wheel once, twice, thrice,

And then it opened...

''How long is she going to be?'' asked Babs,

''I don't know'' said Shirley for the umpteenth time

''It can't be that bad, can it?'' asked buster

suddenly higher Shirley shot out screaming like a banshee, she flew straight out through the wall and of towards Shirley's house, Shirley ran out to follow it, when she came back she said that it had used homeopathic remedies or something to get rid of the memory, seeing as it wasn't hers anyway it had been fairly simple to do so but it must have pretty awful to make her do so

''Man this is getting serious, isn't there some way we can see in his mind?'' said Babs

Buster thought for a little bit, then smirked,

''I think I know someone that can help us with that'' he said smugly

Little beeper was enjoying his run like he always did,

and like always calamity was trying to catch him, no real reason, it wasn't to eat him because he ate well enough and it wasn't to bully because they got on fairly well, it was just something that they did, true he was better than his mentor when it came to inventions, but he still had never caught the red road runner, although he did have a few victories over him, such as when he managed to get Fifi to go after him on a day the road runner was feeling a bit too cocky.

Today however wasn't so triumphant,

he had set one of his famous 'rube Goldberg' style traps in the park and baited it with bird seed, then ran over to behind a bush where a string was attached to a ring in the ground, the string was attached to a big wrecking ball, which would swing into where little beeper would stand, and knock him into the cage hidden behind some bushes,

Now he had to wait, soon enough little beeper raced round the corner and spotted the bird seed, he shot over and began pecking at it,

Calamity cut the string,

the ball swung down and just missed little beeper, he finished the seed and he ran off not noticing the ball as it swung back past him again, calamity was puzzled, he had done all the calculations,

But he failed to notice the ball on its third swing,

But he certainly felt it,

He flew across the park and straight into the cage which snapped shut on him, leaving him sat dazed and surprised

''Another attempt there calamity ol pal?'' said a voice, calamity turned and saw buster and Babs bunny (no relation) smiling at him, disgruntled as he was he gave a little wave,

''Hey calamity, you know that new toon we found yesterday?'' asked buster

Calamity nodded,

''we wanted to find out about his past some more, we know its locked in his memories, but he wont say anything and Shirley couldn't get it out of him, so we was hoping maybe you could get it out of him'' said Babs

Calamity raised an eyebrow and held up a sign with a question mark on it,

''You're the smartest out of all of us, surely you could figure out a way?''

Calamity pondered this, then he shrugged,

''Well if you figure out a way let us know'' said Babs, and they walked off,

It was only after they were at the park gates that they realised they left him in the cage,

Adam meanwhile wasn't having much fun, he had been busy trying to keep his mind of the incident by thinking of things that made him laugh,


Not even a smirk

He was doing this when suddenly the door opened, he sat right up, and a nurse walked in, and not just any nurse,

It was 'hello nurse!'

''Hello there little boy'', she said walking over, ''its time for your radiation treatment'', she said, Adam wasn't quite sure just what to think, but he kept his eyes everywhere except her,

Guess why

the brakes on the bed he was on were taken off and she began wheeling him out the room, he had no choice but to go along with it, he was still strapped to the thing, the hospital looked vaguely like the one in Rotherham except for the fact it was all drawn and animated, he was slowly getting used to this fact but he still couldn't let them know where he came from,

As he rolled down the corridor the doors burst open further down, and buster and Babs ran in, the second they saw him they stopped,

''What's goin on?'' asked Babs

''Its time for his treatment to get rid of his rid of his radiation, after a few treatments you'll never guess that he used to have glow in the dark blood''

''Wait what?!'' said Adam

''Oh nothing'' said hello nurse, and quickly wheeled him away through more corridors until he was out of sight from buster and Babs

''... I wondered why that blood storage room we saw earlier had a nightlight'' said Babs

It was later in the day and Adam was back in his room, he was out for the count because he had to be under for his treatment, Babs, buster and calamity were there, they had arrived just now.

''So calamity what have you got for us?'' asked buster

Calamity showed them the machine he brought, it looked like a TV but there was several wires coming from it attached to a colander, calamity pulled out a sign,

'We can see his dreams, it's a start' it said

''Better than nothing'' said Babs

Calamity put the colander on Adams head, lights began flashing on it, and he TV began showing static and warped noise,

''Boy I wish we had some popcorn for this'' said buster

The static kept going until calamity hit the monitor, and then it showed an image

it was a field, a generic field from OUR world, there wisent any bushes, the sky was clear blue with wisps' of clouds everywhere, and a few clusters of daisies dotted around, all you could see was green hills, no civilisation anywhere,

The camera angle suddenly shifted, this wasn't just a set this was a P.O.V! They guessed it was his but they couldn't see him anywhere, footsteps where heard as the shot moved forwards slightly,

''Man this is like something out of the twilight zone!'' said buster

''When something going to happen?'' asked Babs getting slightly impatient

then there was a faint noise, it was coming from the screen, it went up, then down, then up, then down again, the camera moved to show that he was running but didn't know where to run to, a flock of birds shot by in the air all in the same direction.

''What's happening?'' asked buster

Then the screen went white

''Hey! What happened to the picture, things were just starting to hap-''

She never finished that sentence, the screen had come back

But they would have preferred it if it hadn't,

The image was only there for a few seconds, but it was all they needed

There was fire everywhere, it was even in the sky, there wasn't any sound, hands came into the screen, they were blackened, burnt and the bone was starting to show,

There was a massive cloud in the distance, rising from the ground, there was a ring around it spanning out wider and wider,

It was only shown for a brief second, then everything shook, there was a flash of orange,

Then there was static

The three just stared at the screen, the dream had ended and there was just static

''That was no dream'' said buster, ''that was a nightmare!''

''And the images where weird! What was that place?!'' asked Babs

Calamity simply held up a sign with a question mark on it, the monitor spat out a video and calamity picked it up,

''What are yer gonna do with that?'' asked buster

'Take it to my mentor' was the sign reply

Buster looked at the orange rabbit thoughtfully

''The sooner we find out what happened to this guy the better'' he said

thinks are kicking off! there getting closer to the truth, stay tuned!